Stealing NPCs

Creatures theme

Includes characters, creatures or some such that snatch something directly from the player characters and try to make a run for it.


Alternate names: Thieving NPCs
Name variations: thieves

The first video game about Stealing NPCs was released on November 21, 1991.

Kalypso Media Digital, Codemasters and Big Sandwich Games has published most of these games

See also: NPC looting
Due to the possible variations of what the "thief" actually is, the ´thieves´ parent tag is not required. For example, a creature that indiscriminately eats anything near them would effectively steal the items too but is hardly a thief.

This can range from actual thieves to animals to "malfunctioning" robots to gnomes to ants.

Usually but unfortunately not always the player gets the stolen items back after showing the thieves the error of their ways.

This is named stealing npcs to avoid people not familiar with tags tagging cases of regular outlaws with this (or characters only named thieves).