Animation techniques

Culture concept

Animation blendingAn animation technique where two or more pre-canned animations are seamlessly blended together to create a combination or half-way form of them as opposed to using inverse kinematics or dynamic motion synthesis to simulate such.1 game
Claymation animationClaymation is a type of stop-motion animation achieved with malleable (often plasticine clay) characters.1993 / 201581 games
Digitized videoPrerecorded video clips of [i]live action[/i] are rendered digital, in full or part, and displayed within the game.1990 / 201685 games
Dynamic motion synthesisA method of procedural animation that builds upon earlier ragdoll physics and inverse kinematics by adding virtual muscles into the equation.2008 / 201310 games
Inverse kinematicsUses inverse kinematics or similar animation technique that tries to dynamically find the position of joints in respect to the desired end position, usually to connect a leg to solid surface.1998 / 201841 games
Motion captured animationCharacter animation was produced with motion capture.0 game
RotoscopingUsed rotoscoping in production.1984 / 201450 games
Skeletal animation2007 / 201720 games
Stop-motion animationUses digitized stop-motion images.1995 / 201319 games
Time-lapse ImagesUtilizes time-lapse images.1 game