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People who employ esoteric knowledge in arts of martial combat and possibly outside of it, while also being fully competent in more mundane methods of fighting.


Alternate names: Warrior Monks, Fighter Mages, Battlemages
Name variations: battle mages

The first video game about Warrior-Mystics was released in 1994.

Illwinter Game Design, Tomy and Sega has published most of these games

Generally these are the jack-of-all-trades, removing the need to have separate mage and fighter characters or simply making the warrior mystic seem more impressive. Bards or similar are in some settings depicted as warrior mages though as a more casual variant. Usually any that don't use the mystical knowledge to fling fireballs and such and be squishy but rather actual warriors with magical knowledge, who bolster their already formidable physical traits with magic, chi, or such.

* Warrior Monks (usually just called plain "monks") inspired by Asian monks (e.g. Shaolin) who train in martial arts like many others there, commonly employ knowledge of chi and some more mundane things.
* Jedi and Sith in Star Wars, employ the Force in addition to mundane fighting arts.
* Adepts in Shadowrun

In case the protagonist is among these, just tag them with both warrior and mystic protagonist tags.