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Player encounters enemies that attack at such extreme range that they may be unable to retaliate.


Alternate name: Sharpshooters

The first video game about Snipers was released on October 28, 2003.

Warner Bros. Interactive, Microsoft Game Studios and Space Bullet Dynamics Corporation has published most of these games

In case you were looking for sniper rifles or similar, see: precision rifles, bows, and crossbows.

This is regardless what weapon the enemy uses, which means that they may be attacking with rocket launchers for all we know.

This should not be used in games where player encounters snipers that attack at medium or short range only, no matter how much they're called snipers. Only when they attack at ranges that exceed the player's ability to retaliate. Though this rule can be ignored in cases where player can use sniper rifles themselves in such situations, effectively negating the issue of range. Also, shooters that are simply hiding from sight (e.g. heavy camouflage) should not be included either.


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