Gameplay and story segregation

Video game concept

Any tags that describe segregation between gameplay and story, usually the story ignoring certain fundamental gameplay elements or the gameplay not allowing things the story does in cutscenes or such, or the story ignores what happens during gameplay.


The first video game about Gameplay and story segregation was released on August 11, 1999.

Bethesda Softworks has published all these games

At last momentDramatic escapes, bomb defusals, arrivals, projectile hits, etc. happen at the last possible moment.1989 / 201636 games
Cinematic inconsistenciesCinematics have content that is inconsistent with in-game content.2005 / 20138 games
Cutscene incompetenceDuring one or more cutscenes characters, especially the protagonist, display excessive incompetence that they according to all other evidence should not fall victim of.2004 / 20156 games
Trivial researchIncludes research, upgrades, or such for things that shouldn't really need it. Ability to jump, dodge, block, etc. are excellent examples of this.1988 / 201830 games
Undue hastePlayer is told to hurry at various points but never has any real need to comply, but instead can go for a week long fishing trip or just sit on their arse twiddling their thumbs for as long as they wish.2001 / 20148 games