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101 BASIC Computer Games Series(More BASIC Computer Games)BASIC games that appeared in the series of books by David H. Ahl beginning with 101 BASIC Computer Games.notifications1970 / 1985550 games
2000 ADBased on something published in the British 2000 AD comic magazine.notifications1977 / 20004 games
A Song of Ice and Fire (A Game of Thrones)Based on the medieval epic fantasy novel series by George R. R. Martin, or its later adaptations.notifications1996 / 20145 games
Action ManBased on the Action Man boys' action figure toy line.notifications2000 / 20044 games
Adrian Mole (The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, Aged 13¾)Based on the Adrian Mole novels or TV series.notifications1985 / 198713 games
Aerosmithnotifications1994 / 19966 games
Agatha ChristieGames based on the Agatha Christie's detective/murder mystery books.notifications2005 / 20238 games (2 characters)
AKB48A Japanese idol girl group. The girls range in age from early teens to mid-20snotifications2010 / 20189 games
AladdinBased on one of the tales found in The Book of One Thousand and One Nights (Arabian Nights).notifications1985 / 201619 games (3 characters)
Alf (Gordon Shumway)Alf survived Melmac's nuclear war. Was stranded on Earth. Despair & survivor guilt plagued him, so joked a lot & broke things. Favorite food is [gametag=domesticcats]cats[/gametag].notifications1987 / 198911 games (6 characters)
Alfonso AzpiriBased on the creations of Alfonso Azpiri, a Spanish erotic/adult comic book artist.notifications1989 / 199014 games
Alice in Wonderland (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland)Based on Lewis Carroll's books Alice in Wonderland (1865) and/or Through the Looking Glass (1871).notifications1984 / 201150 games (8 characters)
AlienA sci-fi horror movie series featuring the famed Xenomorph aliens and Ellen Ripley.notifications1979 / 201969 games (42 characters)
Aliens versus Predator franchise (AvP)Based on the AvP comics, books, films or other adaptations.notifications1992 / 201013 games (4 characters)
Allan Quatermain(King Solomon's Mines)Based on any of the novels about Allan Quatermain, a master marksman, or any derivative works with him as a central figure.notifications1984 / 20145 games
AnimorphsBased on the Animorphs book series by K. A. Applegate, telling the tale of six kids who combat a secret alien invasion on Earth with their power to transform into any animal they touch.notifications2 games (6 characters)
Arabian Nights (The Book of One Thousand and One Nights;كتاب ألف ليلة وليلة‎;هزار و یک شب)Based on tales from the Arabian Nights book.notifications1981 / 201675 games (2 characters)
Arthur Read(Educational) games featuring book and tv character "Arthur Read".notifications3 games
Austin Powersnotifications1997 / 20038 games
Babylon 5Based on the sci-fi TV series mostly written by J. Michael Straczynski.notifications1999 / 20115 games
Back to the FutureBased on the movie trilogy.notifications1985 / 201536 games
Barbienotifications1991 / 201566 games (1 characters)
Barsoom Series(Barsoom stories)Inspired by Edgar Rice Burroughs' Barsoom stories. The Burroughs estate has never authorized any video games (2017) so these games are all unofficial.notifications1989 / 19932 games
Batman (Caped Crusader)A multimillionaire anti-hero by DC Comics.notifications1986 / 2021146 games (5 characters)
Battlestar Galacticanotifications1978 / 20079 games
Beauty and the Beast (La Belle et la Bête)Based on the French fairytale from 18th century, first published in 1740.notifications1991 / 20086 games (2 characters)
BeowulfBased on the Old English epic poem of Beowulf.notifications5 games (2 characters)
Blues Brothersnotifications1986 / 200011 games (2 characters)
Bob MoraneSeries of novels from the Belgian author Henri Vernes.notifications1987 / 198921 games
Bone comicBased on the Bone comic series by Jeff Smith.notifications1991 / 20063 games (5 characters)
Bram Stoker's DraculaA gothic horror novel written by Bram Stoker and published in 1897, introduced such famous fictional characters as the titular Dracula and Van Helsing.notifications1982 / 201965 games (3 characters)
Britney Spearsnotifications3 games
Bruce Leenotifications1973 / 201520 games
Buck Rogers (Anthony Rogers)A sci-fi adventurer created by Philip Francis Nowlan. 1st published in Amazing Stories magazine, 1928. comics, serials, radio, and TV series followed.notifications1979 / 199221 games (15 characters)
Cabela'sAny games produced by or with license from the Cabela's hunting, fishing, camping, etc. retailer.notifications1998 / 201579 games
Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (Xenozoic Tales)Based on the Cadillacs and Dinosaurs comics.notifications1992 / 19953 games
Captain AmericaA patriotic superhero whose fame started during WW2 when his comics were apparently very popular (in US), was later revived with The Avengers.notifications1987 / 201618 games (2 characters)
Carmen SandiegoAn educational franchise of video games, TV series, books and others.notifications1985 / 201261 games
Caspernotifications1995 / 201011 games
Charlie Church MouseFeatures Charlie Church Mouse, a character appearing as maquot in several christian media, most known for "The Charlie Church Mouse Show" tv show.notifications5 games
Charlie's Angelsnotifications2000 / 20192 games (3 characters)
Chibi Maruko-chan (ちびまる子ちゃん)notifications1990 / 200112 games
Choro-Qnotifications1984 / 200823 games
Cinderella(The Little Glass Slipper)Based on the Cinderella folk tale about a woman living with her stepmother and stepsisters under unjust oppression to be whisked away on magical visit to the king's castle, originally published in 1697 and later collected by the Brothers Grimm.notifications1994 / 20064 games (1 characters)
CLAMP (クランプ)Based on the creations of the CLAMP team.notifications1993 / 200623 games
Conan the BarbarianBased on the Conan mythos originally created by Robert E. Howard.notifications1982 / 201822 games (5 characters)
Cool SpotMascot for "7 Up" since the second half of the 1980's.notifications1990 / 199619 games
Crimson SkiesBased on the Crimson Skies franchise.notifications1998 / 20032 games
CSI - Crime Scene InvestigationBased on the CSI crime fiction TV series.notifications2003 / 201522 games
Dan DareBased on Dan Dare comics, a British science fiction series starring the titular character, created in 1950 by illustrator Frank Hampson.notifications1986 / 199011 games
Dante's Divine ComedyBased on the epic poem by Dante Aligheri.notifications1980 / 20106 games
David LivingstoneInspired by David Livingstone and his exploration of central Africa.notifications1986 / 199115 games
DeadpoolA disfigured and deeply disturbed mercenary and assassin with the superhuman ability of an accelerated healing factor and physical prowess.notifications2013 / 20185 games
Dennis the Menacenotifications1993 / 19944 games
Devilman (デビルマン)Based on the manga or anime by Go Nagai.notifications1987 / 20004 games
Dick TracyLong running comic strip that spawned cartoons, TV shows, & movies. The original was noted for its balance of realistic violence & realistic forensicsnotifications1990 / 199112 games (1 characters)
Die HardAn action movie series featuring John McClane (portrayed by Bruce Willis).notifications1989 / 200316 games
DinotopiaGames based on Dinotopia, a fictional utopia by author and illustrator James Gurney.notifications1995 / 20033 games
Disney(Walt Disney)Based on any of Disney's productions.notifications1981 / 2022686 games (82 characters)
Doctor Whonotifications1981 / 201921 games
Don Quijote de la Mancha (Don Quixote;Don Quijote;Don Quichotte)Based on the Spanish novel written by Miguel de Cervantes in early 17th century, or its later other adaptations.notifications1984 / 200814 games
Dr. SeussGames that are based on media and characters from Dr. Seuss.notifications1984 / 200711 games
Dreamworks AnimationBased on Dreamworks Animation's creations.notifications1998 / 2014121 games
Dukes of HazzardThe game share setting with the Dukes of Hazzard TV series.notifications1983 / 200410 games
E.T. the Extra-TerrestrialGames based on characters from the 1982 movie or its short film, or book sequels. A boy befriends a extra-terrestrial botanist stranded in California.notifications1982 / 201625 games
Edgar Rice BurroughsBased on the various literary works of Edgar Rice Burroughs or placens and/or characters thereof.notifications1 game
El ZorroBased on the Zorro novels, TV serieses or whatever else that has been made of him.notifications1985 / 200910 games (138 characters)
Elviranotifications1990 / 202116 games
Evil Dead(Army of Darkness)[The Evil Dead]A comedy horror series starring Ash Williams, a clerk at S-Mart department store.notifications1981 / 202213 games (2 characters)
Fantastic Four[Fantastic 4]notifications1985 / 202617 games (5 characters)
Felix the Cat (Baby Felix;ベイビーフィリックス)notifications1991 / 20024 games
Flash Gordonnotifications1982 / 199013 games (3 characters)
Frank Herbert's DuneBased on Frank Herbert's Dune sci-fi novel series, and/or the later expansions by Brian Herbert.notifications1984 / 201517 games (19 characters)
FrankensteinBased on the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley and other creations inspired by it.notifications1981 / 199725 games (2 characters)
G.I. Joenotifications1983 / 200916 games (59 characters)
Ghostbustersnotifications1984 / 202049 games (12 characters)
Go! Go! Ackman (Go Go Ackman)Series of manga by Akira Toriyama.notifications1994 / 19954 games
GodzillaGodzilla is a iconic fictional monster featured in Japanese films and has become one of the world's most recognized movie characters. He was first seen in the 1954 film Gojira.notifications1980 / 201539 games
Golgo 13 (ゴルゴ13)notifications1983 / 200117 games
GoosebumpsBased on the children's horror novel series by R. L. Stine.notifications1996 / 20156 games
GremlinsBased on the Gremlins movies.notifications1984 / 201128 games (8 characters)
GunparadeA game series that has been turned into both anime and manga. Features HWT (Humanoid Walking Tank) mechas fighting off an alien invasion to Japan.notifications2000 / 20062 games
H. R. GigerBased on H. R. Giger's artworksnotifications1991 / 199711 games
Hannah MontanaAmerican television series which debuted on 2006 on the Disney Channel.notifications2006 / 200912 games
Harry PotterBased on J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter book series or its adaptations to other media.notifications1997 / 201874 games (17 characters)
Heavy Metal magazineBased on the works in Heavy Metal, an American erotic sci-fi/fantasy magazine.notifications1981 / 20014 games
HellboyGames based on the Hellboy comics by Mike Mignola or the later movie or cartoon adaptations.notifications2000 / 20085 games (5 characters)
HellraiserGames based on the Hellraiser horror movies.notifications2 games
Heracles (Hercules)Based on the tales of mythological Greek hero, Heracles, son of Zeus, or his Roman adaptation as Hercules.notifications1984 / 200934 games (2 characters)
HighlanderBased on the Highlander franchise.notifications1986 / 20107 games (2 characters)
His Dark MaterialsGames based on the book series by Philip Pullman or any adaptations of it.notifications7 games (4 characters)
Image ComicsUnited States comic book publisher.notifications1995 / 20038 games (1 characters)
Indiana JonesA character made famous in the Raiders of the Lost Ark movie, its sequels, spin-offs, books, comics, TV series & more.notifications1981 / 201578 games (10 characters)
Iron Mannotifications1996 / 202020 games (2 characters)
Iron SkyBased on the comic science fiction movie Iron Sky, dealing with Nazis attacking Earth from the dark side of the Moon.notifications2011 / 20125 games
Iron Sky Tie-inBegins with the 2012 movie about a group of Nazis that retreated to the dark side of the moon and invaded Earth in 2018. Movies, comics, video & board gamesnotifications2011 / 20176 games
Jack and the Beanstalknotifications1982 / 19967 games
James Bond 007Games featuring the fictional British secret agent "James Bond", created by Ian Fleming in 1952, appearing in twelve novels and 25+ movies.notifications1977 / 2021104 games
Jeopardy!American TV game show consisting in a quiz about general knowledge.notifications1984 / 201242 games
Jīn Yōng (金庸;Louis Cha;查良鏞;查良镛)Based on the works of Jīn Yōng, a famous and influential wuxia author.notifications1993 / 20004 games
John Carpenter's The ThingBased on The Thing film by John Carpenter.notifications1982 / 20114 games
John Wick seriesnotifications2019 / 20192 games
Judge Dreddnotifications1977 / 201824 games (1 characters)
Jules VerneBased on or inspired by the works of Jules Verne, a French adventure fiction author who envisioned things not feasible in his times (sci-fi).notifications1978 / 200534 games
Jurassic ParkBased on the book by Michael Crichton, its sequels and/or the movies based on them.notifications1990 / 202047 games (1 characters)
Justice Leaguenotifications1995 / 20178 games
Kamen Rider(仮面ライダー)A henshin superhero series about the titular character who fights against a terrorist organization(s) bent on world domination.notifications1987 / 201231 games (2 characters)
Kinniku Banzuke (筋肉番付;Muscle Ranking;Unbeatable Banzuke)Japanese sports entertainment TV game show.notifications1999 / 20019 games
Knight RiderGames based on the Knight Rider TV series from the 1980's featuring crime fighter Michael Knight and his fantastic car KITT..notifications1986 / 200912 games
Known SpaceSet in the Known Space universe by Larry Niven.notifications1992 / 19942 games
Labyrinth movie tie-inBased on the movie Labyrinth staring Jennifer Connelly and David Bowie.notifications1986 / 19876 games (1 characters)
Little Red Riding Hoodnotifications1989 / 20136 games
Littlest Pet ShopBased on the Littlest Pet Shop toy franchise.notifications2008 / 20125 games
Lone WolfGames based on the "Lone Wolf" series of gamebooks by Joe Dever.notifications1984 / 19916 games
Love Live!(ラブライブ!)A cross-media Japanese idol franchise.notifications2013 / 20145 games
M*A*S*HBased on the M*A*S*H media franchise.notifications1970 / 19854 games
MadballsBased on Madballs, a toy line of bizarre head-like balls.notifications1987 / 20106 games
Majin Tantei Nōgami Neuro (魔人探偵 脳噛ネウロ)notifications1 game (3 characters)
Mark TwainBased on Samuel Clemens' charters (Becky Thatcher, Mark Twain, Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn, Thomas Canty, etc.)notifications1988 / 19925 games
McDonald's(Ronald McDonald)notifications1983 / 200611 games
Men in Black franchise (Men in Black: The Series)Based on the Men in Black movies or the cartoon series.notifications1997 / 201214 games
METRO 2033 (Метро 2033)Based on the novel Metro 2033 by Dmitry Glukhovsky (Дмитрий Глуховский).notifications2010 / 201511 games
Michel OcelotBased on or inspired by the works of Michel Ocelot, a French writer, character designer, storyboard artist and director of animated films and television programs.notifications2001 / 20087 games
Mighty Morphin Power Rangersnotifications1992 / 201233 games
Monster HighBased on the fashion doll series from Mattel.notifications2010 / 20122 games
Monster MakerMonster Maker is a traditional style card game of Japanese origin. Players swap cards(parts) to build a complete monster before their opponent.notifications1990 / 19912 games
Monty Pythonnotifications1990 / 19969 games
Morning Musume(モーニング娘。)O of the most successful Japanese pop idol girl groups.notifications2001 / 20022 games
Mortadelo y Filemón(Mort & Phil;Clever & Smart)Based on the Spanish comic series Mortadelo y Filemón.notifications1987 / 199010 games
Mr. MenA set of Childrens book from Roger Hargreavesnotifications2 games
MunstersHas characters from the Munsters TV show.notifications1990 / 20052 games
Murder, She Wrote TV SeriesA mystery series almost exclusively involving murder & small town resident, mystery writer, & amateur detective, Jessica Fletcher.notifications1996 / 20145 games
My Little Pony[MLP]Based on the My Little Pony franchise, featuring anthropomorphic ponies.notifications1994 / 20104 games (6 characters)
Nakayoshi(なかよし)Includes any of the characters from the Nakayoshi publications.notifications1993 / 200813 games
Nancy DrewBased on the Nancy Drew mystery novels.notifications1998 / 201434 games (1 characters)
Nishimura Kyoutarou MysteryGames based on a series of crime novels by Nishimura Kyoutarou.notifications1989 / 19945 games
Olsen twins (Mary-Kate and Ashley Fuller Olsen)Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Fuller Olsen (born June 13, 1986) are American actresses, best known for playing the role of Michelle Tanner on the sitcom Full House. Both have appeared in television and films since infancy. (Source: Wikipedia).notifications1999 / 200313 games
PernBased on Anne McCaffrey's book series about the planet of Pern, its genetically engineered Dragons and Dragonriders.notifications1983 / 20016 games
Perry RhodanA long-running series of science-fiction dime novels from Germany starring the eponymous hero.notifications1998 / 20084 games
Peter Pannotifications1984 / 201528 games (4 characters)
Phantomnotifications1990 / 200610 games (1 characters)
Planet of the Apes (La planète des singes)A successful 1963 book. An altered story was used for the famous 1968 movie version. A re-imagined movie was also made in 2001.notifications1983 / 20115 games
PlaymobilToys.notifications1998 / 20007 games
Predator franchiseBased on the Predator movies and related comics or books.notifications1987 / 201039 games
Prime WorldA cross-media franchise from Nival.notifications2013 / 20143 games
Punch and JudyA traditional puppet show staring Pulcinella (Mr. Punch) and his wife Judy. 1st noted by scholars in the 1600s.notifications1983 / 19852 games
Puss in Bootsnotifications1986 / 20084 games
Queen's Blade (クイーンズブレイド)Based on the series of sexually suggestive (ecchi) gamebooks by Hobby Japan, or their later novel, anime or manga adaptations. Notably has exclusively female cast.notifications2009 / 20123 games
Ragnarok(라그나로크)Based on the Ragnarok manhwa series by Lee Myung-jin (이명진).notifications2002 / 20139 games
Rambonotifications1985 / 201425 games
Record of Lodoss War (Lodoss Tousenki;ロードス島戦記)notifications1988 / 200116 games
Roald DahlBased on the works of Roald Dahl.notifications1985 / 20057 games
Robin HoodAn archetypal character of English folk tales originating in the middle ages. With his Merry Men, known to rob from the rich to provide for the poornotifications1982 / 202165 games (18 characters)
RoboCopA series following the life of a cyborg police officer, Alex J. Murphy.notifications1987 / 200442 games (1 characters)
Rocket PowerAmerican animated television series that aired on Nickelodeon from 1999 to 2004.notifications2001 / 20058 games
Rockynotifications1987 / 20025 games
Rogue Trooper (Nu Earth)Based on the Rogue Trooper comics.notifications1981 / 20099 games
Sabrina The Teenage Witch (Sabrina The Animated Series)Comic book series published by Archie Comics about the adventures of a teenage fictional character named Sabrina Spellman, first published in 1971. Later adapted into a movie, a TV series (1996), several animated series (1999), and a manga (2004),notifications2000 / 20024 games
Saint Seiya(聖闘士星矢;セイントセイヤ;Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac)notifications1987 / 201510 games (1 characters)
Sānguó Yǎnyì (三国演义;三國演義;Romance of the Three Kingdoms;三國志;三国志;Sānguó Zhì;Three Kingdoms period;Sangokushi)Based on the Sānguó Yǎnyì Chinese epic, which itself was based on the official records of the time period, Sānguó Zhì (from ~169 till ~280).notifications1985 / 2009104 games
Sega Hard GirlsMultimedia series (light novels, video games, anime) that re-imagines various Sega video game consoles as anthropomorphized goddess.notifications1 game
Sesame Streetnotifications1981 / 201373 games (7 characters)
Sherlock HolmesBased on the stories about a famous fictional detective created by Scottish author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.notifications1980 / 201468 games (7 characters)
Shōnen Jump (少年ジャンプ;Jump Magazine)Includes any of the characters from the Shōnen Jump publications.notifications1983 / 201967 games (9 characters)
Sinbad the Sailor (السندباد البحري;as-Sindibād al-Baḥri;سندباد;Sændbād;Sindbad)A fictional sailor from Basrah whose voyages are recorded in the Arabian Nights.notifications1983 / 199017 games (1 characters)
Snow Whitenotifications1983 / 20066 games
Spriggan('スプリガン)Series of manga.notifications1991 / 19994 games
Spy vs. SpyBased on the Spy vs. Spy comic strips.notifications1984 / 200535 games
Star TrekVideo games based on the science fiction television series created by Gene Roddenberry.notifications1971 / 2020300 games (10 characters)
Star WarsA saga about heroes, lightsabers, dualism and spaceships, created by George Lucas in 1977.notifications1977 / 2022307 games (48 characters)
StargateBased on the Stargate movie(s) or its later TV series adaptations.notifications1994 / 20137 games
Starship TroopersBased on the original book (from 1959) by Robert A. Heinlein or the later movie and/or the TV series adaptations.notifications1976 / 20053 games
Steve JobsFounder of Apple Inc, business mind behind the Apple ][ series, Macintosh, and iPod.notifications1 game
Stimulating SimulationsA series of software and print materials by Charles William Engel. An early edutainment series teaching computer simulation of all types.notifications1978 / 19847 games
Suikoden (水滸伝)Based on the Shui Hu Zhuan "Water Margin / Suikoden" Chinese epic, one of the Four Great Classical novels of Chinese literature.notifications1989 / 201226 games
Super Sentai(スーパー戦隊)notifications1990 / 20023 games
Supermannotifications1978 / 202540 games (1 characters)
Tarzannotifications1983 / 200222 games (2 characters)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles)notifications1989 / 202269 games (13 characters)
TerminatorBased on the Terminator movies, TV series, novels or comics.notifications1991 / 200955 games (6 characters)
The A-Teamnotifications1984 / 19896 games (4 characters)
The Addams FamilyBased on the original 1964 TV show or the later films, cartoons or other live-action shows.notifications1989 / 200122 games (9 characters)
The Adventures of Pinocchio ( Le avventure di Pinocchio)Based on the Italian children's novel by Carlo Collodi, telling the tale of an enchanted anthropomorphic wooden doll that wants to be a real boy (human).notifications1993 / 20086 games
The Avengers(Earth's Mightiest Heroes)A team of superheroes, appearing in comic books published by Marvel Comics.notifications1991 / 201919 games (6 characters)
The Backyardigansnotifications2006 / 20094 games
The Berenstain Bearsnotifications1983 / 200512 games
The Cat in the Hat SeriesBased on The Cat in the Hat children's book series.notifications2003 / 20044 games
The Chronicles of NarniaBased on the Chronicles of Narnia novels.notifications1984 / 200818 games
The Chronicles of Riddicknotifications2000 / 20095 games (2 characters)
The Dark CrystalGames based on the 1982 movie and the later 2019 series.notifications1983 / 19845 games (1 characters)
The DarknessBased on the comic series by Marc Silvestri, Garth Ennis, and David Wohl.notifications2007 / 20125 games (1 characters)
The GodfatherBased on "The Godfather" moviesnotifications1992 / 200912 games
The Hitchhiker TrilogyA series of 5 or more books by Douglas Adams beginning with [i]The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy[/i].notifications1984 / 200419 games
The Incredible Hulknotifications1984 / 201732 games (8 characters)
The Jungle BookBased on Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book series or its later adaptations.notifications1984 / 200318 games (1 characters)
The Karate Kidnotifications1984 / 20103 games
The Last StarfighterA 1984 sci-fi adventure film that centers on an earthling recruited to fight intergalactic battles when he passes a pilots test disguised as a coin-opnotifications1984 / 20076 games
The Lion KingBased on the movies or the Timon & Pumbaa cartoon.notifications1994 / 201620 games (6 characters)
The Little Match Girl (Den Lille Pige med Svovlstikkerne)References Hans Christian Andersen short story about a dying child's hopes & dreams.notifications2002 / 20152 games
The Little Mermaid(Den lille havfrue)Based on the Danish fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen, perhaps better known from Disney's animated adaptation of it where the mermaid was also given the name Ariel.notifications1989 / 20066 games
The Lord of the RingsBased on J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings trilogy.notifications1982 / 2019145 games (23 characters)
The MatrixBased on the Matrix movie trilogy, comics or TV series.notifications1999 / 20218 games (3 characters)
The Moomins (Mumintrollen;Muumit)A series of comic strips and books by Tove Jansson following the tales of a family of trolls that vaguely resemble bipedal hippos, originally published in Swedish in Finland.notifications1988 / 20096 games (10 characters)
The MuppetsUses characters from the group of puppets called The Muppets, created by Jim Henson.notifications1983 / 200328 games (11 characters)
The Neverending Story (Die unendliche Geschichte)Based on the novel by Michael Ende or its movie adaptations.notifications1984 / 200110 games (4 characters)
The OdysseyA collect of poems from the Epic Cycle. Tales of of Odysseus after the Trojan War including his journey home & fighting to defend his wife from malevolent suiters once therenotifications1 game
The Princess BrideBased on William Goldman's book or movie (he wrote both). A fairy-tale-like story with 5-7 lovable rogues, a princess, & pretty much every thing else thrown innotifications3 games
The PunisherA vigilante cop anti-hero from Marvel.notifications1990 / 201911 games (5 characters)
The Smurfs (Les Schtroumpfs;I Puffi)The Smurfs (originally Les Schtroumpfs in French) are a fictional group of small blue creatures who live somewhere in the forests of medieval Europe, created by the Belgian cartoonist Peyo.notifications1982 / 201127 games (2 characters)
The Three Stoogesnotifications1984 / 20109 games
The Walking DeadBased on The Walking Dead comics or its later TV adaptation.notifications2003 / 201823 games
The Wheel of TimeBased on an epic fantasy series by Robert Jordan, and by Brandon Sanderson after Jordan's death.notifications1990 / 20122 games (3 characters)
The Witcher (Zaklínač;Wiedźmin)Based on Andrzej Sapkowski's short stories telling tales of the witcher Geralt of Rivia.notifications2007 / 201913 games (7 characters)
The Wonderful Wizard of OzGame includes characters and/or set in Oz at depicted in L. Frank Baum's book, "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz". There were several movie adaptations as well.notifications1984 / 200117 games (5 characters)
ThunderbirdsA popular British scifi TV show filmed almost entirely with live action martinets.notifications1985 / 200112 games (13 characters)
Time Bokan(タイムボカン;Yatterman;ヤッターマン;Yattaman;Time Fighters)notifications1996 / 20086 games
Tintin and Snowy (Tintin et Milou)A boy & dog journalist duo originally from the comic book series [i]The Adventures of Tintin[/i] by Hergé (Georges Remi).notifications1989 / 201121 games (3 characters)
Tom ClancyBased on creations of Tom Clancy or sold with license to use his name.notifications1987 / 2019133 games
TronOne of the Disney's movie flops, made in 1975. Now acclaimed as "one of the most visionary movies of all time".notifications1982 / 201630 games
Ultraman (ウルトラマン;Ultra series)Based on Ultraman and other shows of the Ultra series (such as Ultra Q and Ultra Seven).notifications1971 / 201348 games (1 characters)
Urusei Yatsura (うる星やつら)Based on the manga by Rumiko Takahashi or its later anime adaptation.notifications1978 / 200513 games (5 characters)
WarhammerGames Workshops' Warhammer franchise.list_alt0 game
Where's Wally? (Where's Waldo?)notifications1987 / 19936 games
Willow SeriesKicked off by the 1988 fantasy film, this Lucasfilm franchise has also spawned books & comic books on which to based videogames.notifications1988 / 20006 games
Winnie-the-Pooh[Winnie the Pooh]A series of graphic novels written by A. A. Milne and illustrated by E. H. Shepard, later adapted into cartoons and others.notifications1984 / 200727 games (8 characters)
WolverineA mutant who possesses animal-keen senses, enhanced physical capabilities, powerful regenerative ability and three retractable claws in each hand.notifications1991 / 201718 games
Woody Woodpeckernotifications1994 / 200210 games
World of DarknessBased on White Wolf's World of Darkness.notifications2000 / 20046 games
World of Watches(Вселенная «Дозоров»;Vselennaya "Dozorov";Night Watch;Ночной дозор;Nochnoy Dozor)Based on the World of Watches franchise started by the Night Watch novel by Sergei Lukyanenko (Сергей Лукьяненко) or their movie adaptations.notifications2006 / 20072 games
X-filesGames based on the TV show. X-Files features mistrust of authority, conspiracy theories & the paranormal. Has elements of detective mysteries but rarely solves anythingnotifications1998 / 20044 games
X-MenA franchise by Marvel featuring mutants with superpowers.notifications1989 / 201875 games (65 characters)
Xena: Warrior PrincessBased on the Xena: Warrior Princess live-action adventure series, telling the tale of the titular warrior in archaic and fantastic Earth.notifications1995 / 20066 games (5 characters)
Xī Yóu Jì (西遊記;西游记;Journey to the West;Adventures of the Monkey God;Monkey: A Folk Novel of China;The Adventures of Monkey;西遊記;Saiyūki)Based on the classic [i]Journey to the West[/i] Chinese novels.notifications1978 / 201328 games (4 characters)
Zeiram (ゼイラム;Zeiramu;イ・リ・ア ゼイラム The Animation;Iria: Zeiram the Animation)Based on the Zeiram movies by Keita Amemiya or the Iria anime adaptation.notifications1995 / 19962 games (2 characters)
1977 TrinityIn 1977, Byte Magazine used this term to describe 3 new home computers that had entered the market. The Commodore PET, Apple ][, & the TRS-80 Model I.list_alt1 game
4th wall brokenBreaks the fourth wall by addressing the player, admitting player's existence or admitting that they're actually in a game (or that they're fictional characters).notifications1981 / 2018136 games
AfterlifeDeals with afterlife, whatever "life" comes after death.notifications1984 / 202031 games
AltruismProtagonist can help others without any promise of being rewarded for it, especially if there really is no reward besides being thanked for it.notifications2 games
Ambiguous: Fairytale[fairy tale]See linked fairytale-like or fairytale basis tags for proper concepts.list_altnotifications1984 / 201216 games (4 characters)
Ancient Egyptian themeUses an ancient Egyptian theme, but is not necessarily tied to the geographical location nor the historical culture in anything but appearance.notifications1979 / 2017186 games
Anglo-Saxon mythology (English folklore)notifications2007 / 20127 games
Anti-religiousThe game presents a anti-religious viewpoint.notifications1 game
Arabian mythologynotifications1 game
Art DecoAn artistic direction favouring linear symmetry embraced internationally in early 20th century (1920-1930).notifications1993 / 201919 games
Art NouveauAn artistic direction favouring organic asymmetry embraced internationally in late 19th and early 20th century (1890-1910), originated from Paris, France. Succeeded by Art Deco which similarly became international.0 game
Arthurian mythBased on Arthurian tales, deriving from writings of Geoffrey of Monmouth, William of Newburgh, Bede, Aneirin, Taliesin, Nennius, Gildas & various anonymous sources.notifications1981 / 2015104 games (129 characters)
Balance themeBalance between two or more opposing forces serves as a thematic element.notifications1989 / 20156 games
Boardgame Tie-inA videogame based on a proprietary real world boardgame. Not necessarily using the same rules; it may use the same characters for instance.notifications1976 / 2017242 games
Book tie-in (Novel tie-in)Based on a book or made into a book.notifications1975 / 2021805 games
BritishTea, biscuits, tophats, bowler hats, telephone boxes, startlingly British accents, and anything else associated with brits. Generally speaking uses Britishness as a theme.notifications1990 / 201618 games
C+C Music FactoryC+C Music Factory is an American dance-pop and hip hop group formed in 1989 by David Cole and Robert Clivillés.notifications1 game
Cacophonic voice(Cacophonous voice)One person speaking in multiple overlapping or alternating voices. Often used for demonic or otherworldly beings, especially those that represent group minds.notifications1994 / 202155 games
CanonConsidered to be officially canon in the wider array of other canonical material, or retells the already existing canonical material without contradicting them or presenting too out-of-place additional elements.notifications1979 / 201551 games
Catastrophe (Events gone horribly wrong)Depicts a major unexpected disaster or events caused by it.notifications1981 / 201324 games
Celebrity Tie-InFeatures at least 1 celebrity for the sake of featuring them.notifications1988 / 201414 games
Celtic mythology (Irish mythology)notifications1982 / 201314 games
Character-driven[character driven]Events evolve as per choices of the main characters rather than events outside of their control.notifications2012 / 20152 games
Child laborDepicts people under age of ~15 working regular jobs.notifications1 game
Chinese mythologyFeatures Chinese mythology prominently.notifications1987 / 201410 games (2 characters)
Chinese themenotifications1984 / 201538 games
CliffhangerThe ending leaves the fate of the protagonist(s) unresolved or in a precarious situation.notifications1996 / 2021101 games
Coerced (Blackmailed)The protagonist is involved simply because they've been somehow coerced into it.notifications1985 / 201724 games
Comic reliefInvolves a humorous person(s) or scene(s) in otherwise serious work, usually to alleviate the built up tension.notifications2006 / 201613 games
Comic tie-in(Graphic novel tie-in)Based on or made into a comic.notifications1978 / 2018431 games
Commercial mascotEven commercial mascots can be protagonists of video games.notifications1991 / 201126 games
Competition entryCreated originally for a competition. May have been developed farther since.notifications1993 / 201733 games
Computer In-JokesThese are developer/hacker in-jokes that many games reference.list_alt0 game
CorruptionDeals with corruption, swaying or completely turning away from ones integrity, ideals, moral principles and/or virtues.notifications1984 / 201611 games
Crude(Vulgar)notifications2 games
Culture themesAny tags describing thematic elements based on cultures.list_alt0 game
Daredevil themeRevolves around pleasing an audience (including technical or real judges) by performing dangerous looking feats.notifications1988 / 201610 games
Daylight horrorHorror fiction in daylight or otherwise well lit locations.notifications2000 / 202125 games
Demographics(Target audiences)Any tags covering target audiences.list_alt1993 / 20110 game
Destiny (Fate;Fatalism)Deals with the subject of destiny and fate.notifications2000 / 201827 games
Door gag (Freleng door gag;Hall of doors gag)A comedy gag that involves a character entering one door but unexpectedly exiting another, often employed in chases. Chase order may change. Unexpected characters and other gags may appear.notifications1983 / 20148 games
Dualism (Dualistic conflict)Conflict of two extremes. Can be either internal or external conflict with the player on either side or having choices between the two.notifications1974 / 2021701 games
Egyptian mythologyFeatures Egyptian myths and deities.notifications1985 / 201426 games (9 characters)
Electronic Games Arcade Awards (Arkie Awards)Electronic Games gave awards from 1980-1993 to game released the previous year (1979-1992)notifications1 game
EntangledThe protagonist is caught up in the events more or less by accident.notifications1985 / 201631 games
EnvironmentalismA social movement, politics, or philosophy concerned with the natural environment and its conservation.notifications1991 / 20118 games
Epic of GilgameshBased on the Epic of Gilgamesh.0 game (2 characters)
Erotic comic tie-inBased on an erotic comic.notifications1990 / 20019 games
European comic tie-inBased on or made into European comic.notifications1983 / 2016309 games (41 characters)
Everyone's deadThe protagonist and possibly few friends are the last survivors, or find themselves in a place or situation where everyone else is dead or shortly dead upon encountering them, though not counting hostile monsters or similar.notifications1993 / 202369 games
Evil is GoodEvilness, cruelty, etc. are presented as desirable traits.notifications1992 / 202063 games
Evil military (Evil military command)Military is depicted as evil, aggressive, or otherwise heedless of how the normal people suffer of their actions.notifications2002 / 20092 games
Evil WizardThe ancient Evil Wizard archetype. Personification of the phrase "absolute power corrupts absolutely".notifications1980 / 20144 games
EyecandyAny concepts that exist primarily for the reason that they're cool, impressive or otherwise make things more interesting without actually contributing anything tangible for gameplay.list_alt0 game
Falsely accused (Framed)The protagonist is falsely accused of committing some (likely horrible) crime and much of the story involves proving that you didn't do it, simply running away from the law, or otherwise attempting to cope with it.notifications1981 / 201766 games
FeminineDeals with or features (in significant manner) clothing, cosmetics, fragrances, romance, & other subjects in a feminine depiction or attempting to appeal to female audiences.notifications2002 / 201215 games
Fetish: BondageCaters to people with fetish for bondage.notifications1 game
Fighting Network RingsTrademarked as RINGS, is a Japanese combat sport promotionnotifications1992 / 19953 games
First Age of the Children of IlúvatarA lesser used Tolkien setting. Begins with the Awakening of the Elves. Ends with Morgoth's overthrow 65,390 solar years later. Documented primarily in [i]The Silmarillion.[/i].notifications3 games
Free Software (Libre Software)Licenses approved by the Free Software Foundation.list_alt0 game
Free willDeals with the subject of free will.notifications1998 / 201719 games
Freeman DysonIncludes theoretical concepts invented by Freeman Dyson.notifications1 game
Friendship beatdown(Beat into submission)You gain (some) friends/allies by beating them up first, or animals/monsters become tame pets via similar means.notifications1989 / 201736 games
From another timeThe protagonist of the story is somehow dragged from their own time and flung into some other time period. Possible causes are magic, extended stasis sleep (e.g. cryogenic storage), time travel, and some others.notifications1986 / 201718 games
From another world (Outsider protagonist)The protagonist of the story is somehow dragged from their home world, dimension or whatever and flung into an unknown world where they were summoned to or just accidentally stepped through a trans-dimensional portal and got stuck there.notifications1981 / 2021212 games
Frozen time (Cultural stagnation;Scientific stagnation)A place where cultural, scientific and other advances (or progress/change) seem to have ceased to occur or have become endless variations of the old. Essentially innovation itself has become absent.notifications1993 / 20103 games
FuturisticInvolves more advanced technology than the set time period would suggest, or has currently theoretical or experimental technology in practical everyday use.notifications1983 / 2018119 games
Game show tie-in (Reality show tie-in)Based on or inspired by a TV game show.notifications1982 / 2014325 games
Gaseous Entities (Cloud Creatures)Creatures that appear to be made of gas.notifications1982 / 20036 games
GendersAny tags relating to genders, gender bias, or such.list_alt0 game
GentrificationDeals with the subject of Gentrification. Shifting an urban community toward affluence; typified by displacing poor residents in favor of wealthiernotifications1 game
Gilligan's IslandGames that make reference to the TV show, "Gilligan's Island"notifications1990 / 20155 games (7 characters)
Good versus Evilnotifications1990 / 201731 games
Gothic ArtsDraws inspiration from Gothic art and fiction.notifications1996 / 201723 games
Greco-Roman mythology (Roman mythology;Greek mythology)Features aspects of Greek and/or Roman mythology.notifications1981 / 2016202 games (17 characters)
Greco-Roman theme(Greek theme;Roman theme)[Greco-Roman setting]Includes a Greco-Roman setting, yet not necessarily tied to the geographical location(s) nor the historical culture(s) in anything but appearance.notifications1985 / 202299 games
HalloweenPumpkins, ghosts, witches, costumes, candy, & the colors of black & [i]especially[/i] orange. Not to be confused with Harvest Festival or All Hallows Evenotifications1985 / 201936 games
Hero themeDeals with heroism, what heroes do to be heroes, how to become a hero, and possibly how to lose hero status.notifications2004 / 201410 games
HolidayUses any holiday as a thematic or plot element.notifications1983 / 2015154 games
Hollywood licensedBased on a movie licensed from a company associated with movie making in the region of Los Angeles, California known as "Hollywood".notifications1990 / 201512 games
Huge forearmsInstead of biceps, forearms of characters (especially male and generally masculine ones) are abnormally large, commonly widening towards the fingers and often with no apparent wrist.notifications1 game
Indian mythology (Hindu mythology;Vedic mythology;Buddhist mythology)Features Indian, Hindu, and/or Vedic mythology. Perhaps best known for beings like Kali, Rakshasa, Nāga, Shiva, Deva, and so forth.notifications1991 / 20144 games
Interspecific conflict (Conflict between species)Depicts some form of conflict between two or more species.notifications1983 / 2017195 games
Ironic ArtworkThe box, cover, or some other included artwork with the game is ironic.notifications1984 / 199310 games
Ironic TitleThe title of the game is ironic.notifications1 game
Japanese mythologyFeatures Japanese mythology prominently.notifications1986 / 201926 games (4 characters)
Japanese themeIncludes a Japanese theme, yet is not necessarily tied to the geographical location nor the actual culture in anything but appearance.notifications1987 / 201923 games
Judeo-Christian mythologyBased on parts of bible canon, the canon writings of Jewish, Samaritan, Christian holy texts and/or related texts & traditions, as theme or plot pointnotifications1982 / 201445 games (59 characters)
Klaatu barada niktoReferences a line from the original (B&W) classic sci-fi film, The Day the Earth Stood Still. In it, this phase could halt a genocidal police robot.notifications1984 / 201751 games
Lampshaded[lampshade hanging;suspension of disbelief]Parts where player is expected of "suspension of disbelief" are pointed out in some more or less obvious manner.notifications1 game
Light versus Darknotifications1984 / 201418 games
Live action TV series tie-inBased on or made into a non-animated TV series.notifications1971 / 2017632 games
Magical technology (Magitek;Magitech)The presence of any technology powered by magic or comprised of magical components.notifications1988 / 202128 games
Maneki-neko (Lucky Cat;Beckoning Cat)A Japanese good luck talismannotifications2011 / 20146 games
Manga tie-in (Manhwa tie-in)Based on manga or made into manga.notifications1982 / 2017581 games
MatureIncludes themes generally seen as suitable only for the mentally mature, judging who is right or wrong to do something is hard or impossible, no clear perpetrators or they're greatly sympathized with, good actions can be harmful, etc.list_alt0 game
Maze of Twisty Little Passages all AlikeMakes reference to one of the 12 variants of this phrase in Adventure: The Colossal Cave.notifications3 games
Mechanical voice (Robot voice;Computer voice)Despite running on a game system capable of natural speech & a story setting with capable technology, computers, robots, objects, or characters use rhythmic & mechanical speechnotifications1999 / 20146 games
Mesoamerican mythology (Aztec mythology;Maya mythology)Features any pre-Columbian mesoamerican mythologies, including Mayan and Aztec myths.notifications1984 / 20144 games (1 characters)
Mesopotamian mythology (Babylonian, Assyrian, Sumerian or Akkadian mythology)Features aspects of Babylonian, Assyrian, Sumerian or Akkadian mythologies.notifications1984 / 201125 games (3 characters)
Mexican themeDepicts Mexican culture, folklore, customs, and such prominently.notifications2005 / 20149 games
Mono-ethnicFor some bizarre reason, player encounters only members of the same ethnic group as if no other exists.0 game
Monster themeMonsters are a theme of the game rather simply just opponents to fight.notifications1995 / 201619 games
Movie themeUses movies as a thematic element, likely blatantly referencing several and borrowing their characters or other recognizable elements.notifications1986 / 201615 games
Movie tie-inBased on a movie or made into a movie.notifications1975 / 20201931 games
Multiple perspectivesInvolves playing the same events with multiple characters, revealing multiple perspectives on what occurred.notifications1998 / 201929 games
Music themenotifications1982 / 202087 games
MysteryIncludes investigation of a mystery.notifications1982 / 2020189 games
Mythic figure (Folkloric figure;Legendary figure)The story centers around one or more specific mythic figures, with the player assuming their role or working closely with them.notifications1984 / 201513 games (5 characters)
Nationalism(Patriotism)[chauvinism]Has notable nationalistic/patriotic tones or theme.notifications2004 / 201517 games
Nazis(Neo-Nazis)[Nazi Germany]notifications1981 / 201596 games
Ninja themeNinjas serve as a main thematic element, regardless if any of them are ever seen.notifications1987 / 201869 games
Non-linear storyThe story does not follow a strict chronological order of events.notifications1991 / 201623 games
Non-Tolkienian(Non-Tolkien Fantasy)Diverges from the ever popular Tolkienian type of fantasy by not having Tolkien Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, and some other features of fantasy that are normally attributed to Tolkien who seems to have established the standard form of fantasy worlds.notifications1985 / 202177 games
Norse mythologyFeatures Norse mythology prominently.notifications1983 / 201976 games (6 characters)
Nudity: Inhuman (Non-humanoid nudity)Shows fully or partially nude non-human (or non-humanoid) beings, mainly when "naughty bits" are showing, such as breasts/nipples, genitalia or anus. Likely done for shock value or comedy.notifications1982 / 201629 games
Object plotnotifications1981 / 201434 games
Obligation(Responsibility;Duty)The protagonist is involved because it's their obligation, whether real, personal or imagined one.notifications1998 / 201643 games
Old Arabian theme (Medieval Islam theme;Ancient Near East theme;Medieval Middle East theme;Islamic Golden Age theme;Arabian Nights theme)Presents a theme similar to that of (pre) medieval Arabian peninsula and that of the Islamic Golden Age, covering an approximate time period from 7th century BCE till 16th century CE.notifications1981 / 2018115 games
Open-endedThe ending leaves open some issues, hints on others or otherwise gives similar message.notifications1991 / 2021127 games
Order versus Chaos (Law versus Chaos;Law versus Anarchy)notifications1994 / 20149 games
Organization MascotA mascot designed primarily to promote an idea for an group (especially but not limited to a non-profit group) rather than for a profitable product.notifications1 game
Organization Tie-inA tie-in for an organization (especially but not limited to a non-profit one) rather than a for-profit business and/or product.notifications1 game
Oriental themenotifications1984 / 201621 games
Original author approval (Original author recognition)The original author of the material the game is based on recognizes the work as somehow significant or otherwise approves it.notifications1985 / 20094 games
Original author scornThe original author of the material the game is based on has expressed distaste or such for the work.notifications1 game
OrwellianA variant of dystopian fiction focusing on invasion of privacy, state controlling citizens' everyday lives, and heavy use of pro-government propaganda, as well as other things.notifications2 games
Other language: lolspeak (kitty pidgin)notifications2009 / 20114 games
Persian mythology (Iranian mythology)Based on actual Persian mythology.notifications2010 / 20112 games (1 characters)
Personal gain (Self enrichment;Indulgence;Greed;Lust)The protagonist is involved due to strong desire to gain something, regardless what it is specifically, covering things like health, wealth, fame, skill, power, friends, a loved one, servants, etc.notifications1981 / 201990 games
Phosphor Screen Display (Green Screen Display;Amber Screen Display;Page White Display)Screens in the game, or the main display of the game [i]simulates[/i] old style monochrome monitors such as the amber, green, or page white displays.notifications1983 / 201911 games
Pirate themePirates serve as a main thematic element, regardless if any pirates are ever seen.notifications1982 / 201986 games
Plot-driven[Plot driven]Plot evolves as per character actions and events external to the characters rather than character choices or development.1990 / 19920 game
Plugh referenceThis is a word that can be used in Adventure: The Colossal Cave, but doesn't do anything. Some games make reference to it in source or publicly.notifications1975 / 19934 games
Professional wrestling (Pro wrestling)Professional wrestling is a form of performance art where the athletes engage in simulated sporting matches.notifications1984 / 2018305 games (2 characters)
Recursive referencePlayer can find references back to the original source material (or to itself), such as copies of the source material (or copies of itself), whether or not the player can interact or use them.notifications1990 / 201621 games
Red Scare (Communist threat)Communists are expanding their territory, spying on non-communist nations, sabotaging non-communist infrastructure, spreading pro-communist propaganda, waging all out war on non-communists, and so forth.notifications1981 / 201662 games
Redeeming beatdown(Redemption in death)Some characters redeem themselves as a result of being beaten up or at the moment before their death (due to being beaten up), often revealing they had been mind-controlled or brainwashed.notifications1991 / 201635 games
References the number 69,105A number used in computer jargon to refer to a generic large quantity. Many Infocom products make reference to this number.notifications1980 / 2014107 games
Religion (Faith)[belief system]Religion is a major plot device or theme.notifications1979 / 201853 games
Reluctant heroThe hero of the story is badgered into doing What-Must-Be-Done. They may later accept their fate or even embrace it, but for some time they express their doubts, inadequacy, and general reluctance for the task.notifications1997 / 20085 games
RetellingRetells a classic tale. Often with a twist.notifications2006 / 201822 games
Retro-future (Retro-futurism;Retro Sci-Fi)The 20s to 60s "World of Tomorrow".notifications1982 / 201876 games
Retroactive continuityDisregards or blatantly changes facts established in [i]earlier[/i] games or related works.notifications1999 / 201718 games
RevengeRevenge plays a significant role in the plot. The protagonist is out to exact vengeance upon someone out there and struggles through countless difficulties to ultimately reach their goal.notifications1990 / 2017106 games
RoguesCharacter container grouplist_alt0 game
RougesA character container grouplist_alt0 game
SatiricalVices, follies, abuses, & shortcomings are held up to ridicule, ideally with the intent of shaming a person or group to improve. Usually humors.notifications1981 / 20195 games
Science themeDeals with scientific discovery or experimenting with practical implementation of theoretical sciences. Commonly to devastating effect.notifications1995 / 201328 games
Secret conflict (Secret war)Depicts a conflict which all involved try to keep a secret for one reason or another.notifications2004 / 201721 games
Self sacrificeFeatures self sacrifice as important theme. Usually heroic, selfless, and otherwise valiant deed to endanger yourself to save others.notifications2001 / 201821 games
SeriousPresented in an overall serious tone, especially if the subject matter is serious, though not necessarily completely devoid of humor (e.g. hidden jokes, word play, etc.).notifications1976 / 20221512 games
Seven deadly sins (Cardinal vices;Cardinal sins)Deals with the seven deadly sins of lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride in some manner.notifications2005 / 201830 games
Seven Holy Virtues (Seven Heavenly Virtues;Seven Contrary Virtues;Catholic Seven Virtues) Chastity, Temperance, Charity, Diligence, Patience, Kindness, Humility. In contrast to the seven deadly sinsnotifications2009 / 20124 games
Sex: Inhuman (Non-humanoid)Depicts non-human sex (activity), such as animal or monster. Likely done for shock value or comedy.notifications1997 / 201410 games
Silent void (Silent space)No sound is transmitted across the vacuum of space.notifications2008 / 20137 games
Sir Arthur Charles Clarke (Arthur C. Clarke)Based on the creations of Arthur C. Clarke, a famous British science fiction author.notifications1972 / 20086 games
Slaverynotifications1988 / 2020122 games
Slavic mythologynotifications2000 / 20158 games
Sloppy CodeA lot of source code is sloppy but these games are exceptional poorly coded. Editors are advised to seek multiple opinions before labeling.notifications1 game
Source material: Epic [epic poem]Based on some epic.notifications2007 / 20108 games
Soviet invasion (Russian invasion;Red Army invasion)Soviets, Russians or the Red Army has decided to invade one country or another.notifications1988 / 200813 games
Sports themeHas the theme of one or more sports but you don't get to actually play them.notifications1970 / 201146 games
Star Wars: Old Republic (First Republic;Golden Age of the Old Republic)A time period that started about a thousand years before Anakin Skywalker's birth, the beginning of which was marked by the Ruusan Reformation.notifications2003 / 20168 games (16 characters)
Star Wars: Skywalker epoch(Post-Imperial period)An era marked by the birth of Anakin Skywalker.notifications1982 / 2015165 games (24 characters)
Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr HydeAn 1886 novella by Robert Louis Stevenson. It relates an incident of chemically induced split-personality, revealing the evil & good within a single individualnotifications1988 / 20015 games
Stranger DangerThese games include the idea or warning that all strangers can potentially be dangerous especially in cases of a child interacting with strangers.notifications1 game
Super power themeDeals with super powers.notifications2003 / 201419 games
Superhero theme (Supervillain theme)Superheroes and supervillains with various superpowers or extraordinary skills/traits.notifications1978 / 2021417 games
Tabletop Game Tie-inA videogame based on a real world tabletop game. Not necessarily using the same rules; it may use the same characters for instance.notifications1986 / 201717 games
Tabletop RPG tie-in(Pen and paper RPG tie-in)Based on a tabletop RPG.notifications1992 / 202144 games
Technology themeDeals with technology, its use and implementation. Commonly how it destroys or replaces old values as humanity becomes more dependant on it.notifications1993 / 202359 games
TékumelAn [b]extensive[/b] fantasy & magic setting with Medieval & arcane technology by M. A. R. Barker. Spawned the Empire of the Petal Throne tabletop RPG (1975)notifications1 game
Terrorism (Counter-terrorism)Deals with terrorism or player witnesses such acts. Regardless if the actual perpetrators are ever seen.notifications1987 / 201374 games
The Gulag ArchipelagoThese games make reference the once illegal book [i]The Gulag Archipelago[/i]notifications1 game
Theatre Production Tie-inBased on a Theatre Production or made into a Theatre Production (stage show, Shakespeare, Broadway, school play, etc...)notifications1985 / 19866 games
Theme Park Ride tie-in (Thrill Ride tie-in)Tie-in with a real thrill ride / theme park ride.notifications1988 / 20035 games
THX-1138 (THX 1138)References George Lucas' movie, [url=]THX-1138[/url].notifications1987 / 201762 games
Tie-in or based-onAnything created as a tie-in product to something else or based on someone else's creation.list_alt0 game
Toy Tie-inBased on a real toy or series of toys.notifications1983 / 2014212 games
Treachery (Betrayal)Treachery serves as a major plot point or thematic element.notifications2005 / 201721 games
TV cartoon tie-inBased on or were made into a cartoon show.notifications1981 / 2017739 games
Universal language (Universal translator;Universal tongue)Despite speaking in multitude of languages, participants in the conversations clearly understand each other, or everyone speaks some universal language that just happens to be English or equivalent.notifications1992 / 202140 games
Urban Legend (Rumor)Has a persistent and wide spread and widely believed urban legend or unproven rumor associated with them.notifications1982 / 19943 games
Useless adults[adults are useless;incompetent adults]Adults within the depicted setting are surprisingly useless, leaving it to the kids (from toddlers to teenagers) to save the day.notifications1995 / 201610 games
WarEither depicts a whole war, part of it, or events somehow directly caused by one. Regardless if the protagonist takes part in any military conflict.notifications1970 / 2022975 games
Weapon plotThe main plot of the game is about one or more weapons.notifications1985 / 202063 games
Webcomic tie-innotifications2008 / 201314 games
XenophobiaThe story or gameplay involves xenophobia, fear or dislike of anything strange or alien.notifications1992 / 201212 games
Ye Olde EnglishUses old sounding English by sprinkling various archaic words in, regardless if this is correct use of the old English language or not.notifications1993 / 20158 games
A113(A1-13;A-113)A reference to classroom A113 in California Institute of the Arts started by former students attending classes there, namely Brad Bird followed by John Lasseter.notifications2008 / 201315 games
Arnold Schwarzeneggernotifications1988 / 200345 games
Asociación Española de Distribuidores y Editores de SoftwareContent rating system in Spain.list_alt0 game
AtlantisFeatures the mythological island of Atlantis either as location or theme.notifications1978 / 201557 games
BAFTA award(British Academy of Film and Television Arts)Any award granted by BAFTA.notifications1997 / 20126 games
Chupa ChupsChupa Chups is a real world candy making company.notifications4 games
Computer Entertainment Rating Organization (特定非営利活動法人コンピュータエンターテインメントレーティング機構;Tokutei Hieiri Katsudō Hōjin Computer Entertainment Rating Kikō)[CERO]A Japanese non-profit video game rating organization established in 2002-07.list_alt0 game
Dark Horse EntertainmentA production & distribution company of Comics, movies, and TV (unlike companies such as Marvel or DC). However, popular association of franchises with DH is common.notifications2000 / 20085 games
Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association [ELSPA]Former European computer and video game rating system, replaced by the PEGI ratings in 2003.list_alt0 game
Entertainment Software Rating Association (اسرا)[ESRA]Video game content rating system used in Iran. Unrated games are considered illegal and thus not sold there.list_alt0 game
Entertainment Software Rating Board [ESRB]A content rating system that is mandated by the ESRB member companies in US & Canada to get games licensed on console platforms or sold at select retailerslist_alt0 game
Game Rating Board (게임물등급위원회;Geimmul Deung-Geub-Wiwonhoe)A South Korean government run video game content rating board, split off from the more generic Media Rating Board in 2006. Publicly available games must have GRB's rating clearly visible/available to be legal.list_alt0 game
Grimms' Fairy Tales(Grimms Märchen;Children's and Household Tales;Kinder- und Hausmärchen)[Brothers Grimm]Based on any of fairy tales attributed to or found in the Brothers Grimm collection (last edition of which contained over 200 stories), very few of which were actually written by the brothers themselves.notifications1983 / 201542 games
Jim Henson's Creature ShopCreated by Jim Henson or his Creature Shop, or is otherwise related to their works.notifications1981 / 200672 games (1 characters)
King Features SyndicatePrint syndication for many popular comics of the 20th century.list_alt0 game
Manfred von Richthofen (The Red Baron)A German Air Force fighter pilot during World War I officially credited with 80 air combat victories.notifications1 game
Michael Jackson (Michael Joseph Jackson)American celebrity, singer, musician, pop dancer, and inventor.notifications1989 / 201122 games (1 characters)
Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev [Михаи́л Серге́евич Горбачёв]An economist, agricultural economist, Nobel laureate, reformer, and once Soviet statesman of Russian-Ukrainian heritage.notifications1988 / 199110 games
Odysseus (Ὀδυσσεύς;Odusseus;Ulysses)notifications1981 / 200013 games (1 characters)
Pan European Game Information [PEGI]A self-regulatory European [i]content[/i] rating system developed by ISFE so [i]parents[/i] can make somewhat informed purchases. Established in 2003-04.list_alt0 game
Peoplelist_alt0 game
PixarBased on Pixar's creations.notifications1995 / 2022129 games (12 characters)
Real life musicianRelated to any specific real life musician or group of musicians, such as a band, a musician, a singer or a composer.notifications1982 / 202093 games (6 characters)
Real Life Professional AthleteClearly related to any specific real life athlete. The name has to appear in the game title.notifications1980 / 2016705 games (27 characters)
SCP Foundation(SCP Wiki)Based on the creations on the SCP collaborative writing wiki.notifications1 game
Sega RatingIn-house game content rating system for Japanese games used by Sega from 1994 to 2000. Later supplanted by CERO.list_alt0 game
Stock footageIncludes stock footage, commonly things like WW2, Hiroshima bombing, JFK, etc. recordings.notifications1996 / 201112 games
Syndicat des Editeurs de Logiciels de Loisirs [SELL]A content rating system from June 1998 to the arrival of PEGI in 2003, the organisation rated the content of video games in France.list_alt0 game
The History Channel (History)notifications2003 / 20079 games
The Independent Game Rating System [TIGRS]An independent and self-applied game rating system that has 3 age ratings with several variable (and optional) content descriptors.list_alt0 game
Town & Country Surf Designs (T&C)A company that makes surfboards, surfwear, accessories, & licenses it brand & cartoon characters, "Da' Boys", for clothing & videogames.notifications1988 / 19922 games (3 characters)
Unterhaltungssoftware Selbstkontrolle [USK]A German game rating organization.list_alt0 game
Warner Bros.Based on any of Warner Bros.' productions.0 game
36 Dramatic SituationsA morphological list created by Georges Polti.list_alt0 game
Aarne-Thompson classificationAny tags that describe something found from the Aarne-Thompson classifications.list_alt0 game
Abduction (Kidnapping)A kidnapping or abduction is included in the plot. A ransom or other demand may or may not be involved.notifications2000 / 20147 games
Abstract Theme (Abstract Concept;Abstract Genre)Does not represent anything clearly real or tangible, such as being a shootout between triangles and circles.notifications1977 / 2021359 games
Acknowledged protagonist silence[Acknowledged silence]The protagonist's constant silence is actually acknowledged by other characters instead of being handwaved.notifications2014 / 20188 games
AdaptationAdapts a story from different entertainment format while attempting to retain it without significant alteration.0 game
Aesop (Fable;Parable;Moral lesson)The story exists wholly or partially to teach a lesson to the player, often a moral one delivered at the end.notifications2007 / 20107 games
After the EndNot simply post apocalyptic, but the apocalypse occurred for good, the previous world ended, and whoever remains are not those who'd you expect.notifications1998 / 20159 games
Alpha funding[Early Access]Used a type of pre-release funding model where those who pre-order the game (fund it) during its development phase get their hands on alpha, beta, and other [i]very[/i] early development builds as they're made.notifications2009 / 2021496 games
AmbushThe protagonist can be or is ambushed once or more often over the course of the story.notifications3 games
AnagramsInvolves re-ordering graphemes (letters) to form a new word or a sentence.notifications1979 / 201020 games
Anarchynotifications2005 / 20072 games
Animation techniqueslist_alt0 game
Anno Domini / Before ChristThese games specifically use Anno Domini / Before Christ (A.D. or B.C.) dates.notifications1987 / 20165 games
AntagonistsAny tags pertaining to the antagonist(s), the characters that oppose the player character's work.list_alt0 game
Anti-villain (Well intentioned antagonist)The antagonist is not as evil as they might initially seem. May even go so far that you might question your own actions in bringing down their plans.notifications1992 / 201959 games
Arc wordsA word or phrase that appears repeatedly without explanation, except maybe much later, that may or may not have significant meaning.notifications2007 / 201613 games
Archaic technologyOld technology is used to accomplish things that one would expect to see only with more advanced technology.notifications2000 / 20065 games
ARG eventWas part of an ARG (but is not an ARG itself), usually by being patched to include ARG related content for the duration of the event.notifications2008 / 201729 games
At last moment(In the nick of time)Dramatic escapes, bomb defusals, arrivals, projectile hits, etc. happen at the last possible moment.notifications1989 / 201636 games
Australian Classification Board (Office of Film and Literature Classification)[ACB;OFLC]The Australian Classification Board is a statutory (mandatory) classification body formed by the Australian Government which classifies films, video games and publications for exhibition. Formerly OFLC.list_alt0 game
Author avatar(Author surrogate;Self-insertion)[author character]The author appears as themselves or as disguised character within the setting.notifications1990 / 201524 games
Authority fetishFetish for people in authority, such as bosses, teachers, police, parents, etc.notifications1 game
Automated warDepicts a war mostly waged by nonsentient or remote controlled automatons.notifications1988 / 201524 games
Awardslist_alt0 game
BDSMDeals with any part of the BDSM spectrum of fetishes and paraphilia, which covers bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadomasochism, sadism and masochism.notifications1996 / 201519 games
Bechdel/Wallace (Bechdel's law;Bechdel rule;Bechdel test)Passes the Bechdel/Wallace test's 3 rules: it must have (1) at least two females in it who (2) talk to each other about (3) something else than a man or men.notifications1999 / 201620 games
Beeping computers(Blinkenlights)Computers beep, blip, and flash lights almost constantly in normal/idle operation, especially mainframe (headless) style computers.notifications1994 / 201726 games
Beneficial curseThe protagonist is subjected to one or more curses or similar that turn out to be more beneficial than not.notifications1998 / 201612 games
Black speech[hell speech]A type of spoken language that is stereotypically associated with demons, demonologists and/or Evil. Often sounding guttural, corrupted, unnatural, and otherwise menacing.notifications2004 / 20164 games
Bleep censor[beep censor]A monotone beep tone used to censor profanity, risque dialog, or similar. Often used for comedic effect.notifications2009 / 20179 games
Bloodlines (Hereditary rights;Hereditary traits;Lineages)Plays with the concept that something extraordinary is passed along down the bloodline.notifications1998 / 201740 games
Blue humor (Sex comedy)[blue humor;blue comedy]Humor that is off-color, risqué, indecent or profane. Usually dealing with sexual subjects.notifications1991 / 202025 games
Bookends[Book ends]A literary device where an element at the beginning of the story repeats at the end. Often with the protagonist returning where the story started.notifications1997 / 201953 games
British Board of Film Classification [BBFC]A british non-governmental organisation responsible for the national classification of films within the United Kingdom. It has a statutory requirement to classify videos, DVDs and some video games under the Video Recordings Act 2010.list_alt0 game
Broken teaching (Broken morals;Broken Aesop)[broken lesson]The story tries to teach something, often some highly moral thing, yet fails to stay true to it itself or otherwise contradicts it.notifications1 game
Cameo appearanceAn appearance of a known person in work of fiction, often short and insignificant for the work itself.notifications1989 / 20074 games
Cartoon violenceDepicts violence and especially its effects in cartoony manner.notifications1989 / 201724 games
Cassandra dilemma (Cassandra curse)Deals with Cassandra dilemma somehow, with someone warning others of a danger, but no-one believes them (reasons vary).notifications2001 / 20194 games
Catch phrasenotifications1 game
CensorshipAny tags describing any form of censorship, whether intended as censorship or not.list_alt0 game
Chapters (Episodes;Acts)The story is split into chapters or similar segments.notifications1991 / 2020132 games
Chekhov's GunA literary technique whereby something seemingly insignificant (e.g. an ignored prop) introduced early on gains much greater role later.notifications1986 / 201927 games
Child lockIncludes a child lock feature that censors or otherwise removes features of the game deemed inappropriate for children.notifications2000 / 20149 games
ChildishAny tags that make games more childish, making distinctions between any two things clearer and things normally hard to identify glaringly easy as well as judging situations or intentions simple, good is always good, evil is always evil.list_alt0 game
Christmas(Xmas)Includes settings, music, visuals, or other traditions commonly associate with the holiday known as Christmas.notifications1981 / 2017133 games (35 characters)
Circling birdies(Seeing stars)Characters who are stunned or disoriented literally have stars, birds, or such circling around them or their head.notifications1991 / 201625 games
City of GoldGenerally rumors and hearsay of cities of extreme wealth with gold paved streets and so forth. Often abandoned long ago.notifications1984 / 201421 games
Civil servicePlayer functions in scope of any civil service (government funded non-military organization).notifications1985 / 201511 games
Civil unrest (Civil disorder;Civil strife)Involves or simulates civil unrest, usually in form of disruptive protests (e.g. sit-ins), illegal parades, riots, or heightened crime (e.g. sabotage) against the cause of the unrest.notifications2010 / 20134 games
Class conflict(Class warfare;Class struggle)Deals with tension or antagonism arising from competing socioeconomic interests and desires between people of different social classes.notifications1986 / 20144 games
Classic wizardsWizards and possibly other magic users are depicted in their age old robes and pointy hat get up.notifications1993 / 201538 games
Classicslist_alt0 game
Cold openAn opening where something from later events is shown before starting from the real beginning.notifications2009 / 201511 games
Comedylist_alt0 game
Comic injuries(Comedic injuries)Some or all injuries are presented in comical manner, especially if this breaks realism.notifications1988 / 202122 games
Consequentialism[the end justifies the means]Plays with the concept of consequentialism, that the end justifies the means. Meaning any actions, right or wrong, are judged (morally) by their outcome rather than the actions themselves.notifications2007 / 20083 games
Constructed language (Planned language)Uses a constructed language - a language consciously created by an individual or a group - of any kind.notifications1989 / 20115 games
Continuity variationslist_alt0 game
Contrarians (Opposition for sake of opposition)[anarchists;anarchism]Includes people who vocally question or aggressively oppose a ruling body or similar seemingly out of principle to oppose such.notifications2003 / 201010 games
Cosmic horrors[Extraterrestrial horrors;Alien horrors]Deals with supernatural horrors that come from the depths of space.notifications1 game
CosmicismDeals with occult and mixing or procreation between human and alien species,notifications1 game
Cosplaynotifications2004 / 20093 games
Creator versus creation(Conflict between creator and creation)Depicts creator and their creation struggling with each other.notifications1994 / 201722 games
Creatorcentrism (Creator nationalism;Creator provincialism)Something the creator associates with (race, nation, city, type of government, religion or philosophy, etc.) is brought into much more important role than it actually is or should be.notifications2003 / 201510 games
CrimesAny tags that describe things that most cultures and law systems view as crimes.list_alt0 game
Crude humor (Vulgar humor;Off-color humor)notifications1993 / 20143 games
Cult followingGenerally anything with dedicated fanbase, especially one that outlives the game itself and/or its developers/publishers.notifications1994 / 201723 games
Cult video gamenotifications2001 / 20107 games
CuriosityThe protagonist exhibits unhealthy levels of curiosity and finds themselves in a difficult situation.notifications1985 / 20102 games
CutesyExcessively employs visuals, designs, etc. that primarily would be described as [i]cute[/i].notifications1990 / 201820 games
Damsel in distressA classic scenario of a fair maiden in some form of distress - often kidnapped by some Evil Person - from which the protagonist is trying to rescue her.notifications1980 / 2021683 games
Dark humor (Black comedy;morbid humor)Humor that makes light of taboo and/or depressingly serious subjects to entertain, cause discomfort, and/or provoke serious thought on the subject.notifications1975 / 202146 games
Dark is Evil (Black is Evil)Dark, black, or simply dimmer things are depicted as evil or evil things are consistently clothed/colored dark and anything that becomes evil gains darker coloration.notifications2002 / 201819 games
Dark is Not EvilDark, black, or simply dimmer things are notably not actually evil or bad as common tropes in western media and culture make them to be.notifications1999 / 201823 games
Dark secretnotifications1 game
Deceptive packaging (Deceptive cover art;Misleading packaging)The game is sold in packaging that shows notable content that is not in the game. Likely result of the cover being commissioned by out-of-house artist who has little to no idea what the game itself is about.notifications1989 / 201210 games
Dehumanization[dehumanisation]People, human or otherwise, are somehow dehumanized beyond what they actually are, often with the express purpose of removing moral conundrums about harming such people.notifications1 game
DemiurgeDeals with the concept of demiurge, an artisan figure responsible for the fashioning and the maintenance of the physical universe.notifications1 game
Demographic: Elementary (Ages 6-10)Created primarily for the elementary aged players. Likely educational to some degree.0 game
Demographic: Mature (Adult)Created primarily for mature players. Commonly dealing with subjects not deemed appropriate for younger folks, are extremely realistic or intellectual/philosophical.notifications1983 / 20196 games
Demographic: Preschool (Ages 3-6)Created primarily for the preschool aged players, generally ages 3-6. Does not require understanding of written language to play but may have spoken instructions and such.notifications1 game
Demographic: TeenCreated primarily for the teenage players.notifications2012 / 20132 games
Demographic: Young adult (Adult;Ages 16 and above)Created primarily for adults or adult minded players, commonly for ages 16 and above.0 game
Demon pact(Pact with the Devil;Faustian bargain)Story deals with a pact made with a demon, a devil, or other such otherworldly entity that is presented as or implied to be somehow dangerous or bad idea to deal with.notifications2002 / 201911 games
Descriptive names(Meaningful names)Characters (and possibly objects) are named in rather descriptive manner [i]from birth[/i]. Commonly going unnoticed or unmentioned within mythos. Alternatively everyone has a title that describes them far too well.notifications2004 / 202017 games
Desecration (Profanation)Player witnesses or participates in desecration of spiritual/religious (sacred/holy) icons, sites, or such. Regardless of who or what is the perpetrator or target.notifications1994 / 20066 games
DioramaThe game world is presented as a diorama, an artificial construction similar to a real location or a reconstruction of one, where player can see evidence of this clearly or with closer inspection.notifications1998 / 201542 games
Disabilities and disordersAny tags that show presence of people with disabilities or disorders in games.list_alt0 game
Discontinuity (Continuity error;Plot error)Fails consistency with source material or previous works without claiming retcon or reboot (or where such is impossile, such as not owning the associated mythos), or even consistency with itself.notifications2001 / 20115 games
Double entendres (Innuendo)notifications2005 / 201117 games
DramaticsAny tags describing concepts that make the depicted events more striking, dramatic, theatric, or such. Generally speaking, overplaying things to make them more apparent, memorable or otherwise entertaining.list_alt0 game
Early childhoodIntended for young children. Unrelated to ESRB rating.notifications1987 / 200346 games
Early endingOne or more endings are found much earlier than others that is not achieved by failing. Often not canonical, though not necessarily.notifications1985 / 201715 games
Early startThe story begins well before the actual conflict or event begins, likely for the purposes of establishing how different things are because of it or to introduce the player to the cast.0 game
Electronic sports(Competitive gaming;Professional gaming;Cybersport)[e-sports]Used in any notable e-sports event.notifications2007 / 20144 games
EmpireDepicts an imperial geopolitical entity, ruled by either a monarch or an oligarchy (small group of individuals).notifications1973 / 20148 games
End time (Armageddon;Ragnarok;Apocalypse)Deals with a prophesied end of the universe.notifications1996 / 201617 games
Endingslist_alt0 game
Endless conflict (Endless war)[eternal conflict]The back story or overall plot involves an endless conflict, one that has been fought since the dawn of time or for so many generations that those who started it are no longer around, and likely will continue to be fought for as long as both sides remain.notifications1996 / 202138 games
EphebophiliaA paraphilia towards mid-to-late adolescent (post-pubescent) people.notifications1 game
EpigraphA phrase, quotation, or poem at the beginning of the work. Sometimes (also) at the end.notifications1998 / 201717 games
EpilogueA portion of a story delivered after the end, usually bringing closure to any loose ends or seeing the cast off.notifications2011 / 202011 games
Ethics Organization of Computer Software(一般社団法人コンピュータソフトウェア倫理機構;Ippan Shadan Hōjin Computer Software Rinri Kikō)One of the content rating boards in Japan.list_altnotifications2008 / 20102 games
Euthanasia(Mercy killing;Assisted suicide)Player witnesses or participates in administrating euthanasia, killing someone solely to end their suffering (if unrecoverable) or alternatively assisting in suicide in cases where it is to end the person's suffering (again, if unrecoverable).notifications2006 / 20158 games
Evil by defaultPeople or creatures are labeled as being evil, especially when being evil is the primary trait rather than extension of some actual evilness such as cruelty.notifications2010 / 20146 games
Evil is ugly(Evil makes you ugly)Evil beings are depicted as ugly and being evil turns you ugly (or conversely, being ugly makes you evil).notifications1996 / 201415 games
Evil vs Evil (Evil against Evil)The plot has two or more "evil" entities, groups, or such competing or fighting against each other. Often with the player on the side of the "lesser" evil, or in case of comedy the "greater" evil.notifications1990 / 202048 games
Evil wins (Bad guy wins)notifications1992 / 202137 games
ExhibitionismCaters to people who enjoy exhibitionism. A compulsion to gain attention by displaying one's sexual characteristics in inappropriate places.notifications2011 / 20122 games
Expired copyrightAnything that no longer is protected by copyright laws, international or local.list_alt0 game
Fairy tale basis[based on a fairy tale]Based on any traditional fairy tale.notifications1980 / 201736 games
Fairy tale-like(Fable-like)notifications1978 / 202213 games
Fake names (Fake brands;Generic names)Certain recognizable things, items, people, or such, are named in differing but likely similar manner. Most commonly firearms are subject to this.notifications1993 / 202025 games
Fallacieslist_alt0 game
False endingThe story builds up for conclusion, but instead there's a plot twist or something else that causes the story to continue on.notifications1985 / 201758 games
False protagonistA character is initially made to appear as the protagonist but is later proven false, usually by that character dying without accomplishing anything significant and the story continuing with the real protagonist.notifications1993 / 201830 games
Fan funding (Fan funded development)Accepted or requested fans to make pre-orders or otherwise donate money for the development process.notifications1981 / 201848 games
Fanservice (ファンサービス)[Fan service]Uses any kind of fanservice, usually characterized by the display of things or events even when there's no need for them in terms of gameplay or story.notifications1983 / 2019278 games
Fascism[fascist state]Depicts a fascist government or otherwise deals with fascism – an ideology that puts the state above all else, often leading to citizens being oppressed, abused, and disregarded whenever it benefits the state regardless of impact to the nation's citizens.notifications2002 / 201424 games
Faux Cyrillic (Faux Russian)Using Cyrillic letters in latin text, making it look Russian even if it's meant to be readable by non-Russians. Pronounced completely differently if one understands Cyrillic.notifications1987 / 20104 games
Fear of NothingPlayer (character) is lead to believe something scary is out there, but ultimately there isn't anything. Repeatedly.notifications1999 / 201523 games
Featureless nudity (Censored nudity)Nude characters have a notable lack of visible genitalia or even nipples.notifications1985 / 201721 games
FederationSome form of a federation is in major role in the storyline.notifications2006 / 20145 games
Female dominant castAll or most of the cast and important characters, or even of all characters, are female.notifications1993 / 2022120 games
Festivals (Holidays;Holy Days)list_alt0 game
Fetish: Humiliation(Erotic humiliation)[i]Consensual[/i] psychological humiliation performed in order to produce erotic excitement or sexual arousal.notifications1 game
Fetish: Hypnosis and Mind ControlCaters to people with fetish for hypnosis, compulsion, mind control, or any variation of such.notifications2 games
Fetish: Mothers (MILFs)Caters to people with fetish for mothers.notifications1 game
Fetish: Spouses (Married women;Married men)Caters to people with fetish for spouses (of other people).notifications1 game
Fetish: Students (Schoolgirls;Schoolboys)Caters to people with fetish for students.notifications1986 / 20107 games
Fetish: Transformation(TF)Caters to people with fetish for transformation, turning from one species to another or just body transformation, usually with heavy emphasis on the process of transformation and the transformed parts later.notifications2011 / 20143 games
Fetish: TwinsCaters to people with fetish for twins.notifications1 game
Feudal society (Manorialism)Depicts a feudal society.0 game
Fictional languageUses any form of fictional language.notifications1982 / 20152 games
Fight fire with fire[fighting fire with fire]Plays with the concept of fighting fire with fire.notifications2005 / 200911 games
Film grain (Old film effect)Depicted as if through some old or poor quality film by overlaying film grain or other effects that simulate deteriorated film over the whole screen, possibly muting or tinting colors as well.notifications2001 / 201833 games
First contactDeals with a first contact with previously unknown civilization, species, or such.notifications1995 / 201519 games
Flawed protagonistThe protagonist has a major psychological character flaw, such as choosing actions based on their fears rather than actual evidence.notifications2008 / 201713 games
Flesh versus Steel (Biological versus Mechanical)notifications1994 / 201722 games
ForeshadowingDialog, text, imagery, or other things that seem meaningless at the time encountered, but actually tell of coming events.notifications2010 / 20125 games
Foretelling (Self spoilers)Protagonist is told of future events before they happen.notifications1 game
Four Horsemen of the Apocalypsenotifications1985 / 201544 games (4 characters)
Frame storynotifications2007 / 201614 games
Friendship[friends]Deals with friendship, friends, camaraderie, or other similar concepts.notifications1991 / 201925 games
FuneralPlayer can or must attend a ritual concerning an individual's death.notifications1971 / 201310 games
Future LanguageGame includes words from a language (fictional and constructed) that developed some time after the present.notifications1 game
Game production & developmentAny tags referring to how the game was developed/produced (not with what or such).list_alt0 game
Game Software Rating Regulations(遊戲軟體分級管理辦法;Game Software Rating Management Regulations)Video game content rating system used in Taiwan since July 2006.list_alt0 game
Game terminologyCharacters use gaming terminology in-mythos. Commonly dungeons and quests pop up in strange places.notifications2007 / 201710 games
Game TheoryThe study of mathematical models of conflict and cooperation between intelligent rational decision-makers.list_alt0 game
Genders are DifferentMale and female (or more) characters have access to different stats, skills, items, quests, plots, etc in a balanced way, even if minimally so.notifications1984 / 20159 games
GimmickIncludes a unique or quirky feature that somehow makes the game stand out of the others of its kin. Commonly focused on in any marketing.notifications2007 / 201220 games
Gluten FreeGame's creator claims the game is gluten free.notifications1 game
Good prevails (Justice prevails)For some inexplicable reason, being on the side of good, justice, love or some other generally positive thing somehow grants you power to defeat those that oppose it. Or at least so the wielder of that power would have you believe.notifications2002 / 20042 games
Greek pottery artUses Greek pottery art style in significant quantities.notifications2011 / 20154 games
Grey vs GreyThe plot has two or more entities, groups, or such competing or fighting against each other where neither side can be clearly identified as somehow good, just, or other more positive thing than the other(s).notifications2011 / 20185 games
Group sexSexual activity involving more than two participants.notifications2010 / 20112 games
Guro (Ero guro;エログロ;Torture porn;Snuff)[eroguro]A mixing of the erotic and grotesque imagery or using grotesque imagery for pornographic purposes. Usually involves graphic murder and torture.notifications2008 / 20132 games
Harmony versus Disciplinenotifications1998 / 19992 games
HebephiliaA paraphilia towards early-to-mid adolescent (pubescent) people.notifications2003 / 20122 games
Heroicnotifications1996 / 20169 games
Hidden motives[hidden agenda;secret motives;secret agenda]The motives of the protagonist are hidden from the player, leading into plot twist when they're actually revealed.notifications1994 / 20173 games
Hollywood conventionsAny tags describing conventions of Hollywood movies.list_alt0 game
Human superiorityHumans are depicted, one way or another, somehow superior to all other beings.notifications2005 / 201712 games
Humanitarianism[humanitarians]notifications1 game
Identity crisisEither the protagonist has self doubt about their identity, what they are or should be, or they're presented with compelling or undeniable evidence that they truly are not what they thought themselves to be.notifications1998 / 201722 games
IdeologyThe protagonist is involved due to ideological reasons.notifications2003 / 201613 games
Imperfect recoveryPlayer can't ever recover fully from received wounds, transformations, and such.notifications2006 / 20136 games
Implied NudityCharacters appear to be nude without showing private areas.notifications1990 / 20147 games
In-jokeslist_alt0 game
Infallible (Infallible protagonist)[infallibility]The protagonist is treated as an infallible person, incapable of doing or being wrong.notifications3 games
Inherent right (Birthright;Inherent entitlement)[right to rule]Deals with some sort of inherent right to something. Commonly involves reclaiming something that is held by someone without the right to it.notifications1986 / 201014 games
Insistent alternate naming(X by different name)The depicted mythos is insistent on using a non-standard, uncommon, or completely made up name for something pretty much everyone already knows by some other name (a name that is often never mentioned).notifications2002 / 201416 games
InterquelA sequel and prequel to two other works published after those other works.notifications2010 / 20136 games
Ironynotifications2007 / 20094 games
Japanese idolsFeatures Japanese idols or is about idols in the Japanese style.notifications1987 / 201420 games
Jargon (Technobabble)Player is subjected to technical, scientific or other terminology most people are not expected to understand, whether this is fictitious (technobabble) or factually accurate.notifications1998 / 202022 games
Jiggle physics (Breast physics)[boob physics]Breasts and possibly other anatomical bits are given oddly great attention to their jigglyness, regardless if this is actually simulated physics or part of predesigned animation.notifications1994 / 202081 games
Joke Hardware Specifications (Joke System Requirements)Rather than list system requirements, game makers use the system specs to joke at, mock, or insult customers.notifications3 games
Jump scaresSudden unexpected events – usually accompanied by flash of contrast, color, light, or such and loud noise after relative silence – with the aim of causing the player to reflexively "jump" due to supposed fright/panic.notifications1995 / 201615 games
Killer applicationA game that proves the core value of some greater piece of technology.notifications1978 / 200612 games
Laser bolts (Slow lasers)Within the depicted mythos, LASER weapons fire bolts of light rather than end-to-end connecting beams that hit their target in an instant.notifications1978 / 201793 games
Late start (Late involvement)The issue, conflict, or whatever the story is about has been going on for quite some time now but only now does your character get involved. Or he's been involved all along, but only now [i]you[/i] get to play as him/her.notifications2003 / 201422 games
Legal disputes (Lawsuits)Subjected to one or more legal disputes, possibly even lawsuits.notifications1982 / 201749 games
Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender(LGBT;GLBT)Any tags referring to LGBT culture.list_alt0 game
Literary moodAny tags dealing with mood the game is delivered in. Mostly in terms of the setting, sounds, music, and such.list_alt0 game
Literary toneAny tags dealing with tone the game is delivered in. Mostly in relation to narration, dialog, and the things that happen.list_alt0 game
Living dioramaAspects of a diorama are presented as living entities, especially when unexpected. Such as miniature reconstruction of a battlefield with "real" people fighting in it, or a dollhouse with "real" people living in it.notifications1988 / 202135 games
Living legendInvolves one or more characters (possibly the protagonist(s)) who are practically legends while still alive. People recognize them for the things they've done in the past, the things they can do, or the people they know.notifications2004 / 201330 games
Lost in translationAny translated versions of the game are perceived by many (fans) to be significantly inferior to the original language version, or are wildly different in tone, meaning, or such.notifications2005 / 20165 games
Ludum Dare(Ludum Dare 48;LD48;LDJAM)Originally created for Ludum Dare, a rapid game development jam and competition.notifications2007 / 20157 games
Macho (Machismo)Overtly or exaggeratedly masculine.notifications1992 / 201769 games
Mad scienceMad scientists require that science itself is capable of adhering to their unhinged view of scientific discovery.notifications1983 / 201128 games
MagicalGives the appearance of something magical, but does not necessarily elaborate on the actual workings.notifications1975 / 2015100 games
Malapropisms(Dogberryism)A type of comedy where similar sounding words are used to create a strange or nonsensical utterances.notifications1996 / 20122 games
Mandate of Heaven (天命;Tiānmìng;Divine Right of Kings)Plays with the concept of Mandate of Heaven.notifications1998 / 20074 games
Marketing Buzzwords(Marketing Techno Babble;Marketing Concept Terms)Confusing/Vague/Misleading terms designed to create a concept about the hardware and/or product even if the the term is actual and/or applicable.notifications1988 / 201147 games
Mecha musume (メカ少女;Mecha shoujo)A variant of [i]moe anthropomorphism[/i] where military hardware are given [i]moe[/i] qualities.notifications2006 / 20119 games
MemesCommonly internet memes.list_alt0 game
Meta-story (Story within a story;Nested story)[Story-within-a-story]notifications1 game
Metafiction(Metastory;Story within story;Fiction within fiction)Fiction about fiction or fiction in fiction. Usually when a story is presented within a story in more tangible way.notifications1993 / 202037 games
Metagaming(Trial and error)Requires using knowledge the protagonist would not have without the player supplying it from previous attempts or external sources.notifications1984 / 202076 games
Midas' touch (Double-edged sword)Includes a weapon, item, skill, ability or anything else that is both beneficial and detrimental, especially if such a thing [i]must[/i] be used.notifications1997 / 201739 games
Might makes rightPlays with the concept that the winner, victor or such is right, just, blessed, truthful, etc.notifications2009 / 20132 games
Miscommunication [Imperfect communication]It is normal for communication to be perfect in fiction unless it is for plot, thus this signifies such troubles occur either on their own or as part of the plot.notifications1992 / 201413 games
Mockbuster(Knockbuster)Created with apparent aim to cash in on the fame of another title, usually recognizable by either near identical name or by near identical gameplay (clone).notifications1990 / 20143 games
Moe anthropomorphism (萌え擬人化;Moe gijinka)Gives [i]moe[/i] qualities to non-human beings, objects, concepts, and such.notifications2006 / 20118 games
Monologues (Soliloquies)[monologs;soliloquy]The protagonist(s) speaks to themselves, either to reveal their thoughts, their knowledge, opinions, or other things to the player. Including internal monologues.notifications1991 / 201736 games
Monomyth(The Hero's Journey)Uses the archetypal story pattern known as monomyth or hero's journey.notifications2012 / 20192 games
Morphologylist_alt0 game
Mother Nature (Personified nature)Nature is presented as somehow conscious entity.notifications1993 / 201913 games
Multicultural aliensAliens and other non-humans are depicted as having multiple different cultures and possibly ethnicities within single species instead of the usual monoculture that fiction writers often end up with.2009 / 20100 game
MultilingualUses multiple languages regardless of player's locale or language settings. These never require player to actually understand more than their own.notifications1990 / 202072 games
Murder (Homicide)Player witnesses unlawful murder of someone or personally murders someone.notifications1989 / 201931 games
Mythologieslist_alt0 game
Narrative(Story)[Narration]list_alt0 game
Narratornotifications1999 / 201884 games
Ninja Pirate Zombie RobotA hodgepodge of various Cool Things in same setting where one would generally not expect to see them together. Essentially a fake crossover.notifications1993 / 201854 games
No 4th wall[no fourth wall]The fourth wall is broken or completely ignored at such regularity it might as well not exist.notifications1991 / 201735 games
Non sequiturs[non sequuntur]One or more events or sequences encountered along the main plot that make little to no sense and/or contribute nothing to the plot while still seeming somehow significant (but aren't).notifications1 game
Non-explosive vehicles0 game
Non-human rightsDeals with basic rights of non-humans or other sentient beings other than the ruling one. Or how much a non-human can be considered a real person or have value as a person comparable to the main species (humans in most cases).notifications1994 / 20127 games
Nonlinear NarrativeRegardless of chronology of gameplay & presentation of story, the story itself is not linear.1 game
Normality denied[just want to be normal]A central character, usually the protagonist, voices that they "just want to be [i]normal[/i]" or that their "abnormality" is a curse, but this is denied to them somehow.notifications1 game
Nudism [nudists]Player encounters characters or cultures exhibiting nudist-like behaviour, or possibly being one themselves.notifications1992 / 201114 games
NudityContains one or more instances of nudity of any degree, though generally of female breasts or genitalia of either gender, sexually intended or not.notifications1984 / 2022320 games
Obscure ReleaseThese were deficiently announced/advertised compared to other ports or other games of the same publisher; Hidden in their package; obscure on publisher's homepage, etcnotifications1989 / 202261 games
One of the enemyOne on your side, possibly you, were among the ranks of your current enemy or are somehow perceived to be one of them.notifications1995 / 201711 games
OnomatopoeiaWords that sound what they represent, originally invented for use in comics with additional styling variations to farther emphasize the actual sounds.notifications1977 / 201934 games
Origin storyTells how a character became what people have come to know them as.notifications2013 / 201911 games
Original language: ChineseThe story, voice overs, dialogue and any texts are originally Chinese, any other languages are translations from this.notifications2008 / 20155 games
Original language: CzechThe story, voice overs, dialogue and any texts are originally Czech, any other languages are translations from this.notifications1990 / 20115 games
Original language: EnglishThe story, voice overs, dialogue and any texts are originally English, any other languages are translations from this.notifications1 game
Original language: FrenchThe story, voice overs, dialogue and any texts are originally French, any other languages are translations from this.notifications1997 / 201614 games
Original language: GermanThe story, voice overs, dialogue and any texts are originally German, any other languages are translations from this.notifications1996 / 201739 games
Original language: JapaneseThe story, voice overs, dialogue and any texts are originally Japanese, any other languages are translations from this.notifications2001 / 201616 games
Original language: KoreanThe story, voice overs, dialogue and any texts are originally Korean, any other languages are translations from this.notifications2000 / 20134 games
Original language: RussianThe story, voice overs, dialogue and any texts are originally Russian, any other languages are translations from this.notifications2003 / 201638 games
Original language: SpanishThe story, voice overs, dialogue and any texts are originally Spanish, any other languages are translations from this.notifications1 game
PacifismEither promotes or somehow rewards pacifistic behaviour, especially when such behaviour is unexpected or does not have any immediate benefits.notifications2008 / 201921 games
Pandora's boxThe protagonist is unwittingly the cause of the depicted misery, and possibly tries to undo the damage they did. Or the plot otherwise follows a similar theme.notifications1998 / 201537 games
Parental controlsnotifications1991 / 201413 games
Past-life memories[memories of past life;memories of past lives]Deals with memories of past life or lives.notifications1999 / 201713 games
Patient Zero[patient 0]Story involves patient zero, the first person infected with a virus, disease, or such.notifications1984 / 201714 games
PedophiliaA paraphilia towards pre-pubescent people.notifications1 game
Penalty Imposed on one GenderAn unsurmountable penalty, perhaps arbitrary, is imposed on a characters based solely on gender. For instance, a cap on strength.notifications1993 / 20152 games
Personality development(Character development)As part of the game player develops the personality of their character(s). Not karma/alignment development, but really good old character development as it is in actual role playing games and non-video game fiction.notifications2015 / 20165 games
Perspective flipEither the same game or another in a series shows how things look from the side of the "bad guys", often making them appear not as bad as you had previously assumed or given to understand.notifications1986 / 201640 games
Player expositionPlayer is made aware of things the protagonist does not and could not know, regardless if this has any use for progressing in the plot. Commonly involves a cinematic showing what the antagonist is doing at the time.notifications1991 / 202072 games
Plethora of References (Excessive referencing)Has excessive number of references to movies, culture, games, etc.notifications1985 / 201851 games
Plot pointsAll tags that define plot points and have no better parent tag.list_alt0 game
Political corruption (Police corruption)People with public power, such as members of the government or its various departments (e.g. law enforcement), abuses the power vested on them, such as accepting bribes, showing favouritism to things that do not benefit the whole, etc.notifications2001 / 201417 games
Power corruptsPlays with the concept that power ultimately corrupts anyone who uses or even gains it (regardless of use), often regardless of what that power is, be it wealth, political, social, magical, or anything else.notifications1989 / 201724 games
Predicted apocalypse(Prophecised apocalypse)Deals with any real-world predicted or prophecised apocalyptic event.notifications2003 / 20123 games
Prisoner's DilemmaA situation in which 2 players each have 2 options whose outcome depends crucially on the simultaneous choice made by the other (often as 2 separated prisoners contemplating confession)1 game
PrologueInitial portion of the overall story that mostly introduces the primary character(s) and the setting to the player but does little if anything for the actual story. Also possibly to make whatever starts the actual story seem more dramatic.notifications1997 / 202090 games
ProphecyDeals with a prophecy or similar portent(s).notifications1998 / 201857 games
Protection complexDeals with obsessive desire to protect others (those dear to the character, those who can't defend themselves, or even [i]everyone[/i]). Often the protagonist has this, but can include any major character.notifications1999 / 201739 games
Pseudo sexismProminently depicts one gender taking a specific role without anyone forcing, demanding, or voicing remarks that role is the appropriate one for them. In other words, the role is depicted as natural for them.notifications2 games
Public sexnotifications1 game
PunkA subculture recognizable by attitudes of predicative disaffirmation towards established authority. And by music, visual art, literature, film & fashionnotifications1996 / 20145 games
Purple proseA literary method where one consistently uses extravagant descriptions instead of something more normal.notifications2001 / 20098 games
Racism / speciesismDepicts racism and/or speciesism; possibly with the player character partaking in it, fighting against it, or simply witnessing it.notifications1988 / 201834 games
Rating: ACB G (General Exhibition)These films and computer games are for general viewing.notifications1994 / 2022221 games
Rating: ACB G8+General for children over 8 years of age. This rating has since been changed to PG to parallel that of film ratings.notifications2001 / 20024 games
Rating: ACB M (Recommended for mature audiences;OFLC Mature)Contains material that is not recommended for persons under 12 years of age.notifications2001 / 2023142 games
Rating: ACB M 15+Material classified M15+ is not recommended for people under 15 years of age. Nonetheless, there are no legal restrictions on access. This rating has since been changed to M to parallel film ratings.notifications1999 / 20033 games
Rating: ACB MA 15+The content is considered unsuitable for exhibition by persons under the age of 15. Persons under this age may only legally purchase or exhibit MA15+ rated content under the supervision of an adult guardian. This is a legally restricted category.notifications2004 / 202090 games
Rating: ACB PG (Parental Guidance Recommended)Not recommended for playing by persons under 15 without guidance from parents or guardians.notifications1999 / 2023191 games
Rating: ACB R18+notifications2013 / 201919 games
Rating: ACB RC (Refused Classification)Refused classification by ACB/OFLC, effectively banning them in Australia.notifications2004 / 20133 games
Rating: aDeSe 13+For 13 and oldernotifications1996 / 200312 games
Rating: aDeSe 16+For 16 and oldernotifications1998 / 20023 games
Rating: aDeSe 18+For 18 and oldernotifications1 game
Rating: aDeSe TPFor all audiencesnotifications2001 / 200412 games
Rating: BBFC 12Nobody younger than 12 can rent or buy a 12-rated game.notifications1995 / 201424 games
Rating: BBFC 15For 15 and older.notifications1993 / 201772 games
Rating: BBFC 18Only adults are admitted.notifications1996 / 201454 games
Rating: BBFC PG (Parental Guidance)All ages admitted, but certain scenes may be unsuitable for children under 8.notifications1994 / 20146 games
Rating: BBFC U (Universal)All ages admitted, there is nothing unsuitable for children over 4.notifications2005 / 201212 games
Rating: CERO AFor all ages.notifications1999 / 2022387 games
Rating: CERO BFor ages 12 and up.notifications1997 / 2023282 games
Rating: CERO CFor ages 15 and up.notifications1998 / 2022256 games
Rating: CERO DFor ages 17 and up.notifications1995 / 2021132 games
Rating: CERO ZFor ages 18 and up. The only CERO rating that is restrictive (the others presumably can be sold to anyone).notifications2003 / 202064 games
Rating: ELSPA 11For Ages 11+.notifications1993 / 2003186 games
Rating: ELSPA 15For Ages 15+.notifications1994 / 200399 games
Rating: ELSPA 18For ages 18+notifications1994 / 200210 games
Rating: ELSPA 3For Ages 3+.notifications1991 / 2010467 games
Rating: EOCS 18notifications2008 / 20102 games
Rating: ESRA 15+notifications1 game
Rating: ESRB AO (Adults Only)For ages 18 and up.notifications1997 / 201521 games
Rating: ESRB E (Everyone)Suitable for everyone. May contain minimal cartoon, fantasy or mild violence and infrequent use of mild language.notifications1989 / 20201705 games
Rating: ESRB E 10+For ages 10 and older. Contains content that might be considered unsuitable for children under 10 years of age.notifications2001 / 2023484 games
Rating: ESRB Early Childhood (EC)Contains no material that adults would find inappropriate for their children. This content is very mild in impact. Specifically intended for young children and are usually educational.notifications1994 / 20117 games
Rating: ESRB K-A (Rating: ESRB Kids to Adult)These titles will appeal to people of many ages and tastes. Titles may contain minimal violence, some comic mischief (i.e. slapstick and gross-out comedy), or some crude language. Existed from 1994 to 1997, then replaced by E (Everyone) rating.notifications1991 / 2010295 games
Rating: ESRB M (Mature)For 17 and older.notifications1990 / 2021872 games
Rating: ESRB T (Teens)For ages 13 and older. Includes content that might be considered unsuitable for children under 13 years of age.notifications1989 / 20231688 games
Rating: GRB +12Has content suitable for ages 12 and older. Younger may play with parental supervision.notifications2005 / 202339 games
Rating: GRB +15Has content suitable for ages 15 and older. Younger may play with parental supervision.notifications2005 / 202137 games
Rating: GRB +18Has content suitable for ages 18 and older. Younger may play with parental supervision.notifications2005 / 201940 games
Rating: GRB ALLSuitable for all ages.notifications2005 / 202238 games
Rating: GSRR General Public(普遍級)General Public: Appropriate for all ages. [img][/img]notifications2010 / 20168 games
Rating: GSRR Parental Guidance 12(輔12級)Parental Guidance 12: prohibited to anyone under 12. [img][/img]notifications2012 / 20234 games
Rating: GSRR Parental Guidance 15(輔15級)Parental Guidance 15: prohibited to anyone under 15. [img][/img]notifications2009 / 201414 games
Rating: GSRR Protected(保護級)Protected: prohibited to anyone under 6. [img][/img]notifications2 games
Rating: GSRR Restricted(限制級)Restricted: prohibited to anyone under 18. [img][/img]notifications2012 / 201612 games
Rating: PEGI 12For ages 12 and older. Covers mild violence and suggestive themes.notifications1996 / 2023714 games
Rating: PEGI 16For ages 16 or older. May contain suggestive themes, moderate violence, crude humor, and/or references to gambling/drugs.notifications1995 / 2021516 games
Rating: PEGI 18For ages 18 and older. May contain graphic violence, strong sexual content, gambling, drugs, vulgar language, etc.notifications2003 / 2022323 games
Rating: PEGI 3Ages 3 and over. May contain at most very mild violence and suggestive themes. Primarily edutainment games for children.notifications1995 / 2020729 games
Rating: PEGI 7Ages 7 and over. Mild violence and/or suggestive themes. May contain disturbing or frightening scenes.notifications2000 / 2022394 games
Rating: RSAC Level 0 (All)Suitable for all; no offensive content.0 game
Rating: RSAC Level 1Mild offensive content, revealing clothing but no nudity, mild expletives, creatures (excluding humans) injured or killed.0 game
Rating: RSAC Level 2Mild offensive content, partial nudity, clothed sexual behaviour, mild expletives (including sexual references), creatures (including humans) injured or killed but only little blood.0 game
Rating: RSAC Level 3Moderate offensive content, blood & gore, vulgar language, nudity outside of sexual contexts, and non-explicit sex.0 game
Rating: RSAC Level 4Strong offensive content, gratuitous violence, rape and other sex crimes, explicit sex, crude language, etc.0 game
Rating: Sega Rating 18 (推奨年齢 年齢制限 18才以上)Unsuitable for People Under 18. Games rated Unsuitable for People Under 18 contain mature themes such as violence or adult situations, but appear to contain no blatant nudity.notifications1994 / 199949 games
Rating: Sega Rating 18 X Rated (X指定 18才以上)Unsuitable for People Under 18 - X Rated. Games that are X Rated contain nudity and very adult situations. Several Strip Mahjong games fall under this category, as well as the Sega Saturn release of Mortal Kombat II.notifications1995 / 19967 games
Rating: Sega Rating All Ages (推奨年齢 全年齢)Suitable for All Ages. May contain violent content but nothing too extreme.notifications1994 / 2010388 games
Rating: Sega Rating Violent Actions (暴力などの表現が含まれています)Violent Actions are Included in the Soft: More of a warning that violence exists within the game rather than an age restriction. Not suited for younger players, but software carring this label can be sold to those under the age of 18.notifications1995 / 19984 games
Rating: SELL 12For ages 12 and older.notifications1996 / 200337 games
Rating: SELL 16For ages 16 and older.notifications1997 / 200217 games
Rating: SELL 18For ages 18 and older.notifications2 games
Rating: SELL Tous PublicsFor all audiences.notifications1997 / 2003121 games
Rating: TIGRS Adult1 game
Rating: TIGRS Familynotifications2012 / 20143 games
Rating: TIGRS Teennotifications2010 / 20142 games
Rating: USK 0No age restrictions.notifications1995 / 201764 games
Rating: USK 12Restricted for those below the age of 12.notifications1994 / 2023108 games
Rating: USK 16Restricted for those below the age of 16.notifications1995 / 201663 games
Rating: USK 18Restricted for those below the age of 18.notifications1995 / 202140 games
Rating: USK 6Restricted for those below the age of 6.notifications1995 / 202277 games
Rating: VRC GAGeneral Audiences: Appropriate for all audiences. No blood or graphic violence. No profanity, no mature sexual themes and no usage of drugs or alcohol.notifications1991 / 1996221 games
Rating: VRC MA-13Mature Audiences: Parental Discretion Advised. The game was suitable for audiences thirteen years of age or older. Game could have some blood in it and more graphic violence than a "GA" game.notifications1992 / 199575 games
Rating: VRC MA-17Mature Audiences: Not appropriate for minors. The game was suitable for audiences seventeen years of age or older. Games could have lots of blood, graphic violence, mature sexual themes, profanity, drug or alcohol usage.notifications1992 / 19946 games
Ratingslist_alt0 game
Recap(Previously happened;Recapitulation)[recap sequence]More or less briefly retells what happened in previous game of the series when it is relevant to the current story. Usually to set up the premise, either as a memory refresher or to bring up to speed players who skipped the previous game.notifications2001 / 201628 games
Recreational Software Advisory Council [RSAC]A content rating organization in USA established in response to existing controversy and possible government enforced regulation. Replaced by ESRB later on.list_alt0 game
RecurrenceSomething from a previous game in a series appears again.notifications1997 / 202132 games
Recurrence: Character (Plot character;Plot creature;Plot monster)One or more characters from previous game(s) in a series appear again, regardless if they have the same status as they held before.notifications1997 / 202164 games
Recurrence: CreatureOne or more (iconic) creatures from a previous game(s) in a series appear again. Especially for cases when this is unexpected.notifications2004 / 20083 games
Recurrence: LocationOne or more (iconic or otherwise recognizable) location from a previous game(s) in a series appear again.notifications1999 / 201922 games
Recurrence: MissingSomething that recurrently appears in all or most other games in the series, making it an expected recurrence, does not do so in this.0 game
Recurrence: ObjectOne or more (iconic) objects from a previous game(s) in a series appear again.notifications2 games
Redemption (Salvation;Absolution;Reparation;Atonement)Plot deals with redemption. Saving honor, face, soul, or whatever else to restore worth of oneself (or possibly family, partner, friend, etc.) either in their own eyes or in the eyes of others.notifications2000 / 201217 games
Refers to Alice in WonderlandBorrows text, characters, ideas from, or refers to "Alice in Wonderland" without being based on it.notifications1987 / 201518 games
Refers to The White SnakeBorrows text, characters, ideas from, or refers to the fairy tale known as "The White Snake" without being based on it.notifications1990 / 20029 games
Refers to the Wizard of OzBorrows text, characters, ideas from, or refers to The Wizard of Oz without being based on it.notifications1985 / 201131 games
ReimaginingConceives the old in a new way, maintaining the basic storyline, timeline, characters and so forth but retelling the story in a different way and possibly with significant alterations to the setting itself. In essence an unfaithful adaptation.notifications1992 / 202029 games
Religion: ChristianHas significant Christian religious content, characters performing related rituals, repeating or rewording attributed teachings, etc.notifications1984 / 201528 games
Religion: FictionalHas significant content in form of a fictional religion, characters performing related rituals, repeating or rewording its teachings, etc.notifications2007 / 20157 games
Religion: JudaismHas significant Judaic religious content, characters performing related rituals, repeating or rewording its teachings, etc.notifications1996 / 20107 games
Religion: ShintoHas significant Shinto religious content, characters performing related rituals, repeating or rewording its teachings, etc.notifications2008 / 20112 games
Rite of passage (Gauntlet)[gantlet]Involves any rite of passage, a ritual where one's status changes to another (commonly adulthood).notifications1 game
Rivalrynotifications2007 / 20152 games
Rogues GalleryThe term comes from superhero comics where instead of one notable antagonist, a group of unrelated antagonists take jabs at the protagonist. Possibly even banding together against the protagonist.notifications2009 / 20116 games
Saṃsāra (Wheel of life;Cycle of rebirth)Deals with the concept of saṃsāra : cycle of birth, death and rebirth. Regardless if it's specifically related to the various religions or simply similar to the basic idea of it.notifications1999 / 201912 games
Schism (Splinter organization)[splinter group]Story involves a splinter organization or similar, often with radically different views, methods, or level of involvement with outside matters.notifications2000 / 20104 games
Secondary antagonistFeatures an antagonist that is separate (not an underling or similar ally) of the main one. Occasionally the secondary antagonist goes undefeated in actual play and are either left as too unimportant, sequel hook, or mopped up in the ending cutscenes.notifications1998 / 202035 games
Secret missionProtagonist is doing a job that is kept secret from everyone except few key people who need to know.notifications1984 / 201464 games
Self-censorshipContains certain potentially offensive material, but has been "sufficiently" obscured, such as through mosaic blur or only hearing the sounds of the activity rather than seeing it.notifications1991 / 202025 games
Sequel hookPart of the ending suggests there's going to be a sequel.notifications1992 / 2021177 games
Sex (Sexual activity)Involves scenes where sexual activity occurs or is implied to occur, regardless of the length, details, involvement of intercourse, or such.notifications1995 / 202152 games
Sex theme(Sexual themec)notifications1 game
Sexism[sexist]Discrimination based on gender, forcing of gender roles on people, etc.notifications2010 / 20113 games
Sexual interests (Sexual fetishes;Paraphilias)Any content depicted in fetishist manner; as one of the main sources for supposed sexual gratification.list_alt0 game
Shared setting (Shared universe)Shares the setting/universe of the tie-in material, but besides that has little to do with it.notifications1992 / 202193 games
Shock humornotifications1 game
Side storyIncludes one or more side stories that progress with the main plot but are largely unrelated to it, possibly with the player character occasionally influencing them.notifications1 game
SlangGames that make noticeable use of slang words or phrases.notifications5 games
Slapsticknotifications2002 / 20145 games
Soul bond (Soul pact;Psychic bond;Empathic bond)The protagonist is or becomes intricately bonded to someone or something else in a manner much deeper than friendship, loyalty, love or such.notifications1999 / 20055 games
Soylent GreenThe food, it's people. Plays with the concept where humans or other sentient beings are processed into food or other products, likely to be sold back to their own kind.notifications1997 / 20156 games
Speech bubblesA visual delivery method for dialog with possible visual cues on tone, quality, and other factors.notifications1982 / 201711 games
Speech: Constructed language (Artificial language)The characters speak some constructed language.notifications3 games
Spiritual successor (Spiritual sequel)notifications1991 / 201964 games
SpoilersTags that function as spoilers in almost all cases, usually by describing a plot twist element.list_alt0 game
Spoken onomatopoeia(Spoken sound effects)Uses spoken onomatopoeia (or human imitations) as sound effects rather than actual sounds.notifications2009 / 201410 games
Spoonerisms(Marrowsky)A type of linguistic comedy where consonants, vowels, or morphemes are swapped.notifications2011 / 20122 games
Story has notable deuteragonistA deuteragonist is almost or even as important as the protagonist & may switch from working for or against the protagonist at various times.notifications1990 / 20042 games
Story of a Daring Enterprise (Heist)Elements include a Bold Leader, an Object, and an Adversarynotifications1982 / 201636 games
Story of Crime Pursued by VengeanceElements include a criminal and an avenger.notifications1993 / 201511 games
Story of DeliveranceElements include an unfortunate, a threat, & a rescuer.notifications1985 / 20134 games
Story of SupplicationElements include persecutor, supplicant, & a power in authority who's decision is doubtful.notifications1985 / 20134 games
Strange bedfellows (Enemy of my enemy;Allied with the enemy)Plays with the proverb "enemy of my enemy is my friend" to a degree or has some other similarly strange alliance, such as two enemies allying to defeat a common but greater enemy.notifications1998 / 201432 games
Stripteasenotifications1982 / 2017133 games
Substitute speakerThe protagonist doesn't speak (much), but there's another character who handles most of the talking for them.notifications2003 / 20188 games
Superheros (Costumed Crime Fighters)Defined by extraordinary: themed costumes, skills, strong morals, motivation, enemies, headquarters, & back story.notifications1988 / 20052 games
Supernatural phenomenalist_alt0 game
SurrealGames foster intense unbelievable/irrational reality.notifications1983 / 2021202 games
Surreal humor(Absurdist humor)notifications1 game
Symbolic[symbolism]Has significant quantity of symbolic content, things that can't be understood by their literal meanings but rather by what they represent.notifications2001 / 20094 games
Taboos (Social stigmas)Taboos that occur in most cultures (cross-cultural taboos).list_alt0 game
Tangible abstracts (Personifications)Abstract concepts are given physical form.notifications1984 / 201644 games (1 characters)
Tech fanserviceFanservice for technologically oriented individuals. Usually providing long camera panning shots across vehicles or other technical wonders, transformation sequences, or excessive detailing of their features.notifications1999 / 201737 games
TechnocracyDepicts a technocratic nation, community, or similar which is ruled by technical experts (scientists, engineers, etc.).notifications2003 / 20134 games
Temporal incursion (Time tampering)notifications1991 / 201731 games
The DestroyerStory involves an entity who will destroy the world, universe, or even beyond at the end of days. Usually they do this because it is their duty to do so or was created specifically for that purpose by a Creator entity or similar.notifications1996 / 201827 games
The unnamedThere's an item, person, people, or some other entity that people refuse to name.notifications2001 / 20103 games
TheocracyDepicts a government governed with divine guidance, usually by clergy but can be any religiously driven official(s) or possibly quite literally by some divine being.notifications2007 / 20128 games
Tie-in continuityConceived as a piece of the same continuity as the tie-in material, either as a sequel, prequel or a different viewpoint of the same events.notifications2004 / 20106 games
Tie-in variantslist_alt0 game
Time skipThe story skips a long time period at some point.notifications1983 / 201666 games
Toilet humor (Scatological humor)[toilet humour;scatological humour]Humor/comedy that focuses on excrement, flatulence, and other real or supposed activities in bathroom.notifications1991 / 201838 games
Tragic ending (Sad ending)notifications1993 / 201742 games
Transhumanism (Human augmentation;Eugenics)Deals with the general theme of human augmentation, especially when this is part of the gameplay itself.notifications1985 / 201879 games
True namesPlays with the concept that names have power, especially "true" names.notifications1991 / 20086 games
True storyClaims to be re-enactment of what really happened out there, or based on something that really happened (without too much artistic freedom thrown in).notifications2003 / 20153 games
TruthUses truth as a significant plot or thematic element.notifications1 game
Un-canonicalThe depicted story is not considered to be canon for the series they belong to.notifications1974 / 2021174 games
Unconvincing armor (Bikini armor)Characters, especially females, wear armor that's unconvincingly sparse in body coverage and protection, much like a bikini, or is thin and form-fitting like a bodysuit.notifications1982 / 201866 games
Unethical sciencePerforming experiments in the wild, without consent from the subjects, lying to the subjects on the nature of the experiments done to them, or even without the subjects' knowledge they're being experimented on at all.notifications1995 / 201517 games
Unexpected situationnotifications1986 / 201647 games
UnreadyThe protagonist gets sent or goes of their own choice to do their job before their training is finished.notifications1 game
Unreliable narrator[unreliable narration]The narrator (or narration) is at least partially unreliable in terms of what information is given. Half-truths, excessive embellishment, and outright lies are likely methods of delivery.notifications1997 / 201952 games
Unwanted responsibilityThe protagonist is laid with some great responsibility, or they perceive it as such and must either deal or come to terms with it.notifications1997 / 20085 games
Urban legends (Urban myths)Based on urban legend(s) or such feature prominently in the story or gameplay.notifications1999 / 20126 games
Vicious cycle (Vicious circle)[virtuous circle;virtuous cycle]A cyclic thing that reinforces its own existence, commonly something bad happens that is ended which ensures the bad thing happens again. In stories the depicted events often involve breaking out of that endless cycle.notifications1993 / 201941 games
Videogame Rating CouncilIntroduced by Sega of America in 1993 to rate videogames released in the USA on Genesis, Sega-CD, Game Gear and some computer games. Later supplanted by ESRB.list_alt0 game
Virtues0 game
Vitalism (Life energy;Vital spark;Prana;Qi;Anima)[chi;life force]Life energy or such is a more or less tangible substance.notifications1997 / 20208 games
Voodoo (Hoodoo;Vodou)Deals with voodoo beliefs and their practitioners. Popularly characterized with voodoo dolls, zombie servants, and black magics as well as Jaimaican, Cuban or Haitian accents of the practitioners.notifications1991 / 201416 games
Vulgar language(Swearing;Cursing)[bad language;offensive language;profanities;foul language;cussing]Uses of significant amount of socially offensive language.notifications3 games
Weak humans (Puny humans)In contrast to the popular trend that favors humans, they are depicted as weaker, stupider, slower, more fragile, etc. than any other notable beings in the setting with no qualities of their own in which they would be better than others.notifications1983 / 200812 games