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Large slow rodents with a defensive coat of sharp spines or quills. Not hedgehogs or echidnas. Wild ones live to be about 18, pets as long as 23.


The first video game about Porcupines was released on August 11, 1987.

Electronic Arts and Wolf Team has published most of these games

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Porcupines are found naturally in North America, Europe, India, They have a wide massive but short tail with spikes on it that they can swish around and swat attackers with. Generally only their back half and tail are spiked or all their spikes point backward when resting. Their spikes point backward until their raise them. The porcupines can not 'point' their spikes but only raising them from a relaxed position to a defensive position. Porcupine spikes are barbed and detach easily upon skewering attackers. They are shed and regrown continuously and individually. They birth live young. Porcupines yawn. They have teeth. They do not have a pointy face. They are very mellow and easy going.