Evil is ugly

Culture concept

Evil beings are depicted as ugly and being evil turns you ugly (or conversely, being ugly makes you evil).


Alternate name: Evil makes you ugly

The first video game about Evil is ugly was released in 1996.

Microsoft, LucasArts and Electronic Arts has published most of these games

Note that "ugly" here is not to be taken too literally, as to some the "ugly" look can be "cool" instead, but generally speaking it involves deformities (e.g. horns growing, odd posture, etc.), discolorations (sickly skin, red eyes, etc.), and such appearing.

Easy to spot when all the good guys are pretty, handsome, beautiful, or at the very least normal looking while all the evil guys are somehow hideous, monstrous, deformed, or even something lesser like anorexic (skeletal) or morbidly obese, etc.

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