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issue 2006

average score
gameplatformreview dateoriginal scorescore %  
25 to LifeWindows*3.3/1033%
25 to LifePlayStation 2*3/1030%
25 to LifeXbox*3.1/1031%
24: The GamePlayStation 2*4.2/1042%
2006 FIFA World CupXbox 360*8.4/1084%
2006 FIFA World CupWindows*8.4/1084%
2006 FIFA World CupXbox*8.4/1084%
2006 FIFA World CupGameCube*8/1080%
2006 FIFA World CupPlayStation 2*8.4/1084%
2006 FIFA World CupPlayStation Portable*7.8/1078%
2006 FIFA World CupNintendo DS*7.5/1075%
Ape Escape 3PlayStation 2*8.3/1083%
80 DaysWindows*7/1070%
Ape AcademyPlayStation Portable*5.5/1055%
Alex Rider: StormbreakerNintendo DS*4/1040%
Avatar - The Last AirbenderPlayStation Portable*5.1/1051%
Avatar: The Last AirbenderPlayStation 2*5.1/1051%
Avatar: The Last AirbenderGameCube*5.1/1051%
Backyard Sports: Baseball 2007PlayStation 2*2.1/1021%
Avatar: The Last AirbenderXbox*5.1/1051%
Age of Empires III: The WarChiefsWindows*8.2/1082%
Battlefield 2142Windows*8.4/1084%
Ace Combat X - Skies of DeceptionPlayStation Portable*8.7/1087%
Avatar: The Last AirbenderNintendo DS*7/1070%
ATV Offroad Fury ProPlayStation Portable*7.9/1079%
Avatar: The Last AirbenderGame Boy Advance*6/1060%
ATV Offroad Fury 4PlayStation 2*8/1080%
Age of Pirates: Caribbean TalesWindows*7.9/1079%
Big Bumpin'Xbox*6.5/1065%
Big Bumpin'Xbox 360*7/1070%
Blast FactorPlayStation 3*5.9/1059%
Barbie in The 12 Dancing PrincessesNintendo DS*7/1070%
Brain Boost: Gamma WaveNintendo DS*4.5/1045%
Brain Boost: Beta WaveNintendo DS*4.5/1045%
Avatar: The Last AirbenderWii*5.1/1051%
Blitz: The LeagueXbox 360*6.5/1065%
Agatha Christie: Murder on the Orient ExpressWindows*6.1/1061%
Assault HeroesXbox 360*8.7/1087%
Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWIIPlayStation 3*7/1070%
Bionicle HeroesGame Boy Advance*8/1080%
Activision Hits RemixedPlayStation Portable*8.2/1082%
Bionicle HeroesPlayStation 2*7.9/1079%
Bionicle HeroesXbox 360*7.9/1079%
Blitz - OvertimePlayStation Portable*6.2/1062%
Bionicle HeroesNintendo DS*8/1080%
Bomberman Land Touch!Nintendo DS*8.5/1085%
Age of Empires: The Age of KingsNintendo DS*8.2/1082%
American Chopper 2: Full ThrottlePlayStation 2*6/1060%
American Chopper 2: Full ThrottleGameCube*6/1060%
American Chopper 2: Full ThrottleXbox*6/1060%
BlackPlayStation 2*8.7/1087%
Arena FootballXbox*8.3/1083%
Bode Miller Alpine SkiingPlayStation 2*3.2/1032%
Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWIIXbox 360*6.8/1068%
Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWIIXbox*6.8/1068%
Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWIIWindows*6.8/1068%
Battlefield 2: Modern CombatXbox 360*7.9/1079%
American Conquest: Divided NationWindows*5.6/1056%
Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day!Nintendo DS*8/1080%
Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan WarPlayStation 2*8.8/1088%
Black & White 2: Battle of the GodsWindows*7/1070%
AstropopXbox 360*8/1080%
Auto AssaultWindows*7.5/1075%
Bone: The Great Cow RaceWindows*8.6/1086%
Army Men: Major MalfunctionXbox*3/1030%
Bejeweled 2Xbox 360*7.8/1078%
Armored Core: Last RavenPlayStation 2*6.4/1064%
Big Brain AcademyNintendo DS*8.1/1081%
AMF Xtreme Bowling 2006PlayStation 2*2/1020%
Astonishia StoryPlayStation Portable*5.5/1055%
Alpha Wing 2Mobile phone*8.4/1084%
AND 1 StreetballXbox*4.1/1041%
AND 1 StreetballPlayStation 2*4.1/1041%
SCAR - Squadra Corse Alfa RomeoPlayStation 2*4/1040%
Blade Dancer: Lineage of LightPlayStation Portable*6.5/1065%
AMF Xtreme Bowling 2006Xbox*2/1020%
BarnyardGame Boy Advance*6/1060%
50 Cent - Bulletproof G Unit EditionPlayStation Portable*5/1050%
Barrow Hill: Curse of the Ancient CircleWindows*8.1/1081%
Bomberman Act:ZeroXbox 360*3/1030%
BarnyardPlayStation 2*6.7/1067%
BombermanPlayStation Portable*7/1070%
Bounty HoundsPlayStation Portable*7/1070%
Bad Day L.A.Windows*2.7/1027%
Baten Kaitos OriginsGameCube*8.3/1083%
Big Mutha TruckersNintendo DS*6/1060%
Big Mutha TruckersGame Boy Advance*5/1050%
BullyPlayStation 2*8.9/1089%
Caesar IVWindows*7.7/1077%
Capcom Classics Collection: ReloadedPlayStation Portable*8/1080%
CarsXbox 360*7.2/1072%
Cabela's Alaskan AdventuresPlayStation 2*4.4/1044%
Cabela's Alaskan AdventuresXbox 360*4.8/1048%
Bubble Bobble RevolutionNintendo DS*3.5/1035%
Cabela's African SafariPlayStation Portable*7.3/1073%
Call of Duty 3Wii*7.7/1077%
Cabela's African SafariPlayStation 2*7.3/1073%
Call of Duty 3PlayStation 2*8/1080%
Call of Duty 3PlayStation 3*7.8/1078%
Camp Lazlo - Leaky Lake GamesGame Boy Advance*4/1040%
Capcom Classics Collection Vol. 2PlayStation 2*7/1070%
Pixar's CarsWii*6.8/1068%
Call of Duty 3Xbox*8.8/1088%
Cartoon Network RacingPlayStation 2*3.4/1034%
Castlevania: Portrait of RuinNintendo DS*8.9/1089%
Capcom Classics Collection: RemixedPlayStation Portable*7.4/1074%
Burnout RevengeXbox 360*8.9/1089%
Brothers in Arms 3DMobile phone*9.5/1095%
Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the EarthWindows*7.8/1078%
Cabela's Dangerous Hunts: Ultimate ChallengePlayStation Portable*5.5/1055%
CarsPlayStation 2*7/1070%
CarsPlayStation Portable*7.5/1075%
CarsNintendo DS*5.8/1058%
CarsGame Boy Advance*3/1030%
Chaos FieldGameCube*6/1060%
Disney's Chicken LittleGame Boy Advance*7.8/1078%
Charlotte's WebNintendo DS*6.5/1065%
Charlotte's WebGame Boy Advance*6/1060%
Disney's Chicken Little: Ace in ActionWii*7.6/1076%
Children of ManaNintendo DS*8/1080%
ChromehoundsXbox 360*6.9/1069%
ContactNintendo DS*7.5/1075%
College Hoops 2K7Xbox 360*8.2/1082%
College Hoops 2K7Xbox*7.4/1074%
ContraXbox 360*5/1050%
College Hoops 2K7PlayStation 2*7.3/1073%
CMT Presents: Karaoke Revolution CountryPlayStation 2*7.2/1072%
College Hoops 2K6Xbox 360*7.4/1074%
Commandos: Strike ForceXbox*7.5/1075%
Commandos: Strike ForcePlayStation 2*7.5/1075%
Commandos: Strike ForceWindows*7.5/1075%
Classified: The Sentinel CrisisXbox*2.1/1021%
Cloning ClydeXbox 360*8.1/1081%
CivCity: RomeWindows*8.2/1082%
City LifeWindows*8/1080%
Company of HeroesWindows*9.4/1094%
Crash Boom Bang!Nintendo DS*2/1020%
Evolution GTPlayStation 2*4.1/1041%
Crystal QuestXbox 360*6.3/1063%
Curious GeorgeGameCube*5.5/1055%
Curious GeorgePlayStation 2*5.5/1055%
Curious GeorgeXbox*5.5/1055%
Crusty DemonsXbox*5.2/1052%
Cooking MamaNintendo DS*7/1070%
Danny Phantom: The Ultimate EnemyGame Boy Advance*7.5/1075%
Dark MessiahWindows*7/1070%
Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVAPlayStation 2*7/1070%
Dead or Alive Xtreme 2Xbox 360*6.4/1064%
Dave Mirra BMX ChallengePlayStation Portable*2/1020%
DaxterPlayStation Portable*9/1090%
Dance Dance RevolutionMobile phone*6/1060%
DarkStar OneWindows*8/1080%
Dance FactoryPlayStation 2*3.5/1035%
Dead RisingXbox 360*8.3/1083%
Devil May Cry 3PlayStation 2*9.6/1096%
Dig DugXbox 360*7/1070%
Destroy All Humans! 2PlayStation 2*8/1080%
Destroy All Humans! 2Xbox*8/1080%
DefenderXbox 360*5.5/1055%
Devil May Cry 3Windows*5.8/1058%
Digimon World DSNintendo DS*7.5/1075%
Desperate Housewives: The GameWindows*8.2/1082%
Desperados 2: Cooper's RevengeWindows*7.1/1071%
Deep LabyrinthNintendo DS*6.5/1065%
Def Jam - Fight for NY - The TakeoverPlayStation Portable*8.1/1081%
Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VIIPlayStation 2*7/1070%
Disgaea 2: Cursed MemoriesPlayStation 2*8.5/1085%
Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors 2Nintendo DS*7.5/1075%
DoomXbox 360*8.1/1081%
Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2Wii*8.3/1083%
Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2PlayStation 2*8.3/1083%
Puyo PuyoMega Drive*7.5/1075%
Dragon Ball Z: Shin BudokaiPlayStation Portable*7/1070%
Dr. SudokuGame Boy Advance*6.5/1065%
Dragon Ball: Advanced AdventureGame Boy Advance*7.5/1075%
Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket SlimeNintendo DS*8.5/1085%
Eagle Eye GolfPlayStation 2*6/1060%
Dynasty Warriors Vol. 2PlayStation Portable*5.4/1054%
Dungeon Siege: Throne of AgonyPlayStation Portable*8.3/1083%
Drakengard 2PlayStation 2*6.3/1063%
Drill DozerGame Boy Advance*8/1080%
Driver: Parallel LinesXbox*7.2/1072%
Driver: Parallel LinesPlayStation 2*7.2/1072%
Dungeons & Dragons OnlineWindows*7.5/1075%
Dynasty Warriors 5 EmpiresXbox 360*5/1050%
Dreamfall: The Longest JourneyXbox*7.5/1075%
Dreamfall: The Longest JourneyWindows*7.4/1074%
Dungeon Siege II: Broken WorldWindows*6.3/1063%
ElectroplanktonNintendo DS*7/1070%
El MatadorWindows*5.3/1053%
Elite Beat AgentsNintendo DS*9.5/1095%
EragonXbox 360*4.7/1047%
EragonPlayStation 2*4.7/1047%
EragonGame Boy Advance*7.5/1075%
Ecco the DolphinMega Drive*7/1070%
EragonPlayStation Portable*6.4/1064%
EragonNintendo DS*7/1070%
Enchanted ArmsXbox 360*7.6/1076%
Bomberman '93PC Engine*8.5/1085%
FIFA 07PlayStation Portable*8.5/1085%
FIFA 07Nintendo DS*7.9/1079%
Eureka Seven Vol. 1: The New WavePlayStation 2*4.7/1047%
F.E.A.R.: Extraction PointWindows*7.6/1076%
Family Guy Video Game!PlayStation 2*4.1/1041%
Family Guy Video Game! It's too Hot for TV!PlayStation Portable*4.1/1041%
Family GuyXbox*4.1/1041%
F.E.A.R.Xbox 360*9.1/1091%
Final Fantasy XIIPlayStation 2*9.5/1095%
FIFA 07Xbox 360*6.8/1068%
Faces of WarWindows*7/1070%
FIFA 07Windows*8.5/1085%
FIFA 07Xbox*8.5/1085%
FIFA 07PlayStation 2*8.5/1085%
FIFA 07GameCube*8.4/1084%
Family FeudPlayStation 2*2.7/1027%
Final Fantasy IIINintendo DS*7.8/1078%
Excite TruckWii*8/1080%
Flushed AwayNintendo DS*4/1040%
Flushed AwayPlayStation 2*4/1040%
Flushed AwayGameCube*4/1040%
Flushed AwayGame Boy Advance*5/1050%
Every Extend ExtraPlayStation Portable*8.1/1081%
Far Cry: VengeanceWii*4/1040%
Fight Night: Round 3PlayStation 3*8.3/1083%
EXITPlayStation Portable*6.8/1068%
Finding Nemo: Escape To The Big BlueNintendo DS*7/1070%
Fight Night Round 3Xbox*8/1080%
Fight Night Round 3Xbox 360*8.5/1085%
Fight Night Round 3PlayStation 2*8/1080%
Fight Night Round 3PlayStation Portable*6.7/1067%
FIFA Street 2Xbox*6/1060%
Final Fight StreetwiseXbox*3.5/1035%
FIFA Street 2GameCube*6/1060%
FIFA Street 2PlayStation 2*6/1060%
Final Fight: 'Streetwise'PlayStation 2*3.6/1036%
Ford Bold Moves Street RacingXbox*3.5/1035%
Ford Bold Moves Street RacingPlayStation 2*3.5/1035%
Foster's Home for Imaginary FriendsGame Boy Advance*5.5/1055%
Flyboys SquadronWindows*6.6/1066%
FIFA Street 2PlayStation Portable*6.2/1062%
Far Cry Instincts: PredatorXbox 360*8.3/1083%
Far Cry Instincts: EvolutionXbox*8.4/1084%
FIFA Street 2Nintendo DS*4.8/1048%
Field CommanderPlayStation Portable*8.4/1084%
Final Fantasy XIXbox 360*6.9/1069%
Final Fantasy XI: Treasures of Aht UrhganWindows*8.4/1084%
Final Fantasy XI: Treasures of Aht UrhganPlayStation 2*8.4/1084%
FlatOut 2Xbox*8.3/1083%
FlatOut 2PlayStation 2*8.3/1083%
FlatOut 2Windows*8.3/1083%
007: From Russia With LovePlayStation Portable*7.1/1071%
FroggerXbox 360*6/1060%
Freedom WingsNintendo DS*3/1030%
Full Auto 2: BattlelinesPlayStation 3*7.8/1078%
Full AutoXbox 360*7.1/1071%
Full Spectrum Warrior: Ten HammersPlayStation 2*8/1080%
Full Spectrum Warrior: Ten HammersWindows*8.2/1082%
Full Spectrum Warrior: Ten HammersXbox*8.2/1082%
Gangs of LondonPlayStation Portable*4.5/1045%
Games ExplosionGame Boy Advance*4/1040%
Genji: Days of the BladePlayStation 3*6/1060%
Gears of WarXbox 360*9.4/1094%
Gitaroo Man Lives!PlayStation Portable*8.4/1084%
Galactic Civilizations IIWindows*8.7/1087%
Generation of ChaosPlayStation Portable*6.7/1067%
Gallop Racer 2006PlayStation 2*8.5/1085%
Glory of the Roman EmpireWindows*7.6/1076%
High SeizeN-Gage*8/1080%
God HandPlayStation 2*3/1030%
GUN ShowdownPlayStation Portable*8/1080%
Hannah MontanaNintendo DS*6.5/1065%
Harlem Globetrotters - World TourGame Boy Advance*2.5/1025%
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City StoriesPlayStation Portable*9/1090%
Greg Hastings' Tournament Paintball Max'dPlayStation 2*6.5/1065%
GunpeyPlayStation Portable*4.2/1042%
Heroes of Annihilated EmpiresWindows*6/1060%
GT Pro SeriesWii*4/1040%
Gothic 3Windows*4.9/1049%
Gunpey DSNintendo DS*6.1/1061%
Guitar Hero 2PlayStation 2*9.5/1095%
Guild Wars: NightfallWindows*8.4/1084%
Happy FeetNintendo DS*5/1050%
Ice Age 2: The MeltdownWii*7.5/1075%
Happy FeetWii*4.5/1045%
HorsezPlayStation 2*2.1/1021%
Gunstar HeroesMega Drive*9/1090%
Happy FeetPlayStation 2*4.5/1045%
Heroes of Might and Magic V: Hammers of FateWindows*6.5/1065%
Grandia IIIPlayStation 2*7.6/1076%
Greg Hastings' Tournament Paintball Max'dNintendo DS*4/1040%
Ice Age 2: The MeltdownGameCube*7.9/1079%
Ice Age 2: The MeltdownPlayStation 2*7.9/1079%
Ice Age 2: The MeltdownXbox*7.9/1079%
Ice Age 2: The MeltdownNintendo DS*5.5/1055%
Harvest Moon: Magical MelodyGameCube*8.2/1082%
Golden Nugget Casino DSNintendo DS*5/1050%
Ice Age 2: The MeltdownGame Boy Advance*5/1050%
Guilty Gear: Dust StrikersNintendo DS*6/1060%
Go! SudokuPlayStation Portable*6.9/1069%
Guild Wars FactionsWindows*8.5/1085%
JAWS UnleashedXbox*7.4/1074%
JAWS UnleashedPlayStation 2*7.4/1074%
Hitman: Blood MoneyXbox*8/1080%
Hitman: Blood MoneyXbox 360*8/1080%
Hitman: Blood MoneyWindows*8/1080%
Hitman: Blood MoneyPlayStation 2*8/1080%
Half-Life 2: Episode OneWindows*8.5/1085%
Gradius CollectionPlayStation Portable*8.1/1081%
Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City StoriesPlayStation 2*8/1080%
Hummer BadlandsPlayStation 2*4/1040%
Hummer: BadlandsXbox*4/1040%
Hard Truck: ApocalypseWindows*4/1040%
Harvest Moon DSNintendo DS*6/1060%
Guilty Gear JudgmentPlayStation Portable*7.5/1075%
Wild ARMs 4PlayStation 2*7.8/1078%
PQ: Practical Intelligence QuotientPlayStation Portable*7.4/1074%
MVP 06 NCAA BaseballPlayStation 2*8.5/1085%
MVP 06 NCAA BaseballXbox*8.7/1087%
Power Rangers: S.P.D.Game Boy Advance*4/1040%
Monster Trucks DSNintendo DS*4/1040%
Torino 2006Xbox*4.4/1044%
Samurai Shodown VXbox*6.2/1062%
Mega Man: Maverick Hunter XPlayStation Portable*8/1080%
Peter Jackson's King KongPlayStation Portable*6.9/1069%
Space HackWindows*5.5/1055%
Scarface: Money. Power. Respect.PlayStation Portable*6.5/1065%
Open SeasonPlayStation Portable*6.3/1063%
Joint Task ForceWindows*5.7/1057%
Tales of the AbyssPlayStation 2*8.3/1083%
Pacific StormWindows*8/1080%
Mage Knight: ApocalypseWindows*5.4/1054%
Killzone LiberationPlayStation Portable*9/1090%
Splinter Cell: Double AgentXbox 360*9/1090%
The Legend of Spyro: A New BeginningNintendo DS*7.1/1071%
The Sims 2 PetsGameCube*7.7/1077%
Lumines Live!Xbox 360*7.8/1078%
Justice League HeroesPlayStation 2*6.4/1064%
The Sims 2 PetsPlayStation 2*7.7/1077%
Justice League HeroesXbox*6.4/1064%
The Legend of Spyro: A New BeginningGameCube*7.7/1077%
The Legend of Spyro: A New BeginningPlayStation 2*7.7/1077%
The Legend of Spyro: A New BeginningXbox*7.7/1077%
NBA Live 07Xbox*4.9/1049%
NBA Live 07Xbox 360*6/1060%
NBA Live 07PlayStation Portable*6/1060%
NBA Live 07PlayStation 2*4.9/1049%
Naruto: Ninja Council 2Game Boy Advance*5/1050%
Medal of Honor: HeroesPlayStation Portable*8.4/1084%
Star Trek: EncountersPlayStation 2*4.9/1049%
Sid Meier's Railroads!Windows*8/1080%
Reservoir DogsPlayStation 2*3/1030%
Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of CorruptionWindows*8.5/1085%
Reservoir DogsXbox*3/1030%
Marvel: Ultimate AllianceXbox*8.1/1081%
Marvel: Ultimate AllianceXbox 360*8.2/1082%
Tokobot Plus: Mysteries of the KarakuriPlayStation 2*7/1070%
The Santa Clause 3 - The Escape ClauseGame Boy Advance*4/1040%
Tony Hawk's Downhill JamNintendo DS*8.7/1087%
Marvel: Ultimate AlliancePlayStation 2*8.1/1081%
Marvel: Ultimate AllianceWindows*8.2/1082%
Snoopy vs. the Red BaronPlayStation Portable*7/1070%
Snoopy vs. the Red BaronPlayStation 2*7/1070%
WTF: work time funPlayStation Portable*6.4/1064%
Magical Vacation: 5-Tsu No Hoshi Ga Narabu TokiNintendo DS*7.5/1075%
The Sims 2: PetsWindows*7.4/1074%
Scurge - HiveNintendo DS*7/1070%
Justice League Heroes - The FlashGame Boy Advance*8/1080%
Scurge - HiveGame Boy Advance*8/1080%
Need for Speed CarbonPlayStation 2*7.8/1078%
Need for Speed CarbonWindows*8.2/1082%
Need for Speed CarbonXbox*7.8/1078%
Stronghold LegendsWindows*5.7/1057%
Need for Speed CarbonXbox 360*8.2/1082%
Spectral Souls: Resurrection of the Ethereal EmpiresPlayStation Portable*5.5/1055%
Need for Speed CarbonGameCube*7.8/1078%
Open SeasonGameCube*6/1060%
Open SeasonXbox*6/1060%
Open SeasonXbox 360*6.3/1063%
Open SeasonPlayStation 2*6/1060%
Juka and the Monophonic MenaceGame Boy Advance*8/1080%
NHL 2K7PlayStation 2*8.3/1083%
The Fast and the FuriousPlayStation 2*6.6/1066%
Scarface: The World is YoursXbox*8.7/1087%
Scarface: The World is YoursPlayStation 2*8.7/1087%
Scarface: The World is YoursWindows*8.7/1087%
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07Xbox*8.5/1085%
Rainbow Islands - RevolutionNintendo DS*5/1050%
Mortal Kombat: ArmageddonPlayStation 2*8.5/1085%
Mortal Kombat: ArmageddonXbox*8.5/1085%
Mercury MeltdownPlayStation Portable*8.5/1085%
Dawn of War – Dark CrusadeWindows*8.7/1087%
Splinter Cell: Double AgentPlayStation 2*8.7/1087%
Nacho LibreNintendo DS*4/1040%
Splinter Cell: Double AgentXbox*9/1090%
Need for Speed Carbon - Own the CityPlayStation Portable*7/1070%
Warhammer – Mark of ChaosWindows*8/1080%
Medieval II: Total WarWindows*8.8/1088%
Resistance: Fall of ManPlayStation 3*9.1/1091%
Tony Hawk's Project 8PlayStation 2*6.3/1063%
Viva PiñataXbox 360*8.5/1085%
Tony Hawk's Project 8Xbox*6.3/1063%
NBA '07PlayStation 3*7.8/1078%
Marvel: Ultimate AllianceGame Boy Advance*2/1020%
Yoshi's Island DSNintendo DS*8/1080%
Trauma Center: Second OpinionWii*8/1080%
Wii SportsWii*7.5/1075%
SingStar Rocks!PlayStation 2*5.3/1053%
NHL 2K7PlayStation 3*8.6/1086%
Ridge Racer 7PlayStation 3*8.2/1082%
Phantasy Star UniverseWindows*5.5/1055%
Nicktoons - Battle for Volcano IslandNintendo DS*5.5/1055%
Left Behind: Eternal ForcesWindows*5.9/1059%
Super Monkey Ball: Banana BlitzWii*8.4/1084%
Strawberry Shortcake: The Sweet Dreams GamePlayStation 2*5.1/1051%
Tom and Jerry TalesGame Boy Advance*4.5/1045%
NFL Street 3PlayStation 2*8/1080%
Need for Speed CarbonPlayStation 3*7.9/1079%
Pocketbike RacerXbox*4/1040%
Untold Legends: Dark KingdomPlayStation 3*6.5/1065%
Sneak KingXbox*6.7/1067%
Marvel: Ultimate AlliancePlayStation 3*7.9/1079%
Sega Genesis CollectionPlayStation 2*8.6/1086%
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07PlayStation 3*8.3/1083%
Tony Hawk's Downhill JamWii*7/1070%
Rainbow Six: VegasXbox 360*9.3/1093%
Rayman Raving RabbidsWii*8.3/1083%
Madden NFL 07PlayStation 3*8.3/1083%
NBA 2K7PlayStation 3*8.5/1085%
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight PrincessWii*9.5/1095%
Mobile Suit Gundam: Target in SightPlayStation 3*3.2/1032%
Madden NFL 07Wii*8.5/1085%
SpongeBob SquarePants - Creature From the Krusty KrabGame Boy Advance*7/1070%
Red SteelWii*6/1060%
NFL Street 3PlayStation Portable*7.3/1073%
Star Trek: Tactical AssaultPlayStation Portable*6.4/1064%
Star Trek: Tactical AssaultNintendo DS*6/1060%
ThrillvillePlayStation Portable*7.5/1075%
Winx Club: Quest For The CodexGame Boy Advance*4.5/1045%
Uno 52Game Boy Advance*7/1070%
Summon Night: Craft Sword Monogatari 2Game Boy Advance*8.5/1085%
KonductraNintendo DS*6.5/1065%
SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs: Combined AssaultPlayStation 2*8/1080%
The Grim Adventures of Billy & MandyGame Boy Advance*5/1050%
Sonic RivalsPlayStation Portable*7.4/1074%
The Sims 2 PetsGame Boy Advance*6.5/1065%
Splinter Cell: Double AgentWindows*9/1090%
Naruto: Uzumaki ChroniclesPlayStation 2*6.8/1068%
Superman Returns: The VideogameXbox*5/1050%
NRA Gun ClubPlayStation 2*1.5/1015%
Superman Returns: The VideogamePlayStation 2*4.8/1048%
Rapala Tournament FishingWii*3/1030%
Xiaolin ShowdownXbox*6/1060%
Neverwinter Nights 2Windows*8.5/1085%
Strawberry Shortcake: Strawberryland GamesNintendo DS*5/1050%
Marvel: Ultimate AlliancePlayStation Portable*8.1/1081%
Need for Speed Carbon - Own the CityNintendo DS*7.5/1075%
Monster 4X4 World CircuitWii*4.8/1048%
Sonic the HedgehogXbox 360*4.8/1048%
The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth II - The Rise of the Witch-kingWindows*8/1080%
Mind QuizPlayStation Portable*4.6/1046%
WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2007PlayStation 2*8/1080%
Phantasy Star UniverseXbox 360*6.4/1064%
Tony Hawk's Downhill JamGame Boy Advance*6/1060%
SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo 2PlayStation Portable*8/1080%
Phantasy Star UniversePlayStation 2*6.6/1066%
The Sims 2 PetsNintendo DS*5.1/1051%
Lumines IIPlayStation Portable*9/1090%
Tony Hawk's Project 8Xbox 360*7.8/1078%
Justice League HeroesNintendo DS*4.4/1044%
Tony Hawk's Project 8PlayStation 3*7/1070%
Madden NFL 07Game Boy Advance*7.5/1075%
My Frogger Toy TrialsNintendo DS*7.5/1075%
WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2007Xbox 360*8/1080%
Need for Speed Carbon - Own the CityGame Boy Advance*7/1070%
Marvel: Ultimate AllianceWii*6.5/1065%
Flight Simulator XWindows*7/1070%
Spider-Man - Battle for New YorkGame Boy Advance*4.5/1045%
Xiaolin ShowdownPlayStation 2*6/1060%
Xiaolin ShowdownPlayStation Portable*6/1060%
Rampage: Total DestructionWii*4/1040%
Tomb Raider: LegendGameCube*8/1080%
Star Trek: LegacyWindows*5.9/1059%
Mercury Meltdown RemixPlayStation 2*6.8/1068%
Tomb Raider: LegendGame Boy Advance*5.5/1055%
Star Wars: Lethal AllianceNintendo DS*4.5/1045%
Shrek - Smash n' Crash RacingGame Boy Advance*5/1050%
March of the PenguinsGame Boy Advance*4.5/1045%
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight PrincessGameCube*9.5/1095%
Rainbow Six: VegasWindows*8.4/1084%
Tomb Raider: LegendNintendo DS*6.1/1061%
LemmingsPlayStation 3*7.5/1075%
Shrek Smash n' Crash RacingPlayStation 2*5.9/1059%
Equestrian ChallengePlayStation 2*6.6/1066%
Justice League: HeroesPlayStation Portable*6/1060%
Micro Machines V4Nintendo DS*5.7/1057%
Sega Genesis CollectionPlayStation Portable*8.5/1085%
Metal Slug AnthologyWii*7.2/1072%
Star Trek: LegacyXbox 360*7/1070%
Pimp my RideXbox 360*2.9/1029%
Super Swing GolfWii*7.3/1073%
Pimp My RidePlayStation 2*2.2/1022%
Monster BomberNintendo DS*4.5/1045%
Secret Files: TunguskaWindows*7.6/1076%
Space Empires VWindows*6.6/1066%
Metal Gear Solid Portable OpsPlayStation Portable*9/1090%
World Racing 2Xbox*4.5/1045%
The Grim Adventures of Billy & MandyWii*6.8/1068%
Kirby Squeak SquadNintendo DS*7.8/1078%
WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2007PlayStation Portable*7.8/1078%
Need for Speed CarbonWii*7.4/1074%
Wildlife Park 2Windows*6.1/1061%
Wario's WoodsWii*8/1080%
RoboBlitzXbox 360*7/1070%
PlatypusPlayStation Portable*5/1050%
Mario Bros.Nintendo Entertainment System*4.5/1045%
Pocket RacersPlayStation Portable*4.4/1044%
Mortal Kombat UnchainedPlayStation Portable*7/1070%
Mile High PinballN-Gage*7.9/1079%
Rugby 06Xbox*8.3/1083%
Street Fighter Alpha 3 MaxPlayStation Portable*8.3/1083%
Rugby 06PlayStation 2*8.3/1083%
Midway Arcade Treasures: Extended PlayPlayStation Portable*6/1060%
TOCA Race Driver 3PlayStation 2*8.7/1087%
TOCA Race Driver 3Xbox*8.7/1087%
Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under PressureXbox*7/1070%
Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under PressurePlayStation 2*7/1070%
Star Wars: Empire at WarWindows*7.6/1076%
Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under PressureWindows*7/1070%
Rainbow Six: LockdownWindows*6.5/1065%
Shrek SuperSlamNintendo DS*4.5/1045%
Sonic RidersGameCube*6.2/1062%
Super Princess PeachNintendo DS*7.8/1078%
Sonic RidersXbox*6.2/1062%
Sonic RidersPlayStation 2*6.2/1062%
Super Monkey Ball : Touch & RollNintendo DS*6.5/1065%
Gundam: True OdysseyPlayStation 2*6.2/1062%
MX Vs ATV Unleashed - On The EdgePlayStation Portable*8.3/1083%
MLB 06: The ShowPlayStation 2*8/1080%
Tales of PhantasiaGame Boy Advance*7.5/1075%
Virtual Skipper 4Windows*6.8/1068%
The Rub Rabbits!Nintendo DS*8/1080%
Pro Evolution Soccer 5PlayStation Portable*7.8/1078%
Pro Evolution Soccer 5Xbox*8.8/1088%
Pro Evolution Soccer 5PlayStation 2*8.8/1088%
Resident Evil: Deadly SilenceNintendo DS*7/1070%
Tamagotchi no PuchiPuchi OmisecchiNintendo DS*6/1060%
Tales of LegendiaPlayStation 2*7.7/1077%
Mutant Storm ReloadedXbox 360*7.5/1075%
MLB 06: The ShowPlayStation Portable*8.3/1083%
Syphon Filter: Dark MirrorPlayStation Portable*9.3/1093%
Metal Gear Solid 3: SubsistencePlayStation 2*9.8/1098%
Let's Ride! Silver Buckle StablesPlayStation 2*5.5/1055%
Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the ImperfectsPlayStation Portable*6.1/1061%
Pac-Man World 3Nintendo DS*4/1040%
The OutfitXbox 360*6.9/1069%
Ghost Recon: Advanced WarfighterXbox*6/1060%
Mega Man Powered UpPlayStation Portable*8.2/1082%
Tetris DSNintendo DS*9/1090%
Tycoon City: New YorkWindows*7/1070%
The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth IIWindows*9/1090%
The Godfather: The GameXbox*7.9/1079%
Tao's Adventure: Curse of the Demon SealNintendo DS*4/1040%
The GodfatherPlayStation 2*7.9/1079%
Metroid Prime: HuntersNintendo DS*9/1090%
Metal Gear Ac!d²PlayStation Portable*7.7/1077%
Gensou Suikoden VPlayStation 2*8.2/1082%
The Elder Scrolls IV: OblivionXbox 360*9.3/1093%
The Elder Scrolls IV: OblivionWindows*9.3/1093%
Samurai Warriors - State of WarPlayStation Portable*5.8/1058%
Worms: Open WarfarePlayStation Portable*7/1070%
Worms: Open WarfareNintendo DS*6/1060%
Warship Gunner 2PlayStation 2*7/1070%
RF OnlineWindows*5.5/1055%
Kingdom Hearts IIPlayStation 2*7.6/1076%
Me & My KatamariPlayStation Portable*7.6/1076%
Rumble Roses XXXbox 360*6.5/1065%
Splinter Cell: EssentialsPlayStation Portable*6.3/1063%
Shin Onimusha: Dawn of DreamsPlayStation 2*8.8/1088%
Pursuit ForcePlayStation Portable*8.4/1084%
Street SupremacyPlayStation Portable*2.5/1025%
Untold Legends: The Warrior's CodePlayStation Portable*6.9/1069%
Rebel Raiders: Operation NighthawkPlayStation 2*5/1050%
Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45Windows*8.5/1085%
Ghost Recon: Advanced WarfighterPlayStation 2*3.7/1037%
Shadow Hearts: From the New WorldPlayStation 2*7.8/1078%
Ghost Recon: Advanced WarfighterXbox 360*9.2/1092%
Naruto: Clash of NinjaGameCube*7.8/1078%
Rainbow Six Critical HourXbox*6/1060%
Real World GolfPlayStation 2*7.9/1079%
Major League Baseball 2K6Xbox 360*7/1070%
Samurai Champloo: SidetrackedPlayStation 2*7.2/1072%
Real World GolfXbox*7.9/1079%
The King of Fighters NeoWaveXbox*6.8/1068%
The Da Vinci Code: The Quest BeginsMobile phone*5/1050%
Monster Rancher EvoPlayStation 2*6.5/1065%
Top Spin 2Game Boy Advance*6/1060%
Major League Baseball 2K6PlayStation Portable*6.7/1067%
Rampage: Total DestructionPlayStation 2*5/1050%
Rampage: Total DestructionGameCube*5/1050%
OutRun2006: Coast 2 CoastXbox*7.3/1073%
Winback 2: Project PoseidonXbox*4.4/1044%
OutRun2006: Coast 2 CoastPlayStation 2*7.3/1073%
OutRun2006: Coast 2 CoastPlayStation Portable*7.3/1073%
WinBack 2: Project PoseidonPlayStation 2*4.4/1044%
World Poker TourPlayStation Portable*7/1070%
LostMagicNintendo DS*6.5/1065%
Top Spin 2Xbox 360*7.8/1078%
Major League Baseball 2K6Xbox*7.3/1073%
Major League Baseball 2K6PlayStation 2*7.3/1073%
Top Spin 2Nintendo DS*4/1040%
NBA Ballers: PhenomXbox*7.9/1079%
NBA Ballers: PhenomPlayStation 2*7.9/1079%
Tomb Raider: LegendWindows*8.2/1082%
Tomb Raider: LegendPlayStation 2*8/1080%
Tomb Raider: LegendXbox*8.2/1082%
Tomb Raider: LegendXbox 360*8.2/1082%
Viewtiful Joe Red Hot RumblePlayStation Portable*6.4/1064%
Monster 4X4 World CircuitXbox*4.2/1042%
X-Men: The Official GameNintendo DS*5.7/1057%
Ghost Recon: Advanced WarfighterWindows*8.1/1081%
X-Men: The Official GameXbox*5.9/1059%
X-Men: The Official GamePlayStation 2*5.9/1059%
LemmingsPlayStation Portable*7.8/1078%
X-Men: The Official GameGameCube*5.9/1059%
Rise of LegendsWindows*8.2/1082%
Naruto: Ninja CouncilGame Boy Advance*6.5/1065%
UnoXbox 360*7.7/1077%
NBA Ballers: ReboundPlayStation Portable*7.4/1074%
The Da Vinci CodeWindows*4.5/1045%
The Da Vinci CodeXbox*4.8/1048%
The Da Vinci CodePlayStation 2*4.8/1048%
SiN Episodes: EmergenceWindows*8/1080%
Rogue TrooperXbox*8/1080%
Over the HedgeXbox*6.5/1065%
Metal SagaPlayStation 2*7/1070%
Over the HedgePlayStation 2*6.5/1065%
Rogue TrooperPlayStation 2*8/1080%
Over the HedgeGameCube*6.5/1065%
Teen TitansGameCube*6/1060%
The Hustle: Detroit StreetsXbox*7/1070%
Teen TitansPlayStation 2*6/1060%
The Elder Scrolls IV: OblivionMobile phone*8.4/1084%
Monster Hunter FreedomPlayStation Portable*7.7/1077%
Kao the Kangaroo Round 2GameCube*5.5/1055%
Top GunNintendo DS*5/1050%
SpellForce 2: Shadow WarsWindows*8.4/1084%
Kaido BattlePlayStation 2*4.5/1045%
LuminesMobile phone*8.8/1088%
Over the HedgeNintendo DS*8.2/1082%
New Super Mario Bros.Nintendo DS*9.5/1095%
Stacked with Daniel NegreanuXbox*4.8/1048%
Urban Chaos: Riot ResponsePlayStation 2*7.9/1079%
Urban Chaos: Riot ResponseXbox*7.9/1079%
MLB SlugFest 2006Xbox*6.5/1065%
The Secrets of Da Vinci: The Forbidden ManuscriptWindows*7.1/1071%
Mega Man Battle Network 6: Cybeast GregarGame Boy Advance*5.5/1055%
Rise & Fall: Civilizations at WarWindows*6/1060%
Mega Man Battle Network 6: Cybeast FalzarGame Boy Advance*5.5/1055%
Street Fighter Alpha AnthologyPlayStation 2*8/1080%
Metal Gear Solid: Digital Graphic NovelPlayStation Portable*8.3/1083%
Major League Baseball 2K6GameCube*7/1070%
Miss Spider: Harvest Time Hop and FlyNintendo DS*4/1040%
Tomb Raider: LegendPlayStation Portable*7.2/1072%
Rome: Total War: AlexanderWindows*8/1080%
NFL Head CoachXbox*7.2/1072%
Sudoku GridmasterNintendo DS*6/1060%
MotoGP 4PlayStation 2*7/1070%
Titan QuestWindows*8.1/1081%
Romancing SaGaPlayStation 2*6.5/1065%
Rush for BerlinWindows*8/1080%
Micro Machines V4PlayStation 2*7/1070%
Micro Machines V4PlayStation Portable*7/1070%
Naruto: Ultimate NinjaPlayStation 2*7.5/1075%
Gorky 02: Aurora WatchingWindows*4/1040%
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Legend of Jack SparrowPlayStation 2*5.5/1055%
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's ChestNintendo DS*6/1060%
Juiced EliminatorPlayStation Portable*7/1070%
MagneticaNintendo DS*8/1080%
Rogue TrooperWindows*8/1080%
MotoGP '06Xbox 360*8.4/1084%
Point Blank DSNintendo DS*7/1070%
MTX: MototraxPlayStation Portable*7.2/1072%
PreyXbox 360*9/1090%
Night WatchWindows*6/1060%
NCAA Football 07Xbox*8.7/1087%
Valkyrie Profile: LennethPlayStation Portable*8.5/1085%
NCAA Football 07PlayStation 2*8.7/1087%
Super Dragon Ball ZPlayStation 2*7.4/1074%
Monster HousePlayStation 2*6.8/1068%
Monster HouseNintendo DS*5.5/1055%
Tekken Dark ResurrectionPlayStation Portable*9.2/1092%
Xpand RallyWindows*8/1080%
Orcs & ElvesMobile phone*8.4/1084%
Super Robot Taisen: Original GenerationGame Boy Advance*6.5/1065%
X-Men: The Official GameGame Boy Advance*5/1050%
Sprint Cars: Road to KnoxvillePlayStation 2*5/1050%
Civilization IV: WarlordsWindows*8.4/1084%
Over GXbox 360*6.1/1061%
Nicktoons Unite!Nintendo DS*5/1050%
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's ChestPlayStation Portable*6/1060%
The Tower SPGame Boy Advance*6.5/1065%
Summon Night: Craft Sword MonogatariGame Boy Advance*8/1080%
The Ant BullyGameCube*5.5/1055%
Monster HouseGameCube*6.8/1068%
Ninety-Nine NightsXbox 360*5.6/1056%
The Ant BullyGame Boy Advance*4.5/1045%
Sword of the StarsWindows*7.7/1077%
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Legend of Jack SparrowWindows*5/1050%
Painkiller: Hell WarsXbox*5.2/1052%
Madden NFL 07Xbox 360*8.5/1085%
LarryBoy and the Bad ApplePlayStation 2*4.8/1048%
Madden NFL 07PlayStation 2*8.3/1083%
Madden NFL 07Xbox*8.3/1083%
Madden NFL 07PlayStation Portable*8/1080%
Madden NFL 07Windows*8.3/1083%
Madden NFL 07GameCube*8.3/1083%
Sonic JumpMobile phone*5/1050%
Madden NFL 07Nintendo DS*6/1060%
Star Fox CommandNintendo DS*8/1080%
One Piece: Grand AdventureGameCube*7.8/1078%
Tenchu: Dark SecretNintendo DS*3.5/1035%
Saints RowXbox 360*8.5/1085%
Ultimate Ghosts 'n GoblinsPlayStation Portable*8.6/1086%
Xenosaga Episode III: Also sprach ZarathustraPlayStation 2*8/1080%
Super Monkey Ball AdventureGameCube*4.8/1048%
Super Monkey Ball AdventurePlayStation 2*4.8/1048%
World War II Combat: Iwo JimaXbox*3/1030%
Pac-ManXbox 360*6.5/1065%
NHL 07Xbox 360*8.7/1087%
NHL 07Xbox*8/1080%
NHL 07PlayStation 2*8/1080%
MechAssault: Phantom WarNintendo DS*7/1070%
LEGO Star Wars II: The Original TrilogyGame Boy Advance*7.8/1078%
ProStroke Golf: World Tour 2007PlayStation 2*7/1070%
Black BuccaneerPlayStation 2*5/1050%
Payout: Poker & CasinoPlayStation Portable*4/1040%
Mario Slam BasketballNintendo DS*6.8/1068%
LEGO Star Wars II: The Original TrilogyPlayStation Portable*8/1080%
NHL 2K7Xbox 360*8.9/1089%
NHL 2K7Xbox*8.3/1083%
Rengoku II: The Stairway to HeavenPlayStation Portable*5.9/1059%
Rapala TrophiesPlayStation Portable*7/1070%
Just CauseXbox 360*6.8/1068%
Just CauseXbox*6.8/1068%
Just CausePlayStation 2*5.5/1055%
NHL 07PlayStation Portable*7.9/1079%
LEGO Star Wars II: The Original TrilogyNintendo DS*3.5/1035%
Monster HouseGame Boy Advance*7/1070%
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's ChestGame Boy Advance*7/1070%
Samurai Warriors 2PlayStation 2*5.8/1058%
World Series of Poker: Tournament of Champions - 2007 EditionPlayStation 2*7.2/1072%
Samurai Warriors 2Xbox 360*5.5/1055%
One Piece: Pirates' CarnivalPlayStation 2*4.5/1045%
One Piece: Pirates' CarnivalGameCube*4.5/1045%
NBA 2K7Xbox 360*8.3/1083%
Naruto: Clash of Ninja 2GameCube*8.2/1082%
Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the MinisNintendo DS*7/1070%
Valkyrie Profile 2: SilmeriaPlayStation 2*8.5/1085%
Open SeasonNintendo DS*7/1070%
NBA 2K7PlayStation 2*8.7/1087%
NBA 2K7Xbox*8.8/1088%
Open SeasonGame Boy Advance*7.5/1075%
Perimeter: Emperor's TestamentWindows*7.6/1076%
YakuzaPlayStation 2*8.2/1082%
LocoRocoPlayStation Portable*9/1090%
Street Racing SyndicateGame Boy Advance*5.5/1055%
LEGO Star Wars II: The Original TrilogyWindows*8/1080%
LEGO Star Wars II: The Original TrilogyXbox*8.4/1084%
ProStroke Golf: World Tour 2007Xbox*7/1070%
Test Drive UnlimitedXbox 360*8/1080%
LEGO Star Wars II: The Original TrilogyPlayStation 2*8.4/1084%
LEGO Star Wars II: The Original TrilogyXbox 360*8.4/1084%
LEGO Star Wars II: The Original TrilogyGameCube*8.4/1084%
NASCAR 07Xbox*7.5/1075%
Mega Man ZXNintendo DS*8.2/1082%
NASCAR 07PlayStation 2*7.5/1075%
Battle of EuropeWindows*5.4/1054%
Pocketbike RacerXbox 360*4.5/1045%
Race Driver 2006PlayStation Portable*8.5/1085%
RushPlayStation Portable*5.2/1052%
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3Xbox 360*7/1070%
Absolute MinesweeperMobile phone*7/1070%
American Dragon - Jake LongNintendo DS*6.5/1065%
ATV Offroad FuryMobile phone*6.6/1066%
Backyard Baseball 2007Windows*2/1020%
Blades of Thunder 2Nintendo DS*4.5/1045%
The Ant BullyPlayStation 2*5.5/1055%
The Ant BullyWindows*5.5/1055%
Flying ToasterMobile phone*4.8/1048%
Break 'Em AllNintendo DS*6.5/1065%
Cabela's African SafariWindows*7.3/1073%
Coffee TycoonWindows*4/1040%
CSI: 3 Dimensions of MurderWindows*8.6/1086%
D1 Professional Drift Grand Prix SeriesPlayStation 2*3.7/1037%
The Godfather: The GameWindows*7.9/1079%
The Godfather: The GameXbox 360*7.9/1079%
The Godfather Mob WarsPlayStation Portable*6.2/1062%
Danny Phantom: Urban JungleNintendo DS*6/1060%
Darkest FearMobile phone*8.7/1087%
Bratz: Forever DiamondzNintendo DS*4.5/1045%
Clubhouse GamesNintendo DS*8.5/1085%
Mage Knight - Destiny's SoldierNintendo DS*6.5/1065%
IGPXPlayStation 2*5.7/1057%
Kao ChallengersPlayStation Portable*6/1060%
Kao the Kangaroo Round 2Windows*5.5/1055%
Sneak KingXbox 360*6.7/1067%
Sexy Poker 2006Mobile phone*6.9/1069%
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07Xbox 360*8.5/1085%
The Sopranos Road To RespectPlayStation 2*4.5/1045%
TOCA Race Driver 3Windows*8.7/1087%
Texas Hold'Em Poker DSNintendo DS*6/1060%
Steambot ChroniclesPlayStation 2*7.3/1073%
Super Monkey Ball AdventurePlayStation Portable*4.8/1048%
First BattalionWindows*6.5/1065%
BeatmaniaPlayStation 2*6/1060%
Ford Bold Moves Street RacingWindows*3.5/1035%
Heroes of Might and Magic VWindows*7.8/1078%