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Aldo's Adventure  author (author)1987 endless instantdeath ladders lives nofalldamage
Bruce Lee  Datasoft (Datasoft)1987 alone amstradpc brucelee chinese-theme claiming endlessopposition ladders martialarts ninja nofalldamage npcspawning pcjr score tandy1000 unarmedfighting uvl-tiein walking
Trojan  Capcom (Capcom)1987 bossbattles keys lives meleeweapons nofalldamage postapocalypse score swords
Solomon's Key  U.S. Gold (Probe Software)1988 europeanfae ghosts instantdeath keys lives magic monsters nofalldamage npcspawning score secrets timelimit walking
Aldo Again (Aldo 2)  author (author)1989 instantdeath ladders lives nofalldamage
Dangerous Dave  Softdisk (Softdisk)1990 deadlywater firearms instantdeath lives nofalldamage score spiders
Mario Bros VGA  author (author)1990 crabs death endless instantdeath lives mario-universe nofalldamage score testudines
The Monuments of Mars  Apogee Software (Scenario Software)1990 aliens extraterrestrial licensechange mars nofalldamage robots
Commander Keen: Marooned on Mars (Commander Keen 1;Commander Keen in "Invasion of the Vorticons" – Episode One: Marooned on Mars)  Apogee (id Software)1990 aliens childprotagonist commanderkeen companyfirstgame deadlydecor download extraterrestrial fakesurfaces levelhub lighthearted mars nofalldamage overworld prodigalprotagonist robots search stranded
Pharaoh's Tomb (Nevada Smith and the Raiders of the Lost Tomb;Nevada Smith and the Pharaoh's Curse;Nevada Smith and the Temple of Terror;Nevada's Revenge)  Apogee (Micro FX Software)1990 archeologistprotagonist download egyptian-theme instantdeath licensechange lives nofalldamage uvl-techlimitation
Commander Keen in Aliens Ate My Baby Sitter! (Commander Keen 6)  FormGen;Apogee (id Software)1991 alienplanet aliens cartoony childprotagonist circlingbirdies commanderkeen levelhub lighthearted lives nofalldamage otherworld overworld prodigalprotagonist rescue
Commander Keen: The Armageddon Machine (Commander Keen 5;Commander Keen in "Goodbye, Galaxy!")  Apogee (id Software)1991 aliens apocalyptic childprotagonist circlingbirdies commanderkeen download heroprotagonist ledges levelhub nofalldamage overworld prodigalprotagonist robots spacestation
Commander Keen: The Earth Explodes (Commander Keen 2;Commander Keen in "Invasion of the Vorticons" – Episode Two: The Earth Explodes)  Apogee (id Software)1991 alieninvasion aliens apocalyptic childprotagonist commanderkeen download heroprotagonist levelhub nofalldamage overworld prodigalprotagonist robots spacecraft-location
Crazy Sue  Dencker-Barile (Dencker-Barile)1991 femaleprotagonist gianasisters instantdeath nofalldamage score timelimit
Dork's Dreams  Tomasz Pyrel (Tomasz Pyrel)1991 dinosaurprotagonist dinosaurs lives nofalldamage score
Keen Dreams (Commander Keen in Keen Dreams;Lost Episode;Commander Keen 3.5)  Softdisk Publishing (id Software)1991 childprotagonist clanguage commanderkeen dreamworld food-theme ladders levelhub license-gpl license-proprietary licensechange lighthearted nofalldamage overworld plantcreatures titularcharacter unrootedplants uvl-fantitle
Rolling Ronny  Starbyte (Starbyte)1991 nofalldamage score
Commander Keen: Secret of the Oracle (Commander Keen 4;Commander Keen in 'Goodbye, Galaxy!')  Apogee (id Software)1991 aliens apocalyptic cartoony childprotagonist circlingbirdies commanderkeen download heroprotagonist killerrabbits levelhub lighthearted lives nofalldamage otherworld overworld prodigalprotagonist rescue search
Baron Baldric: A Grave Adventure (Baron Baldric: Ein kryptisches Abenteuer)  Animation FX (Animation FX)1992 castle elderlyprotagonist nofalldamage score
Magic Boy  Entertainment International UK;Empire (Blue Turtle Production)1993 childprotagonist instantdeath magic nofalldamage
Bio Menace (BioMenace)  Apogee Software (Apogee Software)1993 aimdirlimit alone ammotypes amoeboids apartmentbuilding chapters city crystals difficulty fallbackweapon firearms free2play gore grenades harmfultouch itempickup-auto keys ladders licensechange lighthearted lives maleprotagonist mines monsters multistart mutants nofalldamage rescue ruins runandgun score suicideattackers trees
Aladdin (Disney's Aladdin)  Virgin (Virgin)1994 aladdin antiquity arabianfantasy arabiannights disney eviloverlord hopandbop ledges lives magiccarpets movie nofalldamage oldarabian-theme outlawprotagonist semiteprotagonist teenprotagonist thiefprotagonist titularcharacter walking
Kid  Stephan Vogler (Stephan Vogler)1996 destructibleenvironment harmfultouch hopandbop lives nofalldamage
Terra Nova: Strike Force Centauri (TN:SFC)  Virgin Interactive Entertainment (Looking Glass Technologies)1996 1life 2320s 24thcentury aimdeadzone beamweapons cdrom compass cpu-586 customengine difficulty difficulty-ingame energyregen energyweapons facelessprotagonist fallbackweapon firstpersonshooter group group-leader inertscenery intermissions jumppack militantprotagonist militaryfiction minimap missionbased nofalldamage noports powerarmor predefinedcontrols qsound raiders rating-esrb-t remotecamera serious smokegrenades tactical targetlock tutorial visionmodes