Story time span

Other (objects, etc.) theme

Any tags related to how long time span a story covers.

Parent group

AgingCharacters, especially the protagonist, age over time and possibly die from it (eventually).1988 / 201645 games
Circadian cycleDay and night cycles on their own outside of plot, location, or triggered events, possibly influencing NPC activities accordingly.1979 / 2019456 games
SeasonsSeasons change and somehow affect gameplay.1992 / 201832 games
Time skipThe story skips a long time period at some point.1994 / 201665 games
Time span: DaysThe story covers several days of time.1989 / 201728 games
Time span: HoursThe story covers only some hours of time.1998 / 20134 games
Time span: MillenniaThe story covers thousands of years.1 game
Time span: MonthsThe story covers several months of time.2006 / 20136 games
Time span: VagueThe story of the game covers an indeterminate amount of time, with no clues on how much actual time passes.2 games