Stun grenades

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Used to confuse, disarm, disorient, or distract a potential threat.


Alternate names: Flashbangs, Tear gas grenades, Sting grenades

The first video game about Stun grenades was released on February 16, 2003.

Square Enix, Ubisoft and Team17 Software has published most of these games

Flashbangs produce temporary blinding and deafening for about 5-10 seconds and impairing combat effectiveness even up to a minute.

Sting grenades do not produce flash nor bang, but rather expel a volume of rubber balls that mainly hurt (or rather sting as per its name) though may cause more notable injury if the balls hit eyes, stunning anyone in the vicinity and possibly disarming them temporarily due to the pain.
* Blinding

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Distorted vision, Non-lethal weapons, Stunning

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Blinding, Distorted hearing, Distorted vision
EMP grenades

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