Vampire protagonist

Creatures theme

The main character is any kind of vampire (hybrids included).


The first video game about Vampire protagonist was released in 1982.

Majesco, Ubi Soft and Sony Computer Entertainment Japan has published most of these games

* Vampires

Implied: (not enfoceable)
* Undead protagonist
* Health draining - sucking blood from others may do this.
* Hunger - for blood, may function only as "food".
Although the popularized vampires are seen as unholy, undead creatures lethally allergic to holy things, sunlight and can be easily killed with simple wooden stake struck through their heart, these are no requirements for a vampire.

The only definite traits that needs to be present is their need for "fresh" blood for sustenance and presence of something supernatural.

Combine with undead protagonist tag if the provided canon states them to be such.