Militant protagonist

Creatures entity

The protagonist is member of some organized military force.


Alternate names: Soldier protagonist, Knight protagonist

The first video game about Militant protagonist was released in 1971.

Activision, Electronic Arts and Ocean has published most of these games

Applies whether the military force belongs to an established government or not, such as paramilitary forces.

Officers who do not usually join the action on-site or with guns blazing also belong to this group.

Strategy games obviously(?) should not get this tag.

Parent groups

Protagonist occupations, Warrior protagonist


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Atari ST 23
NES 20
Arcade 17
Apple II E 16
PS 16
BeOS 13
BSD 11
Amiga AGA 9
Atari 400/800 8
Wii 5
NeXT 5
Master System 5
GameCube 5
C16/Plus4 5
Tandy Coco 4
Atari 2600 4

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