Mana burn

Other (objects, etc.) concept

An overload or literal burning of energy that harms whoever has it. Commonly has little to no effect on regular people.


Alternate name: Energy feedback

The first video game about Mana burn was released on April 2, 1994.

Blizzard, Blizzard Entertainment and Square has published most of these games

This is applicable to magic users, cyborgs and robots and any others that use some vague concept of "energy" to fuel their abilities.

* Eats away portion of energy reserves and delivers damage or other effects proportional to it.
* Feeds more energy to the system, having no detrimental effect until energy reserves are full or beyond maximum capacity, after which it delivers often quite violent burn effect.
* Transfer of energy (obviously not applicable if this is voluntary)

This can be an actively applied harm by a third party or something that can happen on its own (either at any time or under certain circumstances).