Creatures entity

Features deities of any kind.


Alternate names: Gods, Divinities

The first video game about Deities was released in 1975.

Capcom, Atlus and Virgin Interactive has published most of these games

Note that this includes gods of all natures, types and styles, not just the Christian omniscient and all-powerful kind.

Preferably cases where the deities take a more active role in the story, lesser cases can be added with a note of their lesser importance.

Demigods can also be included, though a note should be added about their lesser status. Depending on the mythos, a demigod may be equally or more powerful than a god of another mythos (depending, of course, how you measure this).

Also note that even a demon is a divine creature (although not necessarily a deity) in most mythoses, they just tend to make their opposition to the "good" religion/divinity more pronounced by using words that would seem to dispel this (e.g. unholy; however, demon is as holy as an angel is, they just serve different deity).