Beam weapons

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Includes energy weapons that produce a beam of energy (connected end-to-end with source and target) or particles that burns or otherwise disrupts the atomic or molecular structure of their targets.


Alternate names: Directed-energy weapons, Particle beam weapons, Laser weapons, Energy beam weapons

* Energy weapons

* Stream projectors

* LASER bolts - LASERs should be beams, but these are not, and therefore not part of beam weapons.
The fanciest among these are electrolasers or weapons that produce similar effect, outwardly appearing as lightning guns but the kind that produce straight firing electron bolt with no arcing.

Energy beams:
* Laser
* Electrolaser

Particle beams:
* Plasma

Does NOT include any sort of mass drivers or accelerators that propel physical objects to high speeds using various methods from small controlled explosions to magnetic rails.

Does NOT include weapons that are beam weapons only in name, such as lasers in Star Wars (see laser bolts tag for that). That is, beams connect from start point to the end point simultaneously, not travel the distance over time like a bolt does.

The first Beam weapons video game was released on July 1971.

Electronic Arts, THQ and Activision published most of these games.

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