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Lands of Lore III (Lands of Lore 3;LoL3)  Electronic Arts (Westwood Studios)1999 1life acid adv-static alcohol amazons animateweapons automap axes backstabbing bigcats bludgeons bodyarmor bossbattles bows capacity-slots castle cave cdrom chemistry chickens city companion compass containers crossbows crystals damageinfo damagetypes dark-limited datacaching deities difficulty dimensionalbreach dimensionaltravel direct3d directx6 doors dragons elementals elevators enemyhealthdisplay energyregen familiars flammables forest giantinsects giantspiders giantworms glide3d gog gore guild hiddenattributes highbornprotagonist humanoidprotagonist humanoids hunger hybridprotagonist illequipped illusionarywalls inertscenery interactivetriggers inventory itemidentification jewelry jumping knives knockback landsoflore lava limitedcapacity lockpicking magic magicartefacts magicrings mansion mapannotation mediaindrive meleeweapons milessound monsters movingplatforms murinoids mutants neutralmonsters nightvision nontolkienian noports notebook npcspawning obsoletedassets orcs outlaws outsiders polearms polycephalids polymathprotagonist portals premadeprotagonist prerenderedcinematics pressureplates quake rating-esrb-t rats recurrence-location rewardingvandalism sciencefantasy screenshake search secondaryantagonist secrets selfupdate serious sewers shallowwater shopping skeletons sorcery spectres sprites statuseffects stealing subtitledeficient summoning supplyanddemand swords swrender teenprotagonist thrownweapons tigers title-static toxins trash turrets tutorial tutorial-noninteractive undead unfinished unfixedbugs unlimitedammo unseeninformers unusualprotagonist voiceovers volcanic walking wildcardeqslots win95 win98 wintery wyrms xp-kills xp-multi xp-other
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (The Elder Scrolls Chapter 3: Morrowind)  Bethesda Softworks (Bethesda Game Studios)2002 1life addons adv-static arcanepunk armyofone aspectratio-4-3 ballistics books bows capturedresources cdrom charactercreation circadiancycle clothing containers corpselooting customclass demonicmenace difficulty-charscaling directx8 divinemenace download drm drm-removed elderscrolls elves enchanting enemyupgrade extensible falldamage fantasyworld fasttravel fasttravel-points felinoids fictionaluniverse fines flyingjellyfish gamebryoengine genderchoice gog guild hitchance humanoidanimals incompat-ffdshow interactivedialogs inventory jumping launcher lawenforcers lockpicking lutris magic magicfail mediaindrive meleeweapons modsupport neutralnpcs nochildren nonlinear npatches npcinventory npcschedules obsoletedassets openclassing openworld optionaltasks organizedcrime outlanderprotagonist persistentworld prophecy publictransit racechoice roadsigns roses roses-black safedisc sauroids saveanywhere scavenging sciencefantasy serious shopping skeletonkey sorcery specieschoice spelldesigning stealing swimming titlementioned titularlocale town trash triad underwaterdiving unknownpast unnecessarykilling unusualprotagonist uvl-imagequality uvl-missingimages uvl-releases waiting walking wellcave xp-literal
Chrome (Advanced Battlegrounds: The Future of Combat)  Strategy First (Techland)2003 accuracy-motion accuracy-posture ammomagazines animals arid aspectratio-4-3 assaultrifles aureal3d bossbattles buggy canyon capacity-slots chromeengine containers corpselooting counselor cyborgs depthfog difficulty doors doors-automatic driving dynamicaccuracy elevators encounters-moving encounters-set explosiveobjects extraterrestrial falldamage fictionalelement firearms firstpersonshooter forcefields forest grenades handguns healingitems hovervehicle humid implants inventory invisiblewalls island itempickup-instant javalanguage jumping keys knives ladders leaning limitedcapacity lipsync map megacorps mercenaryprotagonist mp-assault mp-ctf mp-dm mp-teams multipleworlds multiseaters naturalistic objectiveindicator otherworld outlaws pain phlebotinum postures precisionrifles radar rockets rotaryguns sequence-stealth sequence-turret shadowmaps shallowwater shore shotguns snipers soldiers steampowered submachineguns tasktracker telescope temperate titlementioned trash tropic tunnels turrets walkers walking wasteland waypoints xaudio
Ultima VII: The Black Gate (Ultima 7;The Forge of Virtue)  ? (Origin)2006 ♫flightofthebumblebee ♫rulebritannia alcohol apples axes ballistics bees blackpearls bludgeons bows capacity-stacks capacity-volume capacity-weight captives carts chapel cheese chosenone cooking crafting crates crt-static crteffects domesticcats drills-rig drugs engineremake fictionalelement firearms-early fromanotherworld garlic genderchoice goldbars ineptveteran jewelry juggernauts knives lagomorphs limitedcapacity magicrings magicweapons mice multipleendings npcschedules parrots pirates polearms prostitutes pumpkin sdl seamlessworld sheep shopping swords thrownweapons trash ultima ultima7-engine ultimaageofarmageddon unicorns whips willowisps xp-deeds xp-kills
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (TES IV;上古卷轴IV:忘却之地;The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Game of the Year Edition)  2K Games;Bethesda Softworks (Bethesda Game Studios)2006 1life achillesheelfoes adv-ptdistr adv-static alcohol amphitheatre ancientenemy arcanepunk arena aristocrats atlastmoment automap autosavepoints axes backstabbing ballistics beggars blackmarket blocking bludgeons bodyarmor books bows bribing capacity-weight castle cave charactercreation chargedattack chemistry cipherlang circadiancycle city clairvoyantpursuers cleargame containers corpselooting criminalactivity cultists customclass dark-limited demonicinvasion demons demons-other devotees difficulty difficulty-charscaling difficulty-ingame dimensionalbreach dimensionalportals dimensionaltravel disease display-1024x768 distortedvision divinemenace download driders dvd dynamicweather elderscrolls elementals elves enchanting enemyhealthdisplay enemyupgrade energyitems energyregen excavation extensible factions falldamage fame fantasyworld fasttravel felinoids fictionaluniverse fines forest gamebryoengine gameoftheyear genderchoice ghosts goblins guild havokphysics headswapping healing healingitems hell hellscape home humanoidanimals imprisonment inbuilttraps indicator-poi inherentright inorganics interactivedialogs interrupting inventory inventory-supplies investing itemdurability jewelry jumping knives knockdown lamp launcher lawenforcers limitedcapacity locationinfo lockpicking lockpicking-feedback loot-random loot-unexpected lutris magic mandateofheaven mcbestgameaward medieval meleeweapons mine minotaurs monastery mountain multilingual mystics necromancers neutralnpcs nochildren noheadbob nonlinear npcasphyxiation npcinventory npcschedules npcstrife obsoletedassets openclassing openworld optionaltasks orcs outlaws paperdoll persistentworld pickpocketing precursors privatemilitarycompanies projectilerecovery protagonistdesigning protagonistdesigning-face racechoice rats rodents roses-other ruins sauroids saveanywhere scavenging sciencefantasy screenshake secretsociety serious sewers shadermodel2 shields shopping shrine skeletons slowprojectiles soldiers sorcery soundcues specialagentprotagonist specieschoice spelldesigning splatter stamina statloss statuseffects stealing stealth stealthmode stunning subterranean summoning superalloy swimming swords tasktracker teleport temple temporarycompanions titlementioned titularlocale toxins trash trespassing trolls tutorial unarmedfighting undead underwaterdiving unicorns unknownpast unnecessarykilling unvoicedprotagonist ursines uvl-releases vagrants waiting walking waterwalk widescreen wildlife willowisps worldborder xp-literal zombies
Divinity II: Ego Draconis (Divinity 2;Divinity 2 - Кровь Драконов)  DTP Entertainment;Atari (Larian Studios)2009 1life achievements adv-ptdistr adv-static ancientenemy animals attrbasedeq axes bludgeons bodyarmor books bossbattles bows capacity-slots castle cemetery chemistry chickens classless comicrelief compass containers damagetypes demons depthoffield dialog-sentences directx9 divinity-series dodging doors download dragons dragons-western drm dvd elevators enemyhealthdisplay energyitems energyregen estate eviloverlord fantasyworld fasttravel-points fictionaluniverse flying forest gamebryoengine genderbender genderchoice ghosts hdrlighting healingitems healthregen healthregen-slow hillland impulsegoo interactivedialogs inventory jumping keys ladders levelbasedeq leveluprestoration limitedcapacity lockpicking magic map mapannotation medieval meleeweapons mindreading mine minions monsterhunters monsters moralchoices mountain neutralmonsters neutralnpcs nofalldamage objectiveindicator obsoletedassets optionaltasks outlaws physx portals potions protagonistredesigning puzzles quickkeys ruins saveanywhere secrets securom7 shallowwater shopping shore skeletons slowbackpedal sorcery subterranean summoning swords targetlock taskdelegation tasktracker town trash unarmedfighting undead unlimitedammo walking warriormystics wellcave winvista winxp xp-deeds xp-kills
Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga (Divinity 2;Divinity II: Ego Dragonis;Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance)  Focus Home Interactive (Larian Studios)2010 1life achievements adv-ptdistr adv-static aircontrol ancientenemy animals antagonistawareness attrbasedeq axes bioluminescence bludgeons bodyarmor books bossbattles bows canyon capacity-slots castle cemetery chemistry chickens classicwizards classless comicrelief compass containers crystals damagetypes dark-limited demons depthoffield dialog-sentences directx9 divinity-series dodging doors download dragons dragons-western drm drm-activation elevators elevators-multifloor enemyhealthdisplay energyitems energyregen estate eviloverlord extremists fantasyworld fasttravel-points fictionaluniverse flying forest gamebryoengine genderbender genderchoice ghosts glowingeyes hdrlighting healingitems healthregen healthregen-slow hillland interactivedialogs inventory island jumping keys ladders levelbasedeq leveluprestoration limitedcapacity lockpicking loot-random magic map mapannotation medieval meleeweapons mindreading mine minions monsterhunters monsters moralchoices mountain mysticprotagonist neutralmonsters neutralnpcs nochildren nofalldamage nomads objectiveindicator observer obsoletedassets optionaltasks outlaws physx polymathprotagonist portals potions pressureplates protagonistredesigning puzzles quickkeys randomdamage rating-pegi-12 ruins saveanywhere screenshake secrets securom securom7 selfluminance sellundo shallowwater shopping shore skeletons slowbackpedal sorcery speedtree steampowered subterranean summoning swords targetlock taskdelegation tasktracker teleporters temple tombstones tower town trash unarmedfighting undead unlimitedammo walking warriormystics warriorprotagonist wellcave winvista winxp wyverns xp-deeds xp-kills
Avadon: The Black Fortress  Spiderweb Software (Spiderweb Software)2011 achievements achievements-public automap avadon-series grid grid-square group highfantasy indie inventory license-crossplatform magic meleeweapons minimap sorcery steampowered steamworks trash turnbasedcombat
Terraria  Re-Logic;Headup Games (Re-Logic)2011 abominations aircontrol ammotypes amoeboids animals animateweapons asphyxiation automap axes blankprotagonist blockbased bloodmoon bludgeons bodyarmor bombs bossbattles bows buildingdesigning burrowers capacity-slots circadiancycle clienthost clothdyeing clothing collapsibleenvironment compositefoes containers crafting crafting-ammo crafting-sites criticalchance crossbows crossworldcharacters customtriggers damageinfo dark-limited deathpenalty deathpenalty-recovery demons destructibleenvironment destructibleworld digging directconnect directionalforce directionalforce-current directx9 dissolvingcorpses dissolvingitems doors draganddrop dragons-eastern drills dropplatforms ecosystems enemyhealthdisplay energyitems energyregen energyweapons equipmentbased falldamage featherfall firearms firearms-early fishing flamethrowers flyingislands freeexpansions fungiculture furnishing genderchoice giantinsects giantmonsters giants giantworms gibs goblins grapplinghook handguns harmfultouch harpies healingitems healthregen hitmoderation host-dedicated indie instantmotion interactivetriggers invasivespecies inventory inventory-supplies itemgenerator itempickup-attract itempickup-auto itempickup-ignore itemsets jokeitems json juggernauts jumping keys knockback lamp lava lightsabers limitedcapacity liquidphysics loadless logging logicgates lootemup lutris machineguns magic magic-instant magicartefacts maintainedjump mapgenerator meleeweapons meteoroids midairjumping minibosses minimap mode-hardcore monsters moonphases mp-cooperative mp-customport mp-dropin mummies netframework noagenda nobossarenas nocampaign nofailstate noinvpause nonscalinggraphics nopointercapture nostory obsoletedassets openworld openworldsurvivalcrafting overpenetration parallaxscrolling periodicdangers persistentworld pickaxe polearms potions pressureplates projectilerecovery quickkeys randomdamage randomevents rating-pegi-12 recallportal resourceharvesting retrypoints rewardingvandalism roughterrain sandbox seamlessworld sellundo shadermodel1 shopping silviculture skeletons sorcery spectres splatter splittingcreatures spreadingvegetation stash staticpixelscale steampowered steamworks subterranean subterraneanforest superalloy swords tangibleabstracts targetident terraria thrownweapons tilebased timepiece titlementioned trash undead undefinedelements underwaterdiving underwaterwalking undirected unhinderedfoes unicorns vanityitems variablegravity walking waterwalk werewolves winvista winxp worldborder xnaframework zombies
The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings (Wiedźmin 2: Zabójcy Królów;Ведьмак 2. Убийцы королей)  CD Projekt;Atari;Namco Bandai Games (CD Projekt RED)2011 adv-objects adv-ptdistr amnesia book capacity-weight chapters consequences counterattacks crepuscularrays depthoffield dicephysics dodging download drm duplicateweapons dvd dwarves elves falselyaccused fmod giantmonsters giants graychoices havokphysics interactivedialogs inventory launcher lightbloom limitedcapacity loading-partial medieval meleeweapons middleagedprotagonist mindcontrol minigames monsterhunters monsters motionblur mutantprotagonist nodrm nudity optionaltasks overburdening overloading parrying pathengine playerexposition premadeprotagonist prison prologue rating-acb-ma15 rating-bbfc-18 rating-esrb-m rating-pegi-18 rating-usk-16 redengine scaleform sequence-stealth sex slowmotion speedtree ssao statuseffects stippletransparency swordandsorcery swords tasktracker tentaclecreatures thewitcher torture town trash walking warriorprotagonist wetland xinput xp-kills
L.A. Noire (LA Noire)  Rockstar Games (Team Bondi;Rockstar Leeds )2011 1940s 20thcentury aimassist aimmode alcohol ambientocclusion autosavepoints chapterskip chasing city-losangeles-ca corruption coversystem cpplanguage crimefiction customengine dark-limited detectivemystery dialog-keywords dialog-stance directx11 directx9 drifting driving drm drm-activation drm-login earth firearms fmod formervaporware fxaa gameshield gore grotesque handguns historicalfiction ingamecinematics investigatorprotagonist ironwrap ladders lamp launcher lawenforcerprotagonist naturalistic netframework northamerica nudity objectmanipulation playerexposition rating-esrb-m rating-pegi-18 rockstarsocial shotguns smokes splatter steampowered tommygun trash unarmedfighting vaulting walking
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition)  Bethesda Softworks (Bethesda Game Studios)2011 achievements achievements-public actioncamera adv-perks ancientenemy animals arcanepunk aristocrats automap autumnal axes backstabbing bards beggars beyondcomprehension bink bioluminescence blackmarket blankprotagonist blocking bludgeons bodyarmor boreal bows bribing burning caninoids cannibalism capacity-weight cave cemetery charactercreation chargedattack chemistry children circadiancycle city classless cleargame clothing compass conlang controlloss cooking corpselooting crafting crafting-sites creation-engine criminalactivity customengine demons devconsole dialog-sentences difficulty-charscaling directionalforce directionalforce-current distortedvision doors dragons dualwielding dualwielding-asymmetric dynamicweather elderscrolls electrokinesis elementals elitemobs elves endtime enemyhealthdisplay energyitems energyregen epic erraticlanguage evilbydefault excavation extensible extremists factions fasttravel felinoids fines finishingmoves forest friendshipbeatdown fxaa genderchoice ghosts gianthumanoids giants giantspiders glowingeyes hags havokphysics healingitems healthregen highfantasy hirelings home imprisonment inbuilttraps indicator-poi industrial-setting insectoids interactivedialogs interactivetriggers inversekinematics jumping knives knockback launcher lawenforcers legacydesign-interface liches limitedcapacity livinglegend lockpicking lockpicking-feedback lutris magic magic-delayed magic-held magic-verbal mammoths map marriage medieval meleeweapons mercenaries mine minstrels modsupport monastery mountain mystics necromancers neutralmonsters nomads npchiding npcinventory npclooting npcschedules npcstrife objectiveclairvoyance objectiveindicator oneofakind openworld optionaltasks outlanderprotagonist outlaws paidmods persistentworld pickpocketing playerstats plotimmortality polar polymathprotagonist postwarperiod potions pressureplates priceinfo prison projectilerecovery prophecy puzzles pyrokinesis quickkeys racechoice rating-bbfc-15 rating-esrb-m rating-pegi-18 rebellion recurringopponent reputation resting riding robots ruins sauroids scaleform scenic sciencefantasy screenshake screenstaining secondaryconflict shapeshifters shieldbash shields shopping skeletonkey sorcery souls specieschoice spectres speech-conlang splatter spriggans staggering stamina stealing stealth stealth-sight stealthmode steamworks steamworkshop swords tasktracker temple thedestroyer threatdisplay titlementioned titularlocale titularobject town trash trespassing trolls ugc undead uniqueprotagonist unknownpast vampires vikings vocalpowers walking waypoints werewolves wilderness wildlife wintery witnesses x86 x86-32 x86-64 xinput xp-literal
Jagged Alliance: Back in Action  Kalypso Media (Coreplay)2012 achievements achievements-public activepause adv-ptdistr alarmers alcohol amrifles assaultrifles autopause bleeding bodyarmor bombs camouflage capacity-weight children circadiancycle city damageovertime demo depthfog doors draganddrop earth endlessopposition eviloverlord facing fatigue fictionallocation fieldofvision firearms firstaid friendlyfire grenadelaunchers grenades handguns healing healingitems hirelings hitchance hospital house indicator-noise indicator-visibility injuries interrupting inventory inventory-supplies island itemdurability jaggedalliance keys knives ladders limitedcapacity lineofsight lockpicking mailorder malfunctioning mansion meleeweapons mercenaries mercenaryprotagonist minefield mines morale multinationalorganization naturalistic neutralnpcs noports npcfriendlyfire npchealing optionaltasks overburdening overworld pain parttargeting persistentminions postures precisionrifles present privatemilitarycompanies prostitutes rating-pegi-16 rebellion rebelprotagonist redlightdistrict reload-auto reload-manual remotedetonators rockets scavenging school searchedindicator secrets selectivefire sexindustry shallowwater shopping shotguns skillbasedeq smokegrenades smokes soldiers stamina stealth stealth-sight stealth-sound steampowered strayfire stungrenades supportnpcs tactical taskqueuing tasksyncing tasktracker timecompression tips town trapdisarming trash tutorial tutorial-interactive tyrant unloading visualizedtrajectory walking wilderness xp-kills xp-undefined
Avernum: Escape from the Pit  Spiderweb Software (Spiderweb Software)2012 achievements achievements-public acid adv-perks adv-ptdistr amoeboids automap autosaves-periodic avernum boating bodyarmor bows capacity-slots capacity-weight cave cemetery charactercreation combatmode crystals damageovertime dialog-sentences difficulty doors dragons dualwielding encounters-seen enemyhealthdisplay energystations exile fame felinoids forcefields freelancing ghosts giantfungi gianthumanoids giantrats giantspiders giantworms goblins graverobbing grid grid-square group groupcreation healingstations hellhounds interactivedialogs interactivetriggers inventory karmiccreatures knives knockback license-crossplatform limitedcapacity lineofsight lockpicking magic meleeweapons mine mystics neutralmonsters ogres openworld optionaltasks outlaws overworld penalcolony persistentworld polearms priceinfo protagonistnaming randomchance randomdamage rebellion river safepowers sauroids saveanywhere secrets shopping skeletons soldiers sorcery statuseffects stealing steampowered subterranean subterraneanrealm summoning swords tasktracker thrownweapons timeunits titlementioned titularlocale town toxins trapdisarming trash undead vaguegoal volcanic vorbis walking wands war worlddomination xp-deeds xp-kills zombies
Teleglitch (Teleglitch: Die More Edition)  Test3 Projects;Paradox Interactive (Test3 Projects)2012 1life achievements achievements-public addons aimmode anomalies aspectratio-4-3 assaultrifles automap autozoom beamweapons biorobots bmp bombs capacity-slots chromaticaberration crafting decoybombs demo desura diaries disposableweapons distortedvision doors doors-automatic drugs dungeon electricweapons encyclopedia energyweapons explosives-sticky fallbackweapon firearms grenadelaunchers handguns healingitems independentaim injuries interactionhighlight interactivetriggers inventory itemglow knives letterbox limitedcapacity lineofsight loot-random loot-unexpected lua machineguns machinepistols mapgenerator monsters mp3 mutants nailguns nohealthregen nomusic nosaves openal opengl overheal permadeath pillarbox pixelated png precisionrifles randomstartingequipment reload-auto reload-manual reload-passive robots rockets rogueai roguelite screenshake sdl sdl2 searchedindicator secrets shotguns splatter steampowered swarmers tentaclecreatures tga titlementioned trash tutorial vorbis walking zombies
Fallout 4  Bethesda Softworks (Bethesda Game Studios)2015 21stcentury 2280s 23rdcentury achievements addiction adv-perks adv-static assaultrifles atomicage-theme autopause-inventory autopause-menu beamweapons bludgeons bodyarmor cassettetapes city-boston-ma companionapp compass corpselooting crafting creation-engine crepuscularrays crustacoids damageovertime damagetypes decomposing depthoffield devconsole dialogwheel diaries displacementfiction doppelgangers earth emweapons energyweapons falldamage fallout firearms flamethrowers flash framesynced future fxaa genderchoice giantinsects grenades handguns hbao home ichthyoids incendiarygrenades industrial-setting interactivedialogs inventory langbrazil-port langchinesetrad laserweapons launcher leveluprestoration lockpicking machineguns meleeweapons mercenaries militarybase minefield mines minigames modalpause modsupport monsters motionblur mutants nailguns northamerica nuclearsolution nuclearweapons objectiveclairvoyance objectiveindicator optionaltasks outlaws paidmods parentprotagonist plasmaweapons plotimmortality postapocalypse powerarmor precisionrifles prologue protagonistdesigning protagonistdesigning-face quake radiation rating-pegi-18 reload-manual retrofuture robots rotaryguns ruins scavenging screenshake settlementminigame shopping shotguns slowmotion splatter spouseprotagonist ssao stealth stealthmode steampowered submachineguns suicideattackers town trapdisarming trash tutorial txaa undefinedelements