Tools entity

Any shortish pole arm with a sword-like blade at one end, used for either stabbing or slashing.


Alternate names: Swordstaves, Glaive, Fauchard, なぎなた, 薙刀, Naginata, 關刀, 关刀, Guan Dao, Kwan Dao, Kuan Tao, 偃月刀, Yanyue Dao

The first video game about Swordstaffs was released on October 1995.

Note that "swordstaff" is not a real term, but was chosen for its visual representation of the weapon (a sword blade at the end of a staff). Most often these are categorized simply as both swords or polearms but commonly they're only one of the two (western ones usually falling to pole arms while eastern ones falling to swords).

These employ a fighting style generally similar to quarterstaffing, which is dissimilar to regular staff fighting.

Glaive is often misused to describe/name almost any imaginative fictional bladed weapon, though most commonly an enlarged throwing star (possibly inspired by the movie Krull where they just randomly picked an impressive sounding word).