No fall damage

Video game concept

Falling down from a significant height does not cause damage or any other similar inconveniences.


The first video game about No fall damage was released in 1982.

Sega, Mastertronic and Activision has published most of these games

* Fall impact

* Fall damage
Generally this is for cases where you can fall down from a notable height yet avoid harm regardless of how unrealistic that is (such as falling down two - three floors down should at least hurt).

Parent groups

Unrealism, Velocity


NES 95
Windows 82
Linux 52
ZX Spectrum 29
C64 28
Amstrad CPC 21
Famicom Disk System 19
Mac OS X 16
PS3 15
Amiga 14
X360 14
Atari ST 13
Master System 13
MSX 12
PCE 10
Arcade 9
Xbox One 6
PS4 6
GB 6
MSX2 5
Mega Drive 5
Wii 4
PS2 4
C16/Plus4 4
Mac OS Classic 4
Atari 400/800 3
PS 2
Android 2
Sharp X1 2

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