Video game concept

For tags that have no better parent tag.

AlonePlayer never meets any friendly or even neutral people during the game/story.1982 / 2018423 games
AnomaliesStrange abnormal occurrences that have no (clear) explanation within the mythos.2007 / 201517 games
Anticipatory sightingsPlayer catches glimpses of future dangers.1998 / 201553 games
Arc wordsA word or phrase that appears repeatedly without explanation, except maybe much later, that may or may not have significant meaning.2007 / 201613 games
Army of OneThe protagonist deals death as if they were a whole army company. Especially if the opponents treat them as such.1989 / 2017143 games
Catch phrase1 game
Chosen oneThe protagonist is chosen by someone of authority, such as a ruler, to do something important alone for whatever reason.1985 / 2019173 games
Death pitsIncludes pits where once you fall, you're never coming back. Either you die during the fall, hitting the bottom or there's just no way out of them and the game doesn't have the grace to call it a game over.1986 / 2020275 games
Elevator battleA fairly simple scene where player is attacked during an elevator ride somehow. Commonly involves an open elevator of some sorts at a side of a building or a freight elevator.1995 / 201943 games
Eternal firesYou've just entered a location that hasn't been visited in ages (if ever) by intelligent creatures, yet you find torches, fireplaces, and such happily burning as if someone had just switched and lighted them all for your pleasure.2010 / 201710 games
Evil is GoodEvilness, cruelty, etc. are presented as desirable traits.1992 / 202062 games
Evil militaryMilitary is depicted as evil, aggressive, or otherwise heedless of how the normal people suffer of their actions.2002 / 20092 games
FetchingPlayer must fetch things for someone.1988 / 201512 games
ForeshadowingDialog, text, imagery, or other things that seem meaningless at the time encountered, but actually tell of coming events.2010 / 20125 games
Frozen timeA place where cultural, scientific and other advances (or progress/change) seem to have ceased to occur or have become endless variations of the old. Essentially innovation itself has become absent.1993 / 20103 games
Good prevailsFor some inexplicable reason, being on the side of good, justice, love or some other generally positive thing somehow grants you power to defeat those that oppose it. Or at least so the wielder of that power would have you believe.2002 / 20042 games
Human experimentsInvolves humans or other sentient creatures unwillingly being subjected to experiments.1994 / 201782 games
HumanityHumanity (not as species) plays a part in the game's story or is part of the game mechanics in some manner.2000 / 201814 games
Human superiorityHumans are depicted, one way or another, somehow superior to all other beings.2005 / 201712 games
Ill-equippedYou start out your quest to save the universe with a stick, or the near equivalent of.1981 / 2018122 games
InfallibleThe protagonist is treated as an infallible person, incapable of doing or being wrong.1 game
Item getGetting an item, especially important (plot) item, is accompanied by a dramatic pose (often the item held high) and a fanfare or similar. May be limited to plot items.1989 / 201894 games
Last hopeThe protagonist (and possibly a small group of allies, friends, or coworkers) is presented as the last hope to prevent - or last one(s) capable of preventing - some great disaster.1992 / 201614 games
SaviorThe protagonist is recognized by people as someone who will save them from one thing or another, before they do the saving.1993 / 201512 games
Tangible abstractsAbstract concepts are given physical form.1994 / 201636 games (1 characters)
The unnamedThere's an item, person, people, or some other entity that people refuse to name.2001 / 20103 games
TombstonesFeatures humorous quips or references written on tombstones as epitaphs. Likely things the authors couldn't fit anywhere else but didn't want to discard them.1984 / 201770 games
TranshumanismDeals with the general theme of human augmentation, especially when this is part of the gameplay itself.1985 / 201778 games
TraproomIncludes one or more locations where the player is locked in a room where they either have to fight off a horde of monsters or struggle against time to solve one or more problems to escape before dying.1986 / 201884 games
Unity by forceStory involves some faction trying to "unite" people by force, exterminating anyone who doesn't see eye to eye with their vision. Usually marching in with armed forces and then demanding people to submit to their rule.1997 / 201310 games
Wasted effortPlayer is given an arduous task, which upon completion is found to have been completely pointless or unneeded.1991 / 201517 games
WhispersPlayer character hears unexplainable whispering, chanting or other voices.1999 / 201544 games