Magic weapons

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Weapons that discharge magical energy or otherwise function on the principles of the arcane rather than science.


The first video game about Magic weapons was released in 1985.

Origin, Pony Canyon and GT Interactive has published most of these games

Effects produced by these are occasionally indistinguishable from energy weapons, with only the appearance of the weapon itself showing it supposedly is magical. These also employ magical energy sources rather than energy cells. Unlike energy weapons, however, these can have supernatural powers that can't be explained by science without cutting some corners.

Weapons that have nothing clearly magical about them (e.g. swords with increased accuracy or damage) do not count. Guns that shoot out flaming squirrels, however, may be more appropriate.

This does not cover weapons that are enchanted by their user to exhibit traits of magic weapons, e.g. the very common fire enchantment that makes everything burn. See sorcery tag for that. Permanent enchantments can be seen to fit both cases equally.

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Energy weapons, Magic artefacts

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