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An archaic hunting weapon used to propel small objects - usually specifically shaped rocks - at game animals.


Alternate name: Shepherd's sling

The first video game about Slings was released in 1985.

Beamdog , Origin and Pony Canyon has published most of these games

Not to be confused with slingshots.

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Historical info:
... evidence suggests slings were invented in pre-Neolithic era, though it's unlikely more specific timeframe can be deduced from existing historical evidence.
... possibly known in all corners of Earth long before written languages surfaced.
... used in combat (and war) even still back in 400 BCE
... by middle ages the military use of basic slings had waned to non-existence, but still lived on as staff slings, catapults and similar devices derived from slings.
... shepherds and such still used the basic sling in middle ages, for both driving away predators and hunting birds and other small animals for food.

Parent groups

Archaic weapons, Ranged weapons


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