Culture concept

Any tags describing any form of censorship, whether intended as censorship or not.


Ubisoft has published all these games

* Nudity, even something simple as bare female breasts.
* Victimized black people, related to slavery (having any other race as victims is seemingly fine for them)

* Killing humans (and red blood?), somehow related to Nazi Germany

* Four fingers (related to Burakumin, a discriminated minority from feudal times but the expression still stands)
Banned1994 / 201719 games
BloodlessDespite characters getting shot, stabbed, or otherwise mutilated, there's no blood.1975 / 201997 games
CensoredEdited for content, received alternate promotion or restricted release, in some way other that what the author(s) intended.1981 / 2018156 games
Discolored bloodFor whatever reason, the blood of Humans and Earthborne animals is something else than red.1993 / 201322 games
Hit flashWhen characters hit, damage, or otherwise clobber each other, player can see a bright flash of light (or other fancy effect that serves the same purpose) at the point of impact.2006 / 201723 games
Language filterFilters used language, likely to censor out player use of profanities. Usually optional for those who do not get offended as easily.2001 / 201754 games
Featureless nudityNude characters have a notable lack of visible genitalia or even nipples.1996 / 201720 games
Parental controls1991 / 201412 games
Self-censorshipContains certain potentially offensive material, but has been "sufficiently" obscured, such as through mosaic blur or only hearing the sounds of the activity rather than seeing it.1991 / 201124 games
WoundlessGetting shot, stabbed, punched, etc. leaves no visible marks.2001 / 20149 games