Laser bolts

Culture concept

Within the depicted mythos, LASER weapons fire bolts of light rather than end-to-end connecting beams that hit their target in an instant.


Alternate name: Slow lasers

The first video game about Laser bolts was released in 1982.

LucasArts, 2K Games and Devolver Digital has published most of these games

* Energy weapons

* Beam weapons
If you can see the laser travelling from its start point to the end point of contact, then you're seeing laser bolts, regardless if it occupies the whole space between. Real lasers hit instantly their target (compare flashlight, laser is just much more focused).

Also, supposedly real-life laser weapons wouldn't even have a human visible beam anyway, but this is often ignored in games and other entertainment and not related to their slowness.

This should NOT be used for cases where the weapons are not clearly identified as laser weapons, as they could be some other vague made-up energy projectile weapons instead.