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Includes creatures that dwarf even giants.


Alternate name: Colossal creatures

The first video game about Colossi was released on February 1991.

Capcom, Devolver Digital and THQ has published most of these games

The difference between the various giants we have here? Size, simple as that. most giants are from twice to five times the size of anything you see. But these things are so large the protagonist is the size of one's fingernail or even smaller.

Unfortunately due to their size these creatures are unlikely to be seen in 2D games as the size is nigh impossible to capture in such medium completely, unless only small portions of them are ever on screen.

Does NOT require the colossi to be humanoid shaped like its namesake Colossus is. The word is used to relate to the size of Colossus rather than the statue itself in this case (which is correct from linguistic point of view).

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