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Creatures that attack by forcefully rushing at others with the aim of knocking them down, back or skewering them with horns, spikes or some weapons.


Alternate names: Rammers, Bullrushers
Name variations: bull rushers, bull-rushers

The first video game about Chargers was released on June 19, 1993.

Deep Silver, Devolver Digital and Capcom has published most of these games

See also: charging
Implied: knockback, knockdown

For battery chargers or similar, see: energy stations, energy recharger, and energy items.
Mostly of interest in games where mooks don't employ harmful touch.

Commonly performed by bulls, rhinoceroses, triceratopses, wild hogs and other related animals.

Occasionally these are used to progress in the game by causing them to rush at some fragile structure, causing it to break where your own attempts failed to do so or didn't even know such could be tried.

Usually these cause knockback or similar effect.

Suicide attackers do not count, nor should characters/creatures who run up to the target but stop before impacting on them and attack "normally" instead.


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