Personal quest

Other (objects, etc.) concept

The protagonist is trying to achieve something they themself decided to do for themself.


The first video game about Personal quest was released in 1992.

GT Interactive, EA Partners and THQ has published most of these games

As opposed to doing it because it's their job/duty, being coerced into it, having hired themselves out to do it or being sent out on it by some higher power. Does not cover rescue attempts or similar very well as then it's the protagonist doing it for someone else even if it can be for personal reasons (e.g. it's a loved one or promised wealth/power).

This is not for some strange whimsical things where there's no actual goal stated. Slice of life or other events where there's no overarching personal goal do not count for this either.

If the personal quest is described by the protagonist's profession, then this tag is not particularly descriptive. For example, police officer wanting to be a good police officer. It's hardly suitable for this. It becomes more interesting if they take some "freedoms" with achieving this, such as vigilante/rogue police would be again suitable as they're doing things beyond what their job requires and allows them to do.

The protagonist being asked or told to do something can count in instances where they don't do it because they were asked or told to, but because they have their own reasons. The asking/commanding only brought them information/awareness of something they they want to deal with, not necessarily in any way remotely in the fashion as they were asked/told to.


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