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Features legless animals that biologists call worms (but not caterpillars, or legged insects)


Alternate names: Annelide, Leeches, Nematodes

The first video game about Worms was released in 1982.

Ocean, THQ and Ubi Soft has published most of these games

"Worm" is commonly used in biology to refer to a large variety's of animals, not just annelids, earthworms, and bristle worms. Flatworms, tapeworms, nematodes, hookworms, threadworms, roundworms, eelworm, guinea worms, and even some insect larva are called "worms". They are not limited to living in soil, water and inside other animals are common places for worms to live.

Most people are referring to an insect or a very unworm-like insect larva when they use the term "bookworm". Worm Protagonist does not apply in this case unless the character in the game is obviously portrayed as a worm and not an insect, despite being called a bookworm. Ringworm is actually a [[gametag:fungus fungus]] and not at all worm-like, so this tag is not for them either. Caterpillars, including inchworms and silkworms, have legs, and thus not worm-like, they are [[gametag:invertebrates invertebrates]] and [[gametag:insects insects]]. No legs allowed for this group. Many worms have bristles, fins, antennae, and even numerous tiny feet, but no legs. Insect applies in most legged cases. Note that Insect and Worm may both apply occasionally.

Computer worms, wyrms, and wurms do not count.

If a worm is a protagonist, use [[gametag:wormprotagonist Worm Protagonist]]

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Giant worms


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