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Abnormal ammoAny weapons that use anything strange as ammunition.notifications1991 / 201322 games
Aim delayGun, turret, etc. reaches the point where player wants it after a short delay instead of instantly. Commonly with use of two reticles, one for where the player points and where the gun points. Usually part of aiming with heavy cannons.notifications2010 / 20164 games
AMBIGUOUS: RiflesSee `precision rifles´ and `assault rifles´ tags.list_alt0 game
Ammo magazines & clipsPlayer is required to reload their weapon occasionally and possibly manage their stockpile of ammo magazines on top of that.notifications1984 / 2020337 games
Ammo typesPlayer can switch between several different types of ammunition.notifications1993 / 201755 games
Analyzer(Scanner)Player has a device that examines objects and gives out information on their properties. Also plain samplers if analysis is given shortly anyway via remote analysis.notifications2005 / 20133 games
Archaic weaponsWeapons that are no longer in use in modern warfare.list_alt0 game
Arm cannons(Arm guns)Player character's arm is actually a cannon/gun, or can wield a gun that envelopes the hand/forearm or is mounted on the arm (e.g. wrist gun).notifications1986 / 201983 games
Armor breakersTools, usually weapons, designed to destroy protective armor or permanently make it less effective or much faster than anything else is capable of. This also includes abilities, skills, spells, etc. that do the same.notifications1991 / 20177 games
Armor penetratorsWeapons designed to penetrate armor, bypassing the added layer of protection completely.notifications2011 / 20176 games
Armor upgradesArmor can be linearly upgraded to perform better.notifications2011 / 201913 games
Automated turrets (Sentry guns)Player has or can have weapons that automatically track hostile targets and fire upon them attached to their vehicle or themselves, not deployed into the game world.notifications2000 / 201720 games
Ballistae (Scorpio;Polybolos)[ballistas]Siege weapon based on 2 levers & torsion springs that launched heavy darts or, less common, round stones or metal projectiles. Also used against infantry (rare).notifications1993 / 201420 games
Battering Ram, a Siege WeaponA type of siege weapon to destroy or knock holes in city walls or gates.notifications1993 / 20062 games
Beam weapons (Directed-energy weapons;Particle beam weapons;Laser weapons;Energy beam weapons)Includes energy weapons that produce a beam of energy (connected end-to-end with source and target) or particles that burns or otherwise disrupts the atomic or molecular structure of their targets.notifications1971 / 2020441 games
Blowguns(Blowpipes;Blow tubes)An archaic weapon used to shoot (often poisoned) darts accurately over short distances. Modern variants usually seen as children's toys to shoot peas or other small but largely harmless objects to annoy people.notifications2014 / 20152 games
Bouncy grenadesGrenades bounce from surfaces rather than exploding from contact.notifications1999 / 201718 games
Breath weaponsPlayer can breath fire, noxious gases or something even more fantastic such as frost, lightning, or some obscure energy at their enemies.notifications1990 / 201533 games
Caltrops (Cheval trap;Crow's foot;撒き菱;撒菱;Makibishi)[caltraps;galtrops;galthraps;galtraps;calthrops]A four to six pointed antipersonnel device - commonly sprinkled on the ground in large numbers - primarily used for slowing down the advance of hostile forces. In most cases these cause no severe injury, just pain as the spikes penetrate the sole.notifications1997 / 201818 games
Camouflage (Camouflage net;Ghillie suit)Any kind of clothing, tool or other that obscures one's visibility, commonly by making them appear as if they were part of the surroundings. Mostly effective when their user remains stationary.notifications2005 / 201610 games
Carts (Wagons;Vehicle trunks)Any vehicles, devices or other methods that allow player character to go significantly over their normal carry limits, usually with some minor added transport or inventory management.notifications1978 / 201548 games
Catapults (Mangonel;Onager)A category of siege weapon designed to throw various objects over city walls.notifications1993 / 201540 games
Chakrams(चक्रं)A circular thrown weapon of Indian origin. In some fictional creations some may use these or their likeness as melee weapons instead, while thrown varieties commonly behave somewhat like boomerangs, returning to whoever threw them.notifications1993 / 201914 games
Chemical weapons (Toxic weapons;Poison weapons)Weapons that deliver toxic chemicals to their victims. Usually gaseous for easy delivery to large masses.notifications1999 / 201118 games
Close-in Weapon System(CIWS;Hardkill Active Protection System)Player has access to CIWS style active protection system that actively try to destroy incoming anti-armor/explosive projectiles, such as rockets/missiles.notifications2007 / 20144 games
Combat NetsA flexible grid-like sheet meant to be cast at or on an opponent to entangle them or their weapon. Can be also used to disarm, unfoot, & cause to ducknotifications2002 / 20146 games
Cosmetics(Makeup)[make-up]Player has access to makeup to change their appearance to a degree on the fly or at specific locations (such as at mirrors).notifications1 game
Cryogenic weapons (Freezer weapons)notifications1991 / 201430 games
DartsSmall thrown weapons similar to short arrows with weighted tip.notifications1975 / 2018117 games
Decoy bombsExplosive devices that somehow attract all or certain types of enemies to them before detonating.notifications2008 / 20139 games
Decoys (Lures;Baits)Any characters, tools, structures, etc. that exist solely to lure enemies away from something important or to bait them in traps.notifications2004 / 201867 games
Deployable sensors(Deployable detectors)Player has some type of sensors that can be placed that provide awareness of an area even when player is not attending that place personally or with a minion.notifications2003 / 201620 games
DisintegratorsWeapons or other tools that completely vaporize anything hit by them, or leave only vague dust behind.notifications1997 / 201330 games
Disposable weapons(Disposable guns;One-shot weapons)Player can use (non-thrown) weapons that have one or only few uses in them before they're disposed of with no way to reload or recharge them.notifications1998 / 201633 games
Double weapons(Double-bladed swords)Any weapons that are two (or possibly more) of them attached together, commonly two swords attached to each other at the pommel.notifications1991 / 201925 games
Drilling rigs (Heavy equipment drill;Tunnel boring machine)Large drills attached their own wheels and/or machines due to their size, distance they drill, or stresses they must survive.notifications1992 / 201514 games
Drillsnotifications1995 / 201518 games
Drone bays (Fighter bays;Bomber bays)Compartments in large vehicles or similar that house, repair, launch and possibly even build autonomous drones, attack craft or other small vehicles/robots.notifications2003 / 201724 games
Duplicate weaponsProtagonist wields two or more weapons of the same type (not simultaneously) for some reason. Though only if this happens outside of player control, player voluntarily doing so not counting.notifications2005 / 201511 games
Early firearmsPlayer can use early firearms, commonly single-shot muzzleloaders.notifications1988 / 201737 games
EarringsJewelery worn on the ear, especially magical earrings, play a significant role in gameplay or story.notifications1 game
Electric weapons (Electroshock weapons;Electrolasers;Tesla guns;Lightning guns)Any weapons which discharge electricity in one manner or another at the target.notifications1988 / 201864 games
Electromagnetic projectile weapons (Mass drivers;Railguns;Coilguns;Mass accelerators;Gauss guns)Includes electromagnetic projectile devices in form of weapons.notifications1993 / 202048 games
EMP grenadesIncludes grenades that briefly or permanently disable electronic or similar systems, but have little to no effect against organic targets.notifications2000 / 201736 games
EMP gunsIncludes projectile weapons that briefly or permanently disable electronic or similar systems, but have little to no effect against organic targets.notifications1994 / 20178 games
EMP weapons (Electromagnetic pulse weapons;Ion weapons)Includes any kind of weapons that briefly or permanently disable electronic or similar systems, but have little to no effect against organic targets.notifications1994 / 201758 games
Energy weaponsIncludes energy weapons of any kind, from laser beams to bolts of plasma to lightning guns.notifications1971 / 20201075 games
EquipmentAny tags referring to how used equipment, such as tools, weapons, clothes, and such behave or are handled. But not about storage when not in use, nor the equipment itself.list_alt0 game
Equipment upgradesEquipment (non-weapons) can be linearly upgraded to perform better.notifications2009 / 201820 games
Exotic weaponsPlayer can use weapons that can't be properly categorized.notifications1991 / 201889 games
Explosivesnotifications1975 / 2020272 games
Faulty portable light source(Faulty light sources;Faulty lamp)Your light source has a habit of failing from time to time, flickering or even turning off for no perceivable reason or under certain specific conditions.notifications2005 / 20138 games
Fighting Staves (Fighting Staffs;quarterstaffs;quarterstaves;棍;gùn;棒;bō;半棒;hanbō;六尺棒;rokushakubō;bâton;Taiaha)A fighting stick, usually hardwood, from slightly shorter than its wielder to ⅓% taller. Usable offensively, defensively, lethal, or less-than-lethal.notifications1985 / 2019182 games
Fire extinguishers (Active fire protection)Player can use any form of fire extinguishing tools, such as foam sprays, powder, fire-resistant blankets, buckets of water, etc.notifications1978 / 20127 games
FirearmsPlayer can use projectile weapons that use a controlled explosion to propel a bullet at the intended target.notifications1975 / 20212399 games
Firelighter (Matches;Flint)Any form of tool that's meant to light fires, usually small enough to fit in ones palm.notifications1982 / 20157 games
Flammable substancesPlayer can use flammable substances, such as pouring oil on the ground only to light it on fire moments later to burn something or someone.notifications1997 / 20209 games
Flare gunnotifications1997 / 201723 games
Gadgetsnotifications2000 / 201114 games
Gag weaponsWeapons that are plain silly, absurd, or strange to be used as such. Their effectiveness/usefulness or lack of is not required in any way.notifications2010 / 20117 games
Gas grenades (Aerosol grenades;Poison grenades;Chemical grenades)Grenades, canisters or other such things that release a noxious gas, poison, or some other likely a lethal or otherwise harmful chemical compound.notifications1997 / 201611 games
Goo throwers[goo guns]Weapons or other tools that project globs or stream of some goo.notifications1998 / 200912 games
Guided bullets(Homing bullets;Seeker bullets)Some weapons have guided/homing bullets.notifications2011 / 20167 games
Guided weapons: Piloted (User guided)Guided weapons that require their user to actively control them. Usually in similar manner to an jet aircraft.notifications2002 / 201411 games
Guided weapons: Pointer (Designator)Guided weapons that actively seek out the point designated by a tool for it, such as a dedicated or integrated laser pointer.notifications1998 / 201314 games
Guided weapons: Self-guidedGuided weapons that find and hit targets on their own without user intervention.notifications1998 / 20136 games
Guided weapons: Target lockGuided weapons that seek and hit targets locked on to by their user.notifications1991 / 20146 games
Guided weapons[homing weapons;homing missiles;seeking weapons;seeker weapons;seeker missiles]Includes weapons that can have their projectiles guided by the player or are self-guided (automatic target seeking).notifications1989 / 2019167 games
GunsAny projectile weapons or devices that propel their payload via non-mechanical method (e.g. no sling or bow sending it flying).notifications1 game
GyrojetsIncludes gyrojets, a type of firearm that fires tiny – usually non-explosive – rocket-powered microjets. Characteristically very little recoil and lighter barrels with the projectiles having low initial muzzle velocity that increases over time.notifications2007 / 201911 games
Hand cannonsHandheld cannons that fire large metallic balls.notifications2001 / 201718 games
Hand-and-a-half weapons[Hand and a half weapons]Player has access to weapons they can choose to wield one or two handed, especially if this can be swapped on the fly.notifications2009 / 201817 games
Healing device (Healing magic;Healing power)The protagonist has an ability, power or device that can be used indefinitely to heal themselves and possibly others.notifications1999 / 202040 games
Ice axe(Ice pick)[ice axes]Player can use an ice axe, a multi-purpose tool mainly used in mountaineering.notifications2013 / 20189 games
Impact grenadesGrenades explode on impact rather than bouncing about and exploding when the fuse burns out.notifications1999 / 201624 games
Imperfect radar(Unreliable radar;Faulty radar)The radar can't be relied on to keep track of almost anything, it will not detect everything, it will not even detect things player can clearly see themselves, it will lose tracking (even without countermeasures being used or hiding), etc..notifications2008 / 20154 games
Implosion weapons[implosive weapons;singularity weapons;blackhole weapons;gravity well devices]Any device that produces an implosion that pulls in nearby matter towards its center, packing everything closely together, possibly quite forcibly (and lethally).notifications1997 / 20167 games
Impractical toolsAny tool tags that describe things that are possible to be made with modern science but for some reason are not practical for actual use.list_alt0 game
Improvised weaponsRegular items (such as rakes, pieces of wood, furniture, etc.) can be used as weapons.notifications1996 / 2018141 games
Incendiary grenades [molotov cocktails]A tossed object that spreads a flammable substance and sparks it or a solution that catches fire from simple exposure to air. White phosphorous grenades and molotov cocktails are common.notifications1985 / 201994 games
Infravision (Thermal vision)notifications1995 / 201811 games
Iron sightsInstead of a crosshair or similar artificial aiming tool, player has access to using the sights integrated into the weapons or other tools.notifications2005 / 201690 games
Javelins[throwing spears]Short spears meant for throwing, though historically also used for stabbing while also being armed with a shield.notifications1983 / 201629 games
Jet hammers(Rocket-powered melee weapons)[Rocket hammers]Regular melee weapons that have rocket/jet engines attached to them for whatever obscure reason. Not limited to hammers despite the name.notifications2004 / 201615 games
Jewelry[jewellery]Jewelry plays some part in gameplay. Often, it is enchanted and wearing it provides some magical benefit.notifications1981 / 2018177 games
Large drillsLarger than a handheld drill, but makes less than a 1 metre hole.notifications2009 / 20152 games
Laser weaponsA variety of high energy focused light weapons that technically should be nigh invisible and inaudible to humans, but often are not for sake of drama. Not including electrolasers or such where laser is not the part that hurts.notifications1978 / 2017116 games
Lasso (Noose pole)[grappling hook]Includes a lasso or similar tool (could be a harpoon, grappling hook, or anything else) used to latch onto a creature and pull it to you or yourself to it. Often used as part of capturing said creatures.notifications2002 / 201749 games
Lightsabers (Energy swords;Laser swords)notifications1977 / 201770 games
Living ammonotifications1999 / 20207 games
Living tools (Biological tools)Biological non-weapon tools and other devices.notifications1 game
Living weapons (Biological weapons;Organic weapons)Includes living, bio-organic weapons.notifications1990 / 202041 games
Lock-on countermeasures(Decoy flares)Player has access to countermeasures meant to break or disrupt lock-on, commonly in form of some type of a flare.notifications2003 / 20164 games
Machine pistolsA cross form of pistols and submachine guns, effectively a pistol-sized one-handed automatic firearm.notifications1997 / 201955 games
Magic rings(Enchanted rings)Rings with have magic or magic like effects associated with their wearing and/or use.notifications1982 / 2017122 games
Magic stavesStaves that hold magic of their own or are designed to control/focus magic. These are usually not used for melee combat like other staves.notifications2011 / 201511 games
Magic weaponsWeapons that discharge magical energy or otherwise function on the principles of the arcane rather than science.notifications1985 / 2018102 games
Main-Gauche (Parrying Dagger)A dagger like off-hand weapon designed to parry and/or defend though many games have it for attack only. Stouter than a dagger to so as to catch blowsnotifications1992 / 201310 games
Mantlets (Portable walls;Pavises)Player can utilize portable walls or large shields intended to be propped down on the ground rather than carried when in use.notifications2012 / 20142 games
Mêlée weaponsPlayer can use non-projectile weapons which require both the user and the target to be in direct contact with them.notifications1979 / 20212524 games
Mobile bombs (Spider bombs;Spider mines;Seeker mines;Homing mines)Any explosive devices that either automatically or through remote control can be maneuvered around.notifications1995 / 201115 games
Modular equipment (Modular tools)Certain or all equipment's functionality can be extended or altered by use of modular components.notifications1995 / 201936 games
Morphing equipment (Shapechanging equipment)[transforming equipment;morphic equipment]Equipment, such as tools, weapons or armor, that significantly alter their change shape depending on the situation or use.notifications2002 / 201610 games
MortarsA type of indirect fire infantry weapon.notifications2005 / 201724 games
Motion detector(Motion sensor)Player has access to motion sensing gear, usually providing good idea where things are without actually telling if they're friendly, hostile, or just random moving objects like fans.notifications2001 / 201518 games
Mounted weapons[weapon mounts]Weapons that essentially require the use of a mount, such as a tripod, requiring time to set up before they can be used unlike most other weapons.notifications2003 / 201415 games
Multilock weaponsIncludes weapons that can establish multiple simultaneous target locks. Usually swarmer missile launchers in anime-inspired sci-fi.notifications2011 / 20147 games
Multiple barrel gunsAny non-rotary guns with unusually large number of barrels.notifications1996 / 201724 games
Musical instrumentsnotifications1993 / 201811 games
Nailguns (Flechette gun)Includes a weapon that shoots nails, short spikes or similar projectiles.notifications1996 / 201660 games
Natural weaponsPlayer can use natural abilities, limbs or similar that evolved to be used as weapons, including ability to spit poison and similar.notifications1990 / 201873 games
Non-lethal weaponsAny weapons that are considered non-lethal, even if they conversely have a tendency to be quite lethal in games.list_alt0 game
Nuclear weaponsnotifications1981 / 201780 games
Nunchaku (ヌンチャク;Nunchucks)A Okinawan weapon consisting 2 sticks connected by a very short chain or cord. Reliably practical only against unarmed opponents & a few other weaponsnotifications1985 / 2016113 games
Odd appliancesIncludes tools, instruments or apparatus intended for some use not discernible from their appearance.notifications1991 / 201942 games
Percussion instrumentsnotifications1 game
Pickaxe (pick)A hand tool with a sharp spike. Opposite the main spike there might be a counterweight (picks), another spike (picks) or a flat spike (pickaxes)notifications1981 / 2019110 games
PitchforksPlayer can use Pitchforks of some sort.notifications1 game
Plasma weaponsIncludes plasma weapons of any kind.notifications1990 / 2020192 games
Point defenses (Close-in weapon systems;CIWS;Active protection systems)Includes defensive devices, systems, or such that protect an individual, vehicle, or structure from inbound missiles and/or small attackers at extremely close proximity (e.g. aircraft, drones, etc.).notifications2000 / 201616 games
Power foci (Magic foci;Focal magic)[Power focus;Magic Focus]Objects that enable one to use preternatural powers (such as magic, psionics, etc.), regardless if the foci itself is in anyway infused or interacts with the power or not.notifications1994 / 201621 games
Power toolsPlayer can use some types of power tools, such as a chainsaw.notifications1994 / 202059 games
Powered portable light source(Powered lamp;Powered light source)Your light sources require batteries, oil, or something else to power them. Including light sources that burn themselves out and can no longer be used after (e.g. glow sticks, flares or candles). Not including self-recharging lamps.notifications2007 / 201844 games
Practical toolsAny tool tags that describe things already in practical use (that is, outside of prototype testing) or things that formerly had been in similar use in the real world.list_alt0 game
Proximity minesExplosive mines or other traps that are triggered by proximity.notifications1998 / 20169 games
Radiation weapons (Radioactive weapons)Weapons that irradiate their targets.notifications1997 / 20103 games
Ranged weaponslist_alt0 game
Rangefindernotifications2010 / 20168 games
Rechargeable batteriesPortable energy sources that can be recharged and used for multitude of devices.notifications1 game
Revolver riflesRifles or other long guns with revolving bullet chambers.notifications2009 / 201911 games
Revolvers[six shooters]A handgun design with spinning cylinder with usually 6 bullet chambers (the in-name revolving chamber), generally iconic weapon of Wild West gunslingers.notifications2009 / 201923 games
Rifle grenadesPlayer can use rifle grenades, grenades are fired with a special bullet out of a rifle normally used to fire ordinary bullets with. Some guns required a special muzzle mount.notifications2005 / 201012 games
Rockets(Missiles;RPGs;Torpedos)[Rocket launchers;Bazookas;RPG launchers]Rocket propelled grenades, missiles, torpedos, and other self-propelled explosive devices.notifications1971 / 2020706 games
Safe weaponsWeapons that should harm the player or their allies when employed improperly - such as grenades or other explosives - do not.notifications1993 / 201624 games
ScythesA tool for harvesting wheat and related plants, a long pole with a handle to the side with a long curved blade arching back like a hook. In fiction these are often used for harvesting people much like how Death harvests the souls of the dead.notifications1998 / 201741 games
Shield breakersTools, usually weapons, designed to destroy (energy) shields instantly or much faster than anything else is capable of. Often these do no other damage. This also includes abilities, skills, spells, etc. that do the same.notifications1991 / 201721 games
Shield penetratorsWeapons designed to penetrate (energy) shields, bypassing the added layer of protection completely.notifications2009 / 20159 games
Shovels(Spades)A wide, flat blade attached to a (usually long) handle meant for digging, lifting, or moving material (such as earth or snow) in bulk.notifications1984 / 201980 games
Shrinkernotifications1996 / 20149 games
Sickles (Kama;Falx)A small harvesting implement commonly with a crescent/semicircular-shaped blade though some are mildly curved and others appear like miniature scythes.notifications1991 / 20179 games
Siege Ladders (Assult Ladders)Sturdy ladders designed specifically for scaling city or keep walls. Might be wheeled & include hooks to attach to the walls.notifications2002 / 20153 games
Siege TowersA mobile/wheeled (if slow) tower built to the height of a city or keep wall in order for numbers of soldiers to scale it & possibly attack city defenders from above on while the tower is moved into place.notifications1997 / 20159 games
Siege weapons (Siege engines)Large weapons designed to circumvent or break fortifications.notifications1981 / 201525 games
Singularity devices (Black hole devices)[singularity weapons;black hole weapons]Any devices, weapons, etc. that utilize the power of one or more singularities (black holes).notifications1998 / 20117 games
SlingshotsA simple projectile device made out of a Y-shaped frame with rubber bands connecting to a pocket. Commonly attributed to mischievous kids.notifications1988 / 201924 games
Small drills (Handheld drill;Hand drill;Bow drill;Pump drill)A hand tool that rotates a cutting tool to make a hole.0 game
Smart projectilesSome or all weapons or ranged attacks use smart projectiles that avoid colliding with terrain or other objects not seen as worthwhile targets.notifications2012 / 20144 games
Smoke grenadesGrenades, canisters and other devices or containers that expel a plume of smoke meant to screen unit movement.notifications1994 / 201872 games
Socketables(Socketable items)[Sockatable equipment;socketed equipment]Objects that can be placed into variety of other items (equipment) to improve, change, or add to their features. Commonly in form of gemstones, runes, and charms.notifications1996 / 201980 games
Sonic weapons (Ultrasonic weapons;USW;Acoustic weapons)Includes sonic weapons.notifications1989 / 201537 games
Sound locator (Sound localization)A tool, ability, or such that tells you from where a sound is coming from.notifications2003 / 201822 games
Specialized equipment[specialised equipment]Includes weapons and other tools that are specialized for a specific purpose, far outperforming anything else in their field of specialization but often offering little else.notifications1 game
Specialized weapons0 game
Spellbooks(Magic books;Grimoires)notifications1998 / 201726 games
Spy microphone (Surveillance microphone;Parabolic microphone;Laser microphone)Any device that allows hearing distant conversations or sounds clearly. Often picks up sounds only from a very tight cone, offering variety of uses and removing most background noise from being amplified as well.notifications2004 / 20072 games
Sticky explosives (Sticky grenades)Player has or can have explosives that stick to most surfaces, possibly even creatures, when lobbed.notifications2003 / 201636 games
String instrumentsnotifications1 game
Stun guns(Tazer)A self-defense weapon that usually fires two wires at short range target and delivers a short electric shock, hopefully incapacitating them.notifications2003 / 201727 games
Super weaponA weapon that is so generic, powerful, and likely with unlimited ammo that it makes everything else obsolete. Commonly gained near the end of the game.notifications2004 / 20108 games
SupergunsExtremely large cannons with range and firepower to match. Rather unconventional due to their size.notifications1992 / 201220 games
Theoretical tools (Theoretical weapons)Any tags that describe tools that are perceived as theoretically feasible but have not yet found real world implementation (outside of prototypes).list_alt0 game
Thompson SMG(Tommygun;M1928A1;M1;M1A1)[Thompson submachine gun]A submachine gun associated with Chicago gangsters but also used by a wide variety of military, civilians, police, rebels, & others around the world.notifications1987 / 2017107 games
Throwing axesAxes balanced to be used as throwing weapons.notifications1993 / 20157 games
Throwing knivesKnives specifically designed for throwing, though can still be used like regular knives.notifications1988 / 202059 games
Throwing stars (手裏剣;Shuriken;Ninja stars)A small thrown bladed weapon usually with 3 to 6 points. Commonly associated with ninjas.notifications1986 / 201580 games
Thrown weaponsnotifications1979 / 2019471 games
Timepiece (Clock;Watch;Sundial)Any device that measures time for whatever reason, can be part of the interface or an actual in-game item.notifications1988 / 201730 games
Tool buffs (Tool salves;Whetstones)[Weapon buffs;Weapon salves]Player can apply salves, magic, or such to tools/weapons that temporarily enhance their efficiency or add new traits to them.notifications2007 / 20123 games
Tool simulation (Weapon simulation)Any tags describing various aspects of tool simulation.list_alt0 game
Tracking bugsPlayer can mark characters, objects, or other things with something so their position keeps being tracked and transmitted to the player.notifications1 game
Tractor BeamsA [i]shaped[/i] gravitational force that attracts objects. Commonly large spaceships use them to attract smaller ones.notifications1986 / 201730 games
TrebuchetFor accurately flinging projectiles up to 140kg at ranges up to 400m. Stones were common, But burning masses & diseased bodies were also used.notifications1981 / 20152 games
Trip minesExplosive mines or other traps that are triggered by tripping over a wire, crossing an invisible laser beam, stepping on a pressure plate, or some other similar trigger.notifications1998 / 202012 games
TurretPlayer controls any number of turrets or other fixed weapon systems.notifications1982 / 201725 games
Unorthodox weaponsThings used as improvised weapons that simply don't seem good for that.notifications2000 / 201522 games
Unrealistic tools (Unrealistic weapons)Any tool tags that require notable alterations to how laws of nature are understood for them to actually function or be feasible.list_alt0 game
Unwieldy weapons (Heavy weapons;Large weapons;Cumbersome weapons)[giant weapons]Includes weapons that are so heavy, large and/or complex that their use is cumbersome or otherwise difficult and may impart other limitations.notifications2003 / 201532 games
VAGUE: MissilesShould not be used as this refers to any kind of projectiles fired or launched by ranged weapons.notifications1 game
VAGUE: Tasers[Tazers]A stun gun/prod producing company's name often used for the device type (electroshock weapon) themselves regardless of manufacturer.0 game
Vibroweapons (Vibroblades;Vibrating weapons;Oscillating weapons)Weapons or other tools that vibrate at extreme frequency and usually in such small movements that it's imperceptible to human eye (though often generating a distinct hum), commonly in form of swords or other bladed weapons.notifications1995 / 201914 games
Volley weapons(Rocket volleys)Player has access to non-shotgun and non-automatic weapons that fire volleys of projectiles, usually rocket volleys.notifications1995 / 201727 games
Wall penetrators (Obstacle penetrators)Weapons designed to penetrate walls and other obstacles that would simply be too tough for normal weapons.notifications1998 / 201610 games
Wands (Rods;Magic wands;Scepters)[Sceptres]A short stick, commonly associated with magicians (real-world illusionists) and wizards (actual magic users).notifications1981 / 2020117 games
Water weapons[water guns;water cannons]Player can use any kind of water-based weapons. Commonly non-lethal police riot weapons, firefighter tools, or recreational squirt guns or water balloons.notifications1992 / 201511 games
Weapon customizationWeapons can be customized by adding and removing components such as sights, stocks, grips, blades, etc. Also includes magical customization, such as enchantments and curses, and any others.notifications2000 / 201843 games
Weapon implants[implant weapons]Player has or can have weapons directly built or grown into their bodies.notifications1995 / 201612 games
Weapon sweet spotsWeapons have sweet spot for where they function the best, usually the blade/tip of a hafted weapon like the blade of an axe or halberd while hitting with the haft does very little in comparison.notifications2009 / 201813 games
Weapon upgradesWeapons can be linearly upgraded to perform better.notifications1986 / 2020124 games
WeirdvisionAny vision mode, tool, or such that can't be adequately described by anything else. Often has a name that suggests scifi tech (e.g. nanovision), supernatural powers (second sight), or such.notifications1999 / 201951 games
Wind instrumentsnotifications1 game
Anti-materiel rifles (AM rifles;Anti-tank rifles)notifications2006 / 201515 games
Artillery (Indirect fire weapons)Includes cannons and other indirect fire weapons.notifications1975 / 201693 games
Assault riflesMedium to close range semi to full auto assault rifles used in modern warfare.notifications1987 / 2020636 games
Auto shotguns(Automatic shotguns)[auto-shotguns]Includes shotguns with automatic fire either as default fire mode or as an option.notifications1998 / 201957 games
Auto-cannonsA cross between tank gun and a heavy machine gun.notifications2003 / 201621 games
AxesIncludes battle axes or similar melee weapons.notifications1980 / 2021556 games
Bayonetsnotifications2009 / 20156 games
Bludgeons (Hammers;Clubs;Maces;Flails)Includes bludgeoning melee weapons.notifications1981 / 2020603 games
BombsIncludes bombs as weapons, usually remote or time-detonated.notifications1978 / 2020402 games
Boomerangs (Returning boomerangs)Includes thrown weapons that return to their point of origin, or at least try to.notifications1983 / 201548 games
Bowsnotifications1977 / 2021641 games
Chainsawnotifications1994 / 202049 games
Claws (Tiger claws)Includes a claw-like melee weapons, similar to brass knuckles with several claw-like blades extending out.notifications1993 / 201659 games
Communicator (Phone;Telecommunicator;Radio)The protagonist has a phone, radio, PDA, computer or something similar which can be used to send and/or receive messages, phone calls or e-mails.notifications1985 / 201778 games
CompassPlayer has a device or some interface feature that shows the four cardinal directions or the equivalent.notifications1977 / 2019215 games
Crossbows (X-bows;Arbalests)notifications1980 / 2020298 games
Dart guns (Tranquilizer gun;Dart rifle;Tranquilizer rifle)Includes any kind of dart gun. Commonly used to deliver a sedative or paralytic compound to the target but can be used with other chemicals.notifications1997 / 201619 games
DetectorPlayer must or can use special detectors that reveal things otherwise imperceptible.notifications2001 / 201527 games
Direct-fire cannons (Field guns;Tank guns)Large-caliber direct-fire guns.notifications1985 / 2018143 games
Energy recharger(Mana recharger)The protagonist has an ability or indefinitely re-usable device that restores their energy upon use.notifications1999 / 20037 games
Fist loads(Knuckles;Gauntlets;Power fist)[fist-load weapons;fist load weapons;fist-loads;powerfist]Weapons fitted to hands that increase their mass or introduce other features that improve the transition of force to injure anyone hit with them, commonly knuckles of some sort.notifications1995 / 201959 games
FlaresHand tossed flares.notifications1999 / 201528 games
Gas mask (Rebreather;Breathing apparatus)Includes any device that protects the user from airborne toxins and other pollutants, whether it's in form of a mask or not.notifications2003 / 201714 games
Glow sticksnotifications2007 / 20188 games
Grappling hook (Grapnel hook;Throwing grapple)Includes grappling hook or similar tool used to reach into distant places often high or across a chasm when more reliable methods are unavailable.notifications1987 / 2018187 games
Grenade launchersnotifications1996 / 2019189 games
Hand grenadesIncludes grenades, hand tossed explosive devices designed for battlefield use.notifications1981 / 2020768 games
Handguns (Pistol;Gun;Handcannon;Revolver)One-handed semi-auto firearms with small capacity magazines and low caliber bullets. Includes also machine pistols which offer full-auto in same size and usually with much larger magazine capacity.notifications1975 / 2021981 games
Jetpack (Rocket belt;Rocket pack;Personal flight device)Includes a jetpack or similar mode of transportation that allows continuous, uninterrupted flight [u]indefinitely[/u]; either as separate device or integrated into the character's suit, armor or vehicle.notifications1983 / 2017170 games
Jump pack (Jump jets;Rocket jump pack)[jetpack]Includes a jump pack or similar device that briefly boosts jump power and slows down descent when necessary, either as separate device or integrated into the character's suit, armor or vehicle.notifications1989 / 2018107 games
Katar (Kattari;Katara;Bundi dagger;Suwaiya;Punching sword)Includes any katar-like blade weapons, a sword or dagger with wrist support designed for punching.notifications1997 / 201742 games
Knives (Daggers)Includes short bladed melee weapons.notifications1980 / 2020515 games
Laser sightnotifications1999 / 201752 games
Machine gunsLarge full-auto support weapons with medium to large caliber bullets and high capacity magazines or belts. Some machine guns also have burst and semi-auto options. Larger varieties are vehicle mounted and too bulky for humans to carry alone.notifications1984 / 2020377 games
Magic artefacts(Fetishes;Amulets)A form of magic where objects, especially man-made ones, are believed to hold magical/supernatural power. Traditionally voodoo dolls, holy crosses, amulets, etc. but includes almost anything.notifications1987 / 202059 games
MapYou have a full map available of the level, area or region in varying detail, possibly with indicator of your own position.notifications1982 / 2020351 games
Mines (Land mines;Naval mines)Player can set mines and other explosive devices that detonate by some trigger - such as proximity, pressure, tripwire or any other.notifications1983 / 2020161 games
Nightvision (Low-light vision;Light Amplification Goggles)notifications1997 / 201643 games
Notebook (Note system)Player has access to some form of a notebook to which they can manually write down any notes they feel worth keeping.notifications1989 / 201611 games
Personal Digital Assistant(Palmtop computer;Tablet computer)[Smartphone;personal data assistant]The protagonist has a small device such as PDA, palmtop computer, tablet device, smartphone, or other data assistant they can store, manipulate, and view various forms of data.notifications1995 / 201521 games
Pole weapons(Polearms)[Halberds;Spears]Includes melee weapons with a long pole as a central feature.notifications1985 / 2020294 games
Portable light source(Flashlight;Torch;Lamp;Portable light source;Floodlight;Headlight)Player can employ a lamp, flashlight, torch, or any other device, magic, or natural phenomena that produces light to better see in darkness.notifications1979 / 2019528 games
Precision rifles (Sniper rifles;Hunting rifles)Includes single shot or semi-auto (that is, non-automatic) rifles meant for firing at targets at extreme range, usually via the aid of a scope.notifications1980 / 2021519 games
RadarPlayer has a radar or similar device, or an unexplained display that mimics it, that gives positional info to player of various objects of interest and possibly friend-or-foe detection. Whether or not it is a literal radar.notifications1980 / 2019395 games
Remote camera (Spybot)Player has some form of remote camera device. Either attachable, droppable, or remotely controllable.notifications1996 / 20158 games
Rotary guns (Gatling gun;Minigun;Rotary cannon)Includes guns with 2 or more barrels rotating while firing.notifications1992 / 2020218 games
ShieldsPlayer can wield a shield or other object to manually block incoming attacks.notifications1984 / 2019279 games
Shotguns (Auto-shotgun;Trenchgun;Scattergun)Includes weapons that fire a voluminous spray of pellets or single large slug.notifications1990 / 2020725 games
Slings (Shepherd's sling)An archaic hunting weapon used to propel small objects - usually specifically shaped rocks - at game animals.notifications1985 / 201759 games
Spearguns(Harpoon guns)[spear guns]Includes weapons that launch a long-ish spear or similar projectile at their target, normally used for fishing in form of harpoon guns.notifications2000 / 201646 games
Spears (Pikes)A stabbing pole arm.notifications1979 / 2020148 games
Stun grenades (Flashbangs;Tear gas grenades;Sting grenades)Used to confuse, disarm, disorient, or distract a potential threat.notifications2003 / 201659 games
Stun prods (Electroshock weapons;Shock prods;Blackjacks;Tasers)Includes any close-range contact weapon or tool, the purpose of which is to stun/incapacitate their targets.notifications1990 / 201743 games
Submachine guns (SMGs)notifications1989 / 2020301 games
SwordsIncludes long bladed melee weapons.notifications1979 / 20211725 games
Swordstaffs (Swordstaves;Glaive;Fauchard;なぎなた;薙刀;Naginata;關刀;关刀;Guan Dao;Kwan Dao;Kuan Tao;偃月刀;Yanyue Dao)Any shortish pole arm with a sword-like blade at one end, used for either stabbing or slashing.notifications1995 / 20094 games
Target designatorA device that pinpoints a target, usually for artillery or missile fire.notifications2008 / 201111 games
Telescope (Binoculars;Spyglass;Zoom)Any device, ability, magic or anything else that allows players to view things at a significant distance.notifications1997 / 2020184 games
TranslatorA device that automatically translates foreign language speech or text into what the player understands. Can also be that the protagonist is multilingual and can translate them without an actual tool for it.notifications1998 / 20125 games
Whips (Lashes;Chains)Player can use whips or whip-like weapons.notifications1986 / 2019101 games
WingsuitA jumpsuit designed to mimic flying squirrels.notifications2007 / 20158 games
Adaptive tools (Adaptive weapons)Tools that gain and/or lose traits depending on who uses them.notifications2 games
Afterburner (Overdrive;Nitro boost)[speed boost]Includes a device, ability, or other that propels the protagonist or their vehicle at speed far above their normal capabilities for a time. Likely has somehow limited use or is somehow detrimental for other activities.notifications1988 / 201857 games
Charging weaponsUsually a secondary attack, needs the player to stop using the main weapon while charging, to release the charged shot few seconds later.notifications1987 / 202090 games
Comic WeaponsInherently humorous yet useful weapons. Cream pie, banana peel, bad breath, toilet plunger.notifications1 game
Compressed GasPlayer specifically deals with the physics of compressed gas.notifications1987 / 201217 games
DeployablesIncludes large devices (but not so large as to be structures, buildings, or such) that require time to deploy before they can be used, carriable by single person. Often can be packed again and re-deployed.notifications2001 / 201651 games
Disc launchers (Saw launchers)Weapons that launch discs, saw blades, or anything similar.notifications1998 / 201325 games
Disguised weaponsWeapons that appear to be something other than what they are. Cane sword, cane guns, dagger shaped pistols, cell phone guns, etc...notifications2000 / 20104 games
Fallback weapon(Emergency weapon;Backup weapon)Player has a basic weapon, attack, or other equivalent that goes largely unused except in emergencies when ammo for primary weapon(s) runs out. Commonly too weak to use as primary weapon though and equally commonly tends to have unlimited ammo if ranged.notifications1986 / 2020244 games
FlamethrowersPlayer can use a device that projects a flame, or more appropriately, a stream of napalm or other highly flammable substances.notifications1982 / 2019238 games
Gadget weapons (Gadgetguns)Includes weapons built from various pieces of junk and scrap materials by hand rather than factory made - or have the appearance of such.notifications2000 / 201110 games
Gunblades (Pistol swords;Gun swords)[shooting swords]Weapons that are primarily designed for melee combat but have functionality of a gun or are otherwise capable of being used as projectile weapons (such as through magic). Commonly appear as swords, but can be anything.notifications1986 / 201650 games
Homing Missiles (Seeker Missiles)Missiles capable of steering themselves to a target. Seeking heat, radar, sight recognition, coordinates, movement, & sound are some ways to do this.notifications1987 / 201742 games
Keys (Access cards)Player is required to locate items used to unlock things, such as tiny metallic keys, access cards, fingers, wire cutters, eyeballs, and so forth.notifications1980 / 2021853 games
Multi sights(Dual sights)Weapons, tools or such that have two or more sighting devices attached, such as combination of scope, reflex sight and grenade sight.notifications2010 / 20136 games
Multi-tools (Combitools)Tools that have multiple individual functions.notifications1991 / 201314 games
Probabilities shownPlayer(s) have or can gain access to calculated probable results of available actions.notifications1992 / 19934 games
Remote detonatorsAnything that is tossed or placed somewhere and later triggered to activate, detonate, or something via remote signal.notifications1996 / 202086 games
Selective fire (Firing mode)[fire mode;select-fire;select fire]Weapons with selective fire, allowing player to switch from single shot to burst to auto and possibly others depending on the weapon.notifications1992 / 201643 games
Singleshot FirearmsGuns that must be reloaded for ever shot fired. These may also be Early Firearms.notifications1 game
Smart bomb (Armageddon device)Player can launch a bomb or such of limited supply that wipes most or all of the visible enemies but (commonly) leaves the player character unharmed.notifications1986 / 201768 games
Stream projectorsIncludes weapons or tools that project a stream of liquid or gas.notifications2002 / 20106 games
Suppressors (Silencers)Player can use suppressors, tools that suppress certain unwanted traits of other tools, such as muzzle flash and/or the firing sound of firearms.notifications1998 / 201035 games
Swarm weaponsWeapons that fire simultaneously or in a rapid succession a large salvo of projectiles that seek random or pre-designated targets.notifications1995 / 201316 games
Thermal weapons (Flame weapons;Incendiary weapons)Includes weapons with the purpose of setting things on fire or otherwise burning them.notifications1982 / 2016219 games
Two-handed mêlée weaponsPlayer uses or can use melee weapons that require both hands to use, such as great swords, battle axes and staves.notifications1989 / 201780 games
Universal ammo(Generic ammo)Weapons use ammunition from same pool regardless of weapon type.notifications1996 / 201714 games
Unlimited ammoAll projectile weapons have unlimited ammunition.notifications1984 / 2019287 games
Unusual toolsIncludes tools that are so strange or unique that recording them individually would accomplish nothing useful.notifications2008 / 20155 games
Vision enhancerPlayer has some device, ability or piece of magic that somehow enhances their normal vision.notifications1999 / 201228 games
X-ray vision (Sonic imager)[thermal vision;infravision]Any vision mode, tool, or such that allows the player character to see through walls and other vision obscuring obstacles, regardless if it's literally an x-ray vision or not.notifications2000 / 201624 games