Portable light source

Tools entity

Player can employ a lamp, flashlight, torch, or any other device, magic, or natural phenomena that produces light to better see in darkness.


Alternate names: Flashlight, Torch, Lamp, Portable light source, Floodlight, Headlight

The first video game about Portable light source was released in 1980.

Sega, Deep Silver and Electronic Arts has published most of these games

* Vision modes
* Vision enhancer
* Light
* Flares
* Glow sticks

* Dark
* Circadian cycle

* Stealth - usually no stealth game has the player carrying a light source no matter how dark it gets.
This does NOT include night vision goggles or others that enhance the user's vision in general in certain capacity.

This is applicable to strategy/management games where you can manage the lighting conditions of your domain (e.g. installing additional lighting).

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Child groups

Faulty portable light source, Powered portable light source

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