Creatures theme

Includes creatures that viciously cling to the player character, usually impairing movement and other activities while also dealing their own share of damage. Often small and work in swarms (e.g. leeches).


The first video game about Clingers was released on October 1992.

Electronic Arts, Nintendo and inXile Entertainment has published most of these games

In first person games these usually cover the display, implying they're attached to the player's head/face.

These may cause quick time events, require special maneuvres (e.g. shaking movement/view control around as if trying to shake the clingy critter off) or implicit usage of melee attacks, or something else to get them off.

A trivial example for this is a leech that sticks to the player and causes a constant health loss until removed.
See also: grapplers (when they specifically incapacitate the player [almost] completely)

* Aliens
* Parasites
* Insectoids