NPC occupations

Creatures theme

BardsMusical and poetic entertainers who in fiction often are skilled fighters and in some instances even adepts at magical arts. Often depicted as swashbuckling heroes and jacks-of-all-trades.1998 / 201935 games
ClownsIncludes clowns in a traditional or an untraditional role.1982 / 201753 games
CourtesansEntertainers who, especially the female ones, later became known primarily for their sexual services rather than the artistic ones they also provided in abundance. Commonly only in service of the the better social classes, but also the wealthy.1984 / 20083 games
Firefighters1980 / 201239 games
Gangsters1984 / 201169 games
HackersA technically minded group good at rearrange things, often computer code, to work to their's or a clients advantage in a more useful of efficient way.1993 / 201533 games
KnightsMedieval nobles serving as soldiers of higher rank and often of better training, usually depicted dressed in full platemail or lighter armor with decorative tunic over it.1975 / 2018137 games
MercenariesFreelancers hired to be tough for a living, go to war, apprehend wanted people, kill the enemy in battle, protect/escort, & generally do jobs with life & death risk1989 / 201865 games
Minstrels1995 / 20114 games
MysticsIncludes wizards, shamans or other characters whose occupation delves into the mystical realm.1975 / 2018546 games
NecromancersMystics dabbling into arcane or esoteric knowledge of death and the dead; commonly perceived as inherently evil or malevolent occupation.1994 / 201770 games
NinjaIncludes stealthy assassins, saboteurs, spies, or scouts of Japanese origin who are skilled in martial arts, especial alternative arts of war.1983 / 2019434 games
OutlawsIncludes mostly unorganized outlaws or others who partake in criminal activities (or behaves like one in a place with no laws to mark them as outlaws).1984 / 2018286 games
PiratesIncludes pirates of any kind1978 / 2019384 games
ProstitutesIndividuals of who perform sexual acts in exchange for currency or barter.1985 / 201675 games
RaidersIncludes people who raid. Pillaging and plundering their targets and vacating the premises before help arrives.1989 / 201636 games
SamuraiInvolves members of the pre-industrial Japanese warrior caste, called samurai.1980 / 201759 games
ScientistsPeople who perform research, regardless of method.1997 / 201688 games
SoldiersIncludes grunts of some more or less organized military force.1981 / 2017137 games
ThievesCriminals who perform theft while maintaining secrecy and concealing their identity or otherwise attempting to do it completely without notice before they're long gone.1982 / 201635 games
Warrior-MysticsPeople who employ esoteric knowledge in arts of martial combat and possibly outside of it, while also being fully competent in more mundane methods of fighting.1994 / 201420 games
WitchesStereotypical witch is a female hermit with warts and green skin who curses, flies on a broom and brews potions in a cauldron.1985 / 201777 games