Culture concept

Player is subjected to technical, scientific or other terminology most people are not expected to understand, whether this is fictitious (technobabble) or factually accurate.


Alternate name: Technobabble

The first video game about Jargon was released on July 25, 1998.

Red Barrels, 2K Games and Valve has published most of these games

* Hard sci-fi - expects the jargon to be factually accurate.
Usually this is terminology pertinent to a specific profession, commonly engineering but can be medical or anything else, even something more "mundane".

There's three variations of jargon used in fiction:
* Humorous — usually quite obviously made-up and exists for laughs. Commonly referred to as technobabble.
* Serious — made-up but sounds reasonable/real to anyone who doesn't know better. In some instances may be hard to prove as fictitious if used jargon involves currently unproven (but not disproven) theories.
* Factual — the real jargon that's used appropriately.