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Console Classix is an online rental service that allows emulated copies for games to be played legally as long as connection to the site is maintained. No games are sold using the service.
Unlike other online digital distribution services, Console Classix does not depend on licensing agreements to limit which games they may provide or when they can or can't provide them. Their only limits are technical, purchasing the games, and legally transferring them to digital copy in a 'clean room' manor. In theory, they will eventually have all games. As this occurs, this tag will become more useful and the contrasting Available on Console Classix will be eliminated. For now it is simply for disambiguation. For instance, marking Tengen Tetris as Not on Console Classix and Nintendo Tetris as Available on Console Classix.

The first Not on Console Classix video game was released in 1983.

Sega, Konami and Infogrames published most of these games.

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GBC 601
Game Gear 155
ColecoVision 48
GB 48
Mega Drive 30
Coleco Adam 27
N64 26
NES 18
Master System 11
Atari 2600 7
Nintendo DS 2
Windows 2
PS4 1

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