Achilles Heel foes

Creatures concept

Includes enemies that require or greatly benefit from a special method or targeting a specific part of them to defeat them.


Alternate name: Weak points

The first video game about Achilles Heel foes was released on August 1982.

Nintendo, Capcom and Electronic Arts has published most of these games

"Achilles' Heel" is an English idiom that refers to any 'fatal weakness' of a seemingly indestructible individual with the exception of one specific physical flaw or other venerability that can lead to their overwhelming defeat or destruction.

It is somewhat equivalent to:
Baldr's mistletoe
Duryodhana's groin
Esfandyar's eyes
Siegfried's shoulder
Babylonia's feet
Adam's Eve/Eve's Apple/Eden's Serpent/The Serpent's Pride
Kal-El's Kryptonite
Ned Kelly's legs
Hank McCoy's ball of string
* Juggernauts
This is NOT for obvious cases, such as tanks requiring explosives or high-powered armor piercing shells to destroy (instead of 9mm gun shots).

Examples from popular culture:
* Silver bullets/blades against werewolves
* Wooden stakes against vampires
* Beheading of zombies, immortals, etc.
* Burning of witches, trolls, etc.

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Unhealthy undead

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