Suicide attackers

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Includes creatures, people, robots, or whatever else who attack you only to die themselves as a result of their attack. Usually blowing up some large explosive they're carrying in an attempt to take you and others with them.


Alternate names: Suicide bombers, Kamikaze bombers

The first video game about Suicide attackers was released in 1984.

Devolver Digital, Electronic Arts and THQ has published most of these games

* Suicide - if killing of others is not part of it.
* Karmic creatures - for instances that have some mechanism that tries to take out anyone near them in case they're defeated.
* Chargers - the initial impression may be similar
Note: Kamikaze attackers weren't merely suicidal pilots who decided to ram their aeroplanes at random targets in middle of a battle, but pilots who had agreed to have their planes rigged with extra explosives so they could do this much more efficiently, turning your regular planes into massive human-guided "missiles" where the pilot's life was expected to be lost (and they obviously knew this). However, any potential reasons for doing this is beside the point of this tag.

This does NOT imply suicide tag as that's more for the dramatic/tragedic effect.

Characters that simply explode upon death for some reason (e.g. as some final retaliation) do not count. Nor does this imply characters that are so weak that defeating them is like stepping on a pile of grubs.

This also can include creatures and characters that otherwise die as a result of their attack immediately or soon afterwards, such as some bees.

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