At last moment

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Dramatic escapes, bomb defusals, arrivals, projectile hits, etc. happen at the last possible moment.


Alternate name: In the nick of time

The first video game about At last moment was released in 1989.

Rockstar Games, Ubisoft and Interplay has published most of these games

Since games are tied to player actions, this is limited to cinematics where the previous gameplay even if it had plenty of time left, the cinematic will show the time running out. Or in rare cases to carefully planned events where player is expected to perform the thing in the allotted time which is barely enough.

This can cause some immersion breaking moments like there being plenty of time left, everyone is safe or as safe as they can be, yet the cinematic shows some characters being too late despite being already at the escape point.

Other examples:
* Jumping up to escaping helicopter, or on an escaping car, the character barely catches hold of it as it almost goes out of range, especially if they actually miss the thing they aimed for but are shown to have grabbed something else offscreen.
* Alternatively on the above, if the protagonist is the one escaping, the hostile party narrowly misses grabbing them.
* If there's a timer, it's usually stopped at the last second or so. If it's a flip card style clock, then it may even have the last second showing as about to being turned to zero.
* If there's an explosion involved, you likely see the character riding the blast wave to safety. Or if they're in a vehicle (especially aircraft/spacecraft) and it's a big explosion, bizarrely appearing out of the explosion as it's going on or even from the receding smoke/debris.

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Gameplay and story segregation, Hollywood conventions

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