Creatures theme

Features any kind of creatures with two or more heads.


Alternate name: Multi-headed creatures

The first video game about Polycephalids was released in 1982.

Blizzard and Capcom has published most of these games

In fiction these often have different personality and possibly even level of intelligence for each head (essentially resembles multiple people sharing same body), which often comes into play with besting them through non-violent means by making the heads fight each other or otherwise utterly disagree on common course of action, making the creatures unable to function properly. In more serious or horror related things the heads are more or less parts of the same thing (or even the same thing [brain is possibly stored somewhere else than the heads]), so there's likely not much conversation between them except maybe when they focus on same problem. In the latter case, motor functions are not fought over though there may still be some coordination issues when the multiple heads focus on different things.

Commonly subject of comedy when the heads are stupid and need to agree on an action to function physically, or when each side is controlled by separate head, making the sides fight each other even physically.