Creatures entity

Includes NPCS, monsters or others that re-animate, resurrect or otherwise restore to life opponents you've already vanquished.


Alternate name: Resurrectors

The first video game about Re-animators was released on May 5, 1994.

Blizzard Entertainment, Blizzard and id Software has published most of these games

See also: spawners/summoners (when this happens without needing someone to have died)

* Resuscitation
* NPC generators

This does not include necromancers or such that turn corpses of fallen beings into something else, as they functionally are closer to spawners/summoners except for the need for something external to them to be around (be it corpses, plants to animate, or such).
Usually something like necromancers who re-animate the dead over and over again, but can have equivalents for others.

Depending how efficient they are, this may introduce a game mechanic that encourages players to destroy corpses.