Creatures theme

People, animals, supernatural entities, or other things that deal with the souls of the dead, usually guiding them to afterlife or otherwise assisting them.


Alternate name: Soul guides

The first video game about Psychopomps was released on October 30, 1998.

Sony has published all these games

This can be a real person, for example a priest, or a supernatural entity like Death, Anubis, Charon, Shinigami, Valkyrie, or anything else.

Many of these are not identified in their capacity as psychopomps in fiction where they appear, such as Death is often a ruler of the underworld or a harbinger of his namesake, Anubis is the ruler of the dead, valkyries may simply be Norse inspired women warriors, and so forth. So their exact nature should be identified properly before blindly adding this tag.

Real people, like the aforementioned priests, should not count unless they function in this role in some notable way. Christian priests for example do not count as it is not their work to guide the dead but rather the living, guiding the dead is the duty of Azrael and such.