King of Kings

a.k.a. キング オブ キングス

published by Namco in 1988-12-09, developed by Atlus, running on Nintendo Entertainment System
type: strategy, role-play, turn-based
genre: Fantasy, Tactical RPG
perspective: bird's-eye (dimetric)
player options: single player
languages: jpn


Not related to Wisdom Tree's King of Kings

One player, two player, three player, or four players take turns in concurrent/competing/cooperative play. (the game is designed for both competitive and cooperative strategies)
One to four players receive funds for each city they occupy. With these funds they can build different troop types including humans or fantastic creatures. Each troop type moves better or worse in different terrains. Differing movement abilities and the way the different kinds of troops interact with each other, having different strengths and weaknesses depending on which type that are battling with, means strategy is emphasized over sheer numbers or experience of each unit (but the latter two are still advantageous).

Human Units: King (only one per player), Fighter, Knight>Silver Knight>Dragon Knight, Monk>Priest>Bishop, Sorcerer>Mage>Wizard.
Fairy Units: Goblin, Harpy, Elf, Giant, Gryphon
Dragon Units: Lizardman, Wyvern, Serpent, Dragon
Other Units: Golem, Skeleton
Non-playables: Cockatrice, Sword Fighter, Axe Fighter, Lance Fighter, Bow Fighter, Cerberus, Gargoyle, Barbarian, Zombie
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Technical specs

display: raster, raster

Authors / Staff


Hirohiko Takayama (composer)

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King of Kings in-game screen.
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King of Kings (Nintendo Entertainment System)
King of Kings (Nintendo Entertainment System)
King of Kings (Nintendo Entertainment System)
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