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Usually have a strong curved bill, are known for audacious coloring & ability to mimic human speech & other sounds. A few can actually speak


Alternate names: Psittacines, Cockatoos, Nestoridae

The first video game about Parrots was released in 1984.

Nintendo, Exult Team and Deep Silver has published most of these games

I real life, a few dozen parrots have learn to understand a speak many words of human language. A much higher percentage of videogame parrots have this skill and a nearly human sized vocabulary. Real parrots, on average, can learn perhaps 100 words with somewhere near 1000 being the upper limit. They can also invent their own words but it is more common for them to compose their own songs with words only they know the meaning of.

Parrots will not only mimic sounds, but have a high capacity to mimic behaviors. They often learn beneficial behaviors by watching other birds. African Grey parrots are most likely to do this.

Most parrots are cavity nesters, which usually means holes in trees.

Various parrots species live upwards from 20 to 80 year on average. Parrots over 100 years old have been documented.


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