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a.k.a. ミリピード 巨大昆虫の逆襲 / Milli-Pede:巨大昆虫の逆襲 / Millipede: Kyodai Konchuu no Gyakushuu

published by HAL Laboratory / HAL America in 1987-10-01, developed by HAL Laboratory, running on Nintendo Entertainment System
type: shooter
genre: Fantasy, Fixed shooter
series: Centipede
perspective: bird's-eye fixed camera
player options: single player
languages: eng jpn

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Personal review
Like most other ports of old, classic arcade games for the NES, Millipede is quite playable, fast and stays true to the arcade original. But the gameplay feels a bit too old for a 1987/88 release. After a couple of tries I got bored and didn't get any motivation for playing more, because except accumulating a higher score there is no goal in this game. Oh and why did they put an archer-like character on the game box and a story of your character being lost in a field of giant mushrooms, and at the same time they call your character sprite "ship" in the game?

# 2014-03-16 16:20:18
Official description
You are lost in a dark, perilous, and enchanted forest. Dark dangerous mushrooms push up through the squishy forest floor, snaring you on every side. Something slimey flashes through the mushrooms, moving in on you. The MILLIPEDE, not a normal size one, but the gigantic monster, is attacking you. All you have to fight back with is the magic arrow. Shoot his head to turn him into mushrooms. But that is not the only thing attacking you. There are more creepy, crawling, buzzing, swarming creatures in this forest. Keep fighting with your magic arrow. If you are lucky, you may survive. Watch out, here they come!
# 2014-03-16 16:20:30 - official description
ミリピード 巨大昆虫の逆襲 / Milli-Pede:巨大昆虫の逆襲, HAL-ML, 1987-10-01 in Japan
Millipede 1988-10, HAL-ML-USA, in USA

Its centipede with added enemies, bonus levels, creeping mushrooms, and DDT bombs. This game also uses a flying craft armed with a laser like weapon instead of the garden gnome armed with a magic wand. The main objective is to shoot the millipede. Shoot it in the middle and the remaining sections will run around independently of each other.

One of 4 prototypes presented by Nintendo to Atari as part of their deal to partner with them to bring the Famicom to North America. The potential deal was forgotten and ignored moments later as Atari began to considered that the 1983-84 video game market crash was possibly the end of videogames rather than a long-term pause in the market. These prototypes are not under copyright but do contain trademarks.
Nintendo will, in the interests of expediency for this
Christmas season, program 4 Atari titles of our

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Technical specs
display: raster
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Millipede in-game screen.
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