Other (objects, etc.) theme

Affliction(s) caused by some disease(s) is part of gameplay.


Alternate names: Illness, Sickness, Plague

The first video game about Disease was released in 1983.

Techland, Scholastic and Basilisk Games has published most of these games

Generally this involves any cases where the player character or whatever or whoever you're taking care of can get sick.

Possibly purely story-based illness as well, as long as it has effect on gameplay.

* Status effects should NOT be included (e.g. something that causes a status of "diseased" for 5 minutes)

Preferable cases:
* Multiple disease types, and each can be contracted simultaneously
* Varying degrees of illness
* Gradual recovery
* Natural disease incubation
* No full recovery from prolonged or bad case of sickness

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Ailments, Survival simulation

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