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Note (2022): I've not been very active here as my interests have moved heavily towards tabletop RPGs for various reasons and this is likely to continue.

- Name: M.K.A.
- Born: 1983-05
- Location: Europe/Nordic
- Occupation: unemployed
- Formal education: unfinished upper secondary, unfinished information technology degree

- I am not politically correct. Do not ask me to be.
- I call most desktop computers PCs (such as Windows, Mac, DOS, Linux/BSD, Amiga, and others), since that's what they are.
- Joined UVL sometime in ~2007-04
- I use cracks and other methods to circumvent copy protection in games I own (because they cause problems for me as a legitimate owner), and I frown upon the use of CP/DRM. Get over it.

Accounts elsewhere:
- Steam

- Win 10 ... Ryzen 9 3900X, RTX 2080 Ti, 64 GB RAM, etc.
- PlayStation 3 ... Nordic
- PlayStation 2 ... SCPH-39003
- Some smartphone

Earlier platforms: (owned or had access to at home)
- PC [Win7] ... Phenom II X4 965 @ 3.4 GHz, GeForce GTX760/2 GiB, 16 GiB RAM
- LG G3 and Huawei T1 Mediapad 10 (Android), formerly SGS2
- GNU/Linux (2.6, Gentoo distro)
- Amiga (500?)
- Amstrad (with green monochromatic screen)
- Commodore 64

For any other platforms, I either have played the games at friends' or used emulators.

Favourite tags:
... bleak/serious, non-human/alien protagonist, coop, and many others.

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Possible ideas:
* http://www.uvlist.net/forum/thread/28679 Outdated software/hardware

General tasks:
* Add and invent more tags
* Check pc.ign.com/index/release.html for games missing from UVL

* jpdb.appspot.com/
* www.cozychinese.com/convert/
* /test/gametitles/ - UVL's own mass game title checker

Never or barely ever seen concepts
This for me to track some concepts that I haven't seen yet (in decent quantity or at all, or outside of specific niche cases).

* Freeform shape-shifting with possibly some user defined fast forms; partial shape-shifting
* Killing enemies is detrimental or not killing them is (more) beneficial
... happens in harder difficulties of some stealth games (Thief series notably) where it provokes instant failure, but other than that none.
* Player controls a swarm, or player is part of a swarm.
* Naturalistic sci-fi / far future setting
* Unrestricted inventory/equipment that shows on characters
... currently the most we have is restricted inventory/equipment showing on them. backpacks don't exist nor do they gain/lose size/shape with carried items.
* Restoratives being detrimental
... ever imagine the hyper-regenerative traits of healing potions causing mutations or fantastic cancer growths?
* Permanent things: metamorphosis, scarring, etc.
* Realism: imperfect healing, etc.
* SimEarth-like game in smaller scale and much tighter timeframe. Garden/forest/wilderness simulator if you will.
* Sub-commanders that manage tactics in strategy games (where you can actually see their work; essentially delegating tactics to them). Currently games only have commanders that just give bonuses to their underlings but do not do any tactical planning/commanding.
* Support structures in player constructed buildings, with the thing they support collapsing if the support is damaged/destroyed at a later time.
* Abnormal player characters, such as anything with (usable) tentacles, insectoids, legless beings (e.g. naga), and so forth.
* Historical or fantasy setting games that actually uses the setting properly with people not having modern views on many follies that came naturally then (superstition, misinformation, lack of generic education, lack of exposure to foreign things [as people nowadays have through TV, radio, internet, comics, books, etc.], and so forth).
* Disabled protagonist - stuck in a wheelchair, missing an arm, or something like that.
* Climbing on characters - as an example, Cortex Command mod that adds it to the game: forums.datarealms.com/viewtopic.php?f=61&t=25493 Dragon's Dogma allows this in freeform as is on larger enemies.
* Non combat oriented RPGs
* Mech sims on PC (seems to have all been pushed to consoles and turned into plain action games)
* Humans not being the only species willing to bend customs/tradition to allow inter-species diplomacy to work (humans are not the only ones capable of diplomacy)
* Lack of "generic" enemies; that is, all enemies are "unique individuals", even the ones the player would have hard time distinguishing. Not just randomizing various bits and pieces of them to make them look unique even though they aren't.
* Super rare actually being super rare. If the setting claims it's a super rare, the player's party of 6 shouldn't be armed to teeth with such things at any point.
* Moderate/low power curve of equipment (steep curve is pretty much the norm)
* Tasks timing out (realistically). Such as simple job to hunt boars for food won't last more than a day or two unless it's a repeatable quest for keeping the place stocked with them.
* Task competition. Other characters (NPCs) also perform the various tasks the player could, so tasks "time out" simply because someone did them before the player, this mainly in a way that the player can observe it happening instead of variation of above where it claims someone else did it after the timer runs out.
* Life sim with manual labor. Such as playing as a maid in a manor where the player must perform various tasks in timely manner and interact with other residents of the place, would require performing various "dreary" tasks repeatedly such as making beds, cleaning, etc. Managing time spent in them.
* Realistic inventory/hauling. Such as needing (optional really) to drop all or part of your inventory to perform certain actions, such as combat. Mainly in the manner of dropping off your backpack or some larger bag. Including alternate ways to haul stuff, such as using ropes to drag a heavy backpack up a cliff instead of trying to climb with it on you. This may exist as combination of luggage and overburdening, but not reliably so (inventory affecting stamina via weight or such is likely required).
* Proper camping, where camps are not just made up on the spot and vanish into thin air. Camps actually last and are needed to last for longer periods as the player needs to return to them and stores part of their equipment there (such as cooking supplies) while doing something in the vicinity (dungeon crawling, hunting, etc.).
* Protagonist having poor control over their powers, such as pyrokinetic/pyromancer starting random fires around themselves even when not actively using (or even considering using) their powers.
* Non-standard color use: explosive things are not red, poisonous things are not green, magic is not blue, and so forth.
* Shops do not buy garbage blindly.
* Characters do not hold their weapons in constant readiness, lowering them when not trying to shoot or hit someone with them (especially in first person games)
* Gun safety lock and misfiring (Receiver has gun safety but no misfiring)
* NPCs with long memory. So you can't make a disturbance to distract an NPC, and then once they finish checking it out, create another disturbance for exactly same effect (besides NPC entering some alert state). NPCs also remembering your earlier actions and behaving accordingly and recognizing "chaotic" behaviour.
* Non-traditional health system. Anything where health isn't just a pool of hit points. Dwarf Fortress is probably currently the only one to do this.
* Any need to balance something or the best values being something besides the extremes. For the most part, any values or such are always beneficial to put in one of the two extreme ends, either minimized or maxed, but rarely there's some "sweet spot" somewhere else along the line (e.g. you have a value that runs from 1 to 100 and some sweet spot is found at around 65).

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