Real crisis

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Based on a real crisis, either one that passed, is on-going or is predicted to happen in near future.


The first video game about Real crisis was released in 1986.

Activision and THQ has published most of these games

* Fuel crisis
* Global warming

* Earth - any other would indicate pure fiction.
This is NOT for wars, however. Regardless of how real world crisises they are, the number of games based on real wars is too abundant for them to belong here.

This is only for based on, meaning any non-realistic outcomes or resolutions to them are still applicable.

The "predicted to happen in near future" is for things they're certain that will happen but are not certain of the exact timing. Anything that is predicted to happen in 60+ years are unlikely to apply as such are beyond most people's lifespan (it's almost like applying apocalyptic to all games simply because Earth will eventually be destroyed one way or another).

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Fuel crisis

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