Practical tools

Tools theme

Any tool tags that describe things already in practical use (that is, outside of prototype testing) or things that formerly had been in similar use in the real world.

Archaic weaponsWeapons that are no longer in use in modern warfare.container group
Chainsaw1994 / 201645 games
Chemical weaponsWeapons that deliver toxic chemicals to their victims. Usually gaseous for easy delivery to large masses.1999 / 201118 games
Dart gunsIncludes any kind of dart gun. Commonly used to deliver a sedative or paralytic compound to the target but can be used with other chemicals.1997 / 201619 games
Drills1995 / 201518 games
Explosives1975 / 2019263 games
FirearmsPlayer can use projectile weapons that use a controlled explosion to propel a bullet at the intended target.1975 / 20202348 games
Fire extinguishersPlayer can use any form of fire extinguishing tools, such as foam sprays, powder, fire-resistant blankets, buckets of water, etc.1978 / 20127 games
FirelighterAny form of tool that's meant to light fires, usually small enough to fit in ones palm.2008 / 20156 games
Flare gun1997 / 201723 games
NailgunsIncludes a weapon that shoots nails, short spikes or similar projectiles.1996 / 201660 games
Nuclear weapons1981 / 201779 games
PickaxeA hand tool with a sharp spike. Opposite the main spike there might be a counterweight (picks), another spike (picks) or a flat spike (pickaxes)1981 / 2019110 games
Sonic weaponsIncludes sonic weapons.1989 / 201537 games
Thermal weaponsIncludes weapons with the purpose of setting things on fire or otherwise burning them.1982 / 2016218 games