Frank Herbert's Dune

Culture serie

Based on Frank Herbert's Dune sci-fi novel series, and/or the later expansions by Brian Herbert.

The first video game about Frank Herbert's Dune was released on July 10, 1984.

Virgin, Virgin Games and Electronic Arts has published most of these games

* Future
* House Atreides
* House Harkonnen
* House Corrino - the ruling family since the war against thinking machines
* House Richese - like the Ix, Richese are mechanically talented

<b>Other houses:</b> (not by Herbert)
* House Vernius

* Ix - masters of mechanical engineering, named after their homeplanet, Ix.
* Bene Tleilax / Tleilaxu - masters of genetic manipulation
* Bene Gesserit - masters of more esoteric mental and physical abilities
* Spacing Guild
* Fremen - natives of Arrakis
* Mentats - humans whose mental cognitive and analytical abilities have been trained beyond what the thinking machines of old could

* House Ordos - created by Westwood to function as the compulsory third faction in their Dune strategy games