Culture concept

Something the creator associates with (race, nation, city, type of government, religion or philosophy, etc.) is brought into much more important role than it actually is or should be.


Alternate names: Creator nationalism, Creator provincialism

The first video game about Creatorcentrism was released on February 20, 2003.

D3 Publisher and 2K Games has published most of these games

For example, creator is Japanese, so the alien invasion starts in Japan (or that's where their mothership lands), or is the last place not already claimed by the invaders.

Or, as a lesser example, something that is supposed to be foreign to them (a city in some far off country or even in an alien world) is actually depicted as something far more local. Or something local to them is depicted in greater numbers than they realistically should. Such as for international sports event there's mostly participants from their own nation.

Note that the protagonist being of the same nationality as the creator is insufficient for this, or that the events take place in their home country or such. The type of events depicted are much greater factor in this.